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    posted a message on Tanks in Minecraft

    Nice builds so far. They are many, many times better than the 8-bit novelty event Wargaming put on.

    I would love to see one of my favorite tanks to play: T44 (Tier 8 USSR Med), T29 (Tier 7 US Heavy), Ke-Ni (tier 3 Japanese Light), SU-76 [Tier 3 USSR TD (with 76mm anti-noob cannon :D)]

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    posted a message on illustr8tor's Semi-Realistic Nature HD | [64x64x] First Download available !
    You might not be getting downloads due to the links not working. I had to copy the link then paste in address bar to get it to work. I'll have to check out this pack in one of my worlds, but from the screenshots it looks great so far.
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    posted a message on ENHANCED PHOTO REALISM **UPDATED** 512x-64x Resourcepack -- Because real is better
    If it helps, I noticed there is too many folders in the 128x pack. When you open the .zip folder, there is another (unnecessary) folder. It is a simple error in compressing the files. I had the same issue w/ it not showing up and had to remember how to compress the files without getting that pesky extra folder. If my instructions aren't clear and parts of you get stuck in a ceiling fan, well, I can try to make instructions easier to understand

    Here's the fix:

    -Unzip the contents into another folder or somewhere similar (7zip recommended)

    -Select the four files/ folders from the pack and right click

    -7zip>Add to ''

    -Once you have a nice, shiny, new "" you can rename it to whatever you'd like (I used what was on the original RP folder) and place in your resource packs folder.
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    posted a message on [CASE CLOSED] Need help with whats the cause!
    Can you use any other Forge Multipart blocks anywhere? Also, do you have CodeChickenCore installed?
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    posted a message on New Mojang Logo (Concept)?
    How about this (quick and dirty just to give the general idea)

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    posted a message on Macro / Keybind mod scripts!
    I think instead of having a macro for books, each staff could make a book with their name signed, then just make several copies. That seems like it would be easier. I haven't copied books until 1.8, but I'm assuming copied books will stack, but the original doesn't (NBT tag original vs copy).
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    posted a message on Advice on my first PC build
    My laptop barely handles MC on the servers I enjoy playing on, and can't handle many other games outside minimum settings, so I am getting a build ready for when I go back to work. This won't be for MC only, I will do some photo editing, possibly some minor recording, and eventually a mix of afk-ing, photo editing, and/or internet browsing and youtube watching at the same time (rarely all at once, though) I don't have a list of games that I want to play offhand, other than World of Tanks, The Witcher 3, Borderlands Pre-Sequel (all I can think of atm). I'm hoping (and, with research, expecting to be able to play on high to ultra settings with these and other games).

    This is a semi-budget friendly build that I will save for and buy part-by-part, with the ability to upgrade RAM, GPU, and anything else I may need to in the future. The monitor can wait as I'll use my TV at first, and I already have a basic keyboard/ mouse to use.

    The basics:
    CPU: AMD FX-6350 3.9GHz
    MoBo: ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0 ATX
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 2x4GB to be upgraded in the future
    HDD: Seagate 1TB 7200rpm
    GPU: MSI R9 270X 2gb
    PSU: Corsair CX 500W


    For laughs, I'll post my current laptop's specs :D

    Toshiba Satellite C55D-A

    AMD A6-5200 APU 2.0GHz

    12GB RAM

    Windows 8.1 (I hate it, but am hopeful for its future if Microsoft can stop it from doing everything all at once on its own)
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    posted a message on Is this build good?
    Quote from Mallowpuffs»
    Two more quick questions, How much more would headphones with a microphone be to have the same quality as the ones you suggested?

    And should this build get a CPU cooler? I won't be overclocking but I still want to be safe.


    Here are all the parts you suggested:

    If you're not overclocking you don't need a CPU cooler, the one that comes in the box is fine.
    Are you building this on a budget? Playing on wifi or a wired connection? If on wifi you will need a wireless network card.
    Here are some improvements budgetwise, as well as giving you RAM that is better suited to the motherboard:

    note: I'm not a pro, I've just been doing quite a bit of research getting ready to build my own PC for the first time to get off my laptop.

    If Miiralion has a reason for putting RAM that's faster than the mobo, I'm open to as much info as I can get. But, I don't see why he would have picked the RAM. Also, the power supply seems to be way overkill, even if you plan on upgrading anything short of adding another GPU.
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    posted a message on As it stands minecraft is too easy. Looking for a more challenging survival seed for 1.8.....
    I have just the seed for you:


    It is a mesa island, with about 8 grass blocks on it for seeds or an attempt at food. You are advised to have bonus chest when starting. I swam out a bit and started seeing desert, but it wasn't the type of world I wanted to play, so I kept it and started a new one. Hope you enjoy it
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    posted a message on Help with pc crafting
    Some pc's aren't great at running minecraft with other programs, and some people don't want to search every item they need outside the game. Especially if they are in multiplayer
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    posted a message on Help with pc crafting
    There is nothing like this in vanilla for pc. You will have to download a mod such as NEI

    NEI is close to the same thing as Xbox/ PS3 crafting, although it is much easier to craft multiples of an item. It does much more that that also, and if you have ever seen someone play modded MC on youtube, you have probably seen NEI used.
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    posted a message on Macro / Keybind mod scripts!
    Quote from MyNameIsWeird»

    Can you post the auto-fish script that works when the game screen is not open?

    The auto-fish was a mod for liteloader, here not a script. And, I did find that I can have auto use on and open the inventory to continue to auto use while I am in a different window.


    Ive been using macros far a really short amount of time, and I cant really seem to get this right... the first file that I put in my macros folder that was in my mods folder worked perfectly fine, but the next couple really didnt show up in the macro menu...

    Is this a common problem? I cant really seem to figure out whats wrong....

    Any suggestions?


    What version of MC are you doing this for? In 1.7.10 all you need to do is put the macro/ keybind mod in the appropriate folder then play the game. You should be prompted to set some keys, you can change them, or lerave as-is.

    If you didn't change any of the keys, go into your world and press "L.Shift + Grave" (tilde, or the key to the left of 1 and above TAB) In the menu you will be able to assign keys to macros and/ or commands as well as probably do a lot more that I haven't figured out yet.

    To set a command, just click on the key you'd like to use and type in the command as you would to use it and press 'enter'

    To set a macro (such as auto use) you enter the menu with L.Shift + Grave again, and click the key you'd like to assign.
    Then, in the text bar you will need type $${desired script}$$
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    posted a message on This is annoying and disgusting, please help
    Quote from kiqkin»

    I understand your point of view but you can place leaves directly on the ground as a shrub, and they don't despawn; no wood required.

    In the air, contact with ANY kind of log will keep them from de-spawning, That is the way it has always been. Its not logical, but Mincraft makes little effort to do what's logical. The game has its own fantasy physics and we must adapt or die.

    The leaves won't disappear because they were placed by the player, as opposed to being generated by the game.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Goods and Bads
    I have the falling into nothing problem too, but, what's worse is I can't get more than a few chunks of brand new map created in 1,8 pre(1-3) to load before the whole map or 90% of it starts flashing through like so:

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    posted a message on State of Mined: A whitelisted, vanilla survival server
    I filled out the form, but not skype name. I have an account on skype, but have not used it yet. My computer runs teamspeak3 better with multiple applications as well, so I can connect there. Hope to get a reply soon!
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