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    Quote from Yohner

    ok ok O_O ****.. i need to write something important funnie maybe a little trolling bombs? but wheat the hell here i go...

    Hi My name is Yohner[kidding its really jake :P ] and im 17 years old :P and i live in ireland which has rain and wind and smell's liek **** 24/7 like your server... and some of my friends need a server to play on cause where all boss and boss-like and stuff? but mostly we like trolling xD and playing pranks :L kinda like thar series called MindCrack? not watched but heard it was interesting... i also might makea let's play with a few friends and do other **** on it and maybe add a few funny mod's xD

    second paragraph oh geezh... i feel special already :D mmm my server idea would add a tiny.. i mean seriously tiny town at spawn and loads of stuff in it and hav it ram packed as if a griefer threw all its stuff in there and went HEY :D look my house xD mostly im a chatty man and could get this server raging with loads of people... and other stuff xD

    THIRD and finally D: [sadly] ive been on minecraft for 2.5 years and know everything there is to know about it.... well hopefully :L so yeah thats about it? hope ya liked it...

    and good-bye[ OMG :o a 4th paragraph i must be TRolololooooing :P ]

    You sir, seem to have serious brain damage.
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    Quote from Ongakuman

    I made a thread about how im buying minecraft. Well I decided to demo it first so...
    I think its friggin' scary.

    I dont think im getting it.

    who the **** is scared of minecraft?
    grow a pair of balls and be a man!
    are you 5?
    i didnt think anyone would be scared of minecraft how the **** is it scary? are you scared of the dark in games?
    try playing amnesia youd **** your pants
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    Quote from TheBigCat

    If you had 9,780 more days to live in your life because you didn't need to sleep ever, what would you do with all more days?

    Personally I would every night id play video games and during the day I would work hangout with friends and family

    1. read the bible
    2. learn java
    3. have sex with the hot chick down the hall
    4. have sex with the hot chick down the hall again
    5. have sex with the hot chick down the hall a third time
    6. buy a new pc
    7. play and finish skyrim
    8. kick notch in the balls for adding the end dimension, and an ending to minecraft
    9. play minecraft
    10. set a bag of cats on fire
    11. tell all my loved ones to go **** themselves
    12. watch 10 hours of porn
    13. troll people on the mc forums
    14. tell little kids on youtube to go **** a duck
    15. have sex with the hot chick down the hall a fourth time
    16. buy a boat
    17. sink my boat
    18. smoke a 100 dollar bill
    19. smoke 500 dollars of weed in one day
    20. ............aww **** it im bored im going to go play tf2

    +1 this if you'd do the same
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