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    posted a message on MADCOWPvP! HUGE SERVER NETWORK!!! LOOKING FOR STAFF!!!!!! 1.8 server! SERVER IP IS:

    In-Game Name (Required): _Split

    Name (Required): Gage Bearson

    Age (Required): 13

    Skype: hipsterdude4611

    Email: [email protected]

    What you are applying for: Builder

    Have you ever been staff on another server?: Yes I have actually been builder on over 6 different servers.

    Are you staff on a server at the moment?: Not at the moment, but that gives me the ability to dedicate my time to this one if accepted.

    You have the commands /kick, /ban, /tempban and /mute what sort of rules do you think should apply to each of these commands being used?: Do not use them unless absolutely needed.

    Griefing: Griefing would be a full on ban.
    Spamming: That would be a mute
    Advertising: Temp-ban
    Cursing/Constant Cursing: Mute
    Banned Items(Tekkit Rule): Definitely /ban the people
    Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items: Mute and warn.
    Racist or Sexist Remarks: Mute and temp-ban

    Mods/Hacks: Ban

    Other Staff abusing there powers: If I was able to I would De-op and and ban until further notice to stop abuse.

    What time zone are you in?: Eastern

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