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    Quote from Henry9960

    Ign: Henry9960
    Skype: Harrymug
    Name; Harry
    Age: 13
    I have been staff on alot of server.
    I can play 4-7 hours a day.
    Thanks for reading

    While we are not currently looking for staff you can apply to test the server, or become a guard using the applications added to the main post
    Quote from StrongJackMan

    Hi My Name Is StrongJackMan
    I Am 10
    I Have Been Staff On A Few Servers Eg;
    Hispanik Mex
    Watercraft Owner
    And Much More

    I Am A Great Builder
    I Can Do Around 8 Hours+ On The Server
    I Would Like To Be A 2nd Owner
    Thank You
    I Love Your Server Btw

    While we are not currently looking for staff you can apply to test the server, or become a guard using the applications added to the main post
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    Hello, and welcome to the NexusGaming Prison server!

    You have been tried, and found guilty of 3rd degree griefing.
    You will be spending the rest of your life behind bars... Unless you can bribe your way out.


    (The server is not up yet)

    The server is currently in a closed beta, everyone who joins should have the main objective of attempting to test the functionality of the server, and find any possible exploits.

    This prison is for the worlds most hardened criminals, and as such it is as isolated as can be.
    The prison is located on ********* island, and is completely surrounded by water. Go ahead, try to escape, I dare you. There is only one way off the island, and that is through the docks.

    The prison is split into several different blocks for you to progress through.

    C Block
    C Block is the starting point for the prison, It has a stone mine filled with iron, and coal. It also has a tree farm, a public smelting area, a shop, a bank, and a shower. It is the worst block in the entire prison, so you should try to get out quickly.

    B Block
    B Block is a significant step up from C Block, it has 2 mines (sandstone and dirt), a bank a farm, a shower, cells, and a cactus farm. B Block membership costs a measly $15,000, so getting it shouldn't be too hard.

    A Block
    A Block is the third block in the system, it has a nether mine, cells,a bank, a shop, a pond, and a pumpkin farm. A block has less PVP than previous blocks. It can be yours for the price of only $35,000.

    Elite Block is one of the prisons only PVP FREE blocks, it has a snow mine full of diamonds and other ores, a bank, a shop, cells, a sugar farm, and private crafting/smelting areas. It can be yours for the low low price of $75,000.

    Donor Block is only accessible to those who choose to support the server by donating. It is a NO PVP area, and It contains cheap cells, a bank, a shop with better buy/sell prices than the rest of the prison, a melon farm, private smelting areas, and a sandstone mine filled with diamond, diamond blocks, lapis blocks, glowstone, and nether quartz.

    Freedom at last!
    Once you purchase free rank you are able to venture out into the free world, or you could live in Free Town. Freed prisoners can come and go as they please, the only time they cannot leave the prison is when they are jailed.

    Guard Application
    1. Minecraft username
    2. Age
    3. Past Experience as guard/mod/admin on Minecraft Servers
    4. Why you want to be a guard
    5. Any alt accounts that you have

    Closed Beta Application
    1. Minecraft username
    2. Age
    3. Past Experience as guard/mod/admin on Minecraft Servers
    4. Why you want to beta  tester
    5. Any alt accounts that you have

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    Ban appeals must be done within 3 weeks of being banned any later than that will result in a automatic denial.
    I'm assuming there is no way to get around this without buying an unlock?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] fisherman77's Modding Tutorials [Last Updated: 10/31/13] - NEW CUSTOM MODEL MOB TUT
    Im still getting an error on
    NetworkRegistry.instance().registerGuiHandler(this, proxy); //Registers the class that deals with GUI data
    clientPacketHandlerSpec = @SidedPacketHandler(channels = {"Zeuscraft"}, packetHandler = ZeuscraftClientPacketHandler.class), //For clientside packet handling
    serverPacketHandlerSpec = @SidedPacketHandler(channels = {"Zeuscraft"}, packetHandler = ZeuscraftServerPacketHandler.class))
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    Quote from Xacero

    Why yes , yes i do! :D
    I dont have much to show unfortunatly, i delete most of my work upon completion :P I usually do it for shits and gigs...
    But here's a snippet from a request im taking, mind you its very simple. only adding a couple blocks and items, and its not
    exactly done, but i hope it is sufficient proof that i do have atleast a bit of modding experience. :3

    And when it comes to Java in general, I'm fairly accomplished :P
    I assure you i can atleast get you making basic mods :3

    package net.minecraft.src;
    public class mod_crystal_ore extends BaseMod{
    public static Block crystal_ore = new Block(254,0,Material.rock).setBlockName("crystal_ore");
    public static Block crystal_block = new Block(255,0,Material.rock).setBlockName("crystal_block");
    public static Item crystal = new Item(3043).setItemName("crystal");
    public void load()
    crystal_ore.blockIndexInTexture = ModLoader.addOverride("/terrain.png","/crystal_mod/crystal_ore.png");
    crystal_block.blockIndexInTexture = ModLoader.addOverride("/terrain.png","/crystal_mod/crystal_block.png");
    crystal.iconIndex = ModLoader.addOverride("/gui/items.png","/crystal_mod/crystal.png");
    ModLoader.addName(crystal, "Crystal");
    ModLoader.addName(crystal_block,"Block of Crystal");
    ModLoader.addName(crystal_ore,"Crystal Ore");
    ModLoader.addRecipe(new ItemStack(crystal_block,1), new Object[]{
    public String getVersion()
    return "1.2.5";

    again sorry if i sound ... odd... havent slept :/

    Edit - If you take a look at that source, its EXTREMLY basic...

    But it has some basic stuff in there :')

    er.... to clarify, i can do alot more advanced stuff than that...
    that just happens to be what im working on atm :P

    Holy **** I made a mod that adds crystal and crystal ore.
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    Bump 6
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    Quote from Cr4nK

    Hello my name is Brandon, In game name is xX_Cr4nK_Xx and I am starting a new Hunger Games server so far I have all the files configured with no cheats and no xray. I have all my permissions done and all I need is a second server to add to my huge player slots. I am thinking of having 2 servers one started after the other so that even if one server is full the back up will always be there. Im am thinking of having 100 players in one server and around 50 on the other. I know this doesnt sound very pleasing to you but if you havent already you should see how many people join the hunger games in one day. I can make the server player base very high and advertise anything you need me to. I am practicing on becoming an image designer and I can create logos, backgrounds, and very basic gfx editing. I have run over 12 servers on my own and most of them have been pretty successful.

    So what I am trying to do with this server is add onto my Hunger Games server called Talon Games to increase the player base by 50 players. The server you would host would be the second server We would use incase the main server is full since I believe it will be full nearly every game. The server will be protected with anti-cheat, anti xray, and no spam if needed. Each game would need atleast 25 players to start since thats how many players the movie had I believe. I would do all of the advertising and image creating. I already have everything set so all I would need now is your approval :) The logo image I have created for the server will be posted below!

    The server is 1 gb no way in hell that will hold 50 people, let alone 100.
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    Quote from samuri55

    My reasons that i should get it are
    1. My Server
    2. My Money
    3. My dedicated on making server

    The first reason that i should get the server is that im going to make a server with my friend. The server is going to be Medieval/Steampunk roleplay server. And our internet is too bad to host the server. So we need the server to give us opportunity to make a large public server. If we get the server we can invite our friend to play and let other people play our server too. Also we will advertise the hoster that give us the opportunity to make our dream came true too.

    The second reason is about money. Like some people said, Money is God. Money is one of the thing that we can't get the server. We don't have enough money the get the server lasting for so long so we have to find free server hoster to give us the chance to make our server. Then we found this, the one that gives us FREE server with 1GB of RAM. That is loads of RAM. We saw other free hoster but they have to donate to get more like to upload your map or to donate $10 with just only upgraded to 512mb.

    The Third and the last reason is my afford and how dedicated I am to make a server. If I get the server, I have enough effort and I dedicated enough to make the server famous. No matter how hard the work is, I am going to make the server as the best as I could. But I don't have any people that can support my effort. But this is one and the only hoster that can support my effort and my dedicated to make my server that i wish it's going to be one of the best server came true.

    So I write this essay for you, to considered my idea because you are the one and only chance that can make me and my friend's wish came true. You are the our ONLY hope. You are the only one that can gives us free server with freedom that can do anything without donation. So please, support us by giving us the free server and make my dream came true.

    Our Server theme:

    Our server theme will be both Medieval/Steampunk Roleplay server. For Medieval we will have races for the people to choose.

    The World will be named as "The Land Of Tamaria"

    God: The Highest races in Tamaria. Gods are the one that take care of the world. They control the peace in Tamaria. They giving bless to the goods and keeping the world alive.

    Human: Human is the class that can be in snow. Human is the class that is the smartest. Human is one of the most evolved races in the medieval world.They are one of the oldest race in the land of Tamaria. The Human lives in the villages, city, town, forts,castle
    Pros: Combat, Surviving skills, smart, High in Agility
    Cons: Combat Not as good as Orc

    Elves: The Elves are tall, skinny races that lives in forest. They love nature and if they see people burning forest, the Elves going to shoot them with their arrows. They are good in climbing trees and sharpshooting skills.
    Pros: A real Sharpshooter, Good in climbing trees
    Cons: Weak, bad in melee.

    Orcs: The opposite of Elves. They hate nature and they destroy everything that in their way. They are the strongest race in Tamaria. They have green,big body with red eye. The lives in the Evil Castle.
    Pros: Strong. Really Strong
    Cons: Slow

    Dwarfs: Dwarfs are good in smithing and crafting things. They can craft powerful weapon that the other race can't. They can anchant their weapon to make it more powerful and sell it to other race. The also like to mine to find their resource for their arsenal. The lives in mountain and underground. Dwarf also like to digging a hole.
    Pros: Smithing, Crafting
    Cons: short, hard to fight

    Bandits: They are the thief of Tamaria, the stealer of the kingdom. They live in small camp around the land of Tamariia. They can either capture other people's land or steal other people's money. They also gives their money to poor people or beggar.
    Pros: Really fast, Real Sneaker
    Cons: Really Weak

    Thank you for reading.

    Love, samuri55

    English isn't your first language is it?
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    Sorry it was a joke, i just maxed out my max posts, sorry :D it was... Pretty good

    lol ok :D
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    that was horrible no offence

    how so?
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    I fill an Iv with the stuff from an epi-pen, and am drip fed it.
    Shoop da whoop fires his lazah at your face.
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    About me: My name is -------- and I'm 15 years old. I don't really feel safe giving away info on forums sorry. :(

    Idea: a faction/pvp server where the only way to claim land is to join/own a clan that has power.If you are looking to monetize the server you could add benefits for x amount of time after a donation. By benefits I mean a server run donor only shop that sells XP, weapons, Diamonds, wood, iron, and coal. You could also have plots for sale to DONORS ONLY that can never be raided whereas clan claimed land can be attacked by more powerful clans, thus encouraging players to donate.Donors could also get a temporary /kit command to gain armor and weapons, but nothing too extravagant as that will make non monetizing players feel alienated. Donors would also get noncombat perks such as custom titles, colored names etc. With the right hype man the server would grow quite well, and in a multiplayer game PLAYERS = CONTENT. a game is no fun to play if its a ghost town. Also xray would = an automatic ban but players could pay $30 or so to be unbanned, but all their assets would be seized. Teleportation would only be allowed to donors, and even then it would take 10 seconds to prevent tp'ing in the middle of a fight. Combat logging would be punished by death and loss of items you were carrying. The most powerful players/clans would be inducted into the hall of fame, and allowed special perks (to be determined later). Success in pvp would reward the victor with in game $, and take slightly less $ from the loser than was given to the winner to prevent system abuse. Long term/recurring players would be awarded in game prizes keeping players coming back again, and again. The world would have to be reset about once every 2-3 years to allow new players a fair chance to gain power.

    There would also be ways to gamble on pvp fights with in game money, and arenas for 1v1's 2v2's 3v3's and 5v5's. They would be class based arenas where the players are allowed to choose from preset classes for their items. (the classes would only be in use in arenas, the main attraction is open world pvp/ base raiding. Whats more satisfying than raiding someones base?Sex. JK :D . But seriously raiding bases, greifing, getting revenge on opposing clans gives players a reason to come back. If some guy took my **** I wouldn't rest until he paid, and I like many Would be willing to PAY to get an edge. Now you've got players who keep coming back, and a great monetization system.

    Back to monetization methods.

    There would be a couple of ways to donate.

    1. a one time payment of x amount of irl $ for x amount of in game money/land/items

    2. a recurring payment (like a subscription) allowing players access to mob farms farming plots, home plots, Improved stores selling rare items only available to donors.

    I would suggest using both methods for maximum income. That being said if you do choose this idea i would like a percentage of the proceeds, I feel 30% is fair, but would be willing to go lower.

    Message me for inquiries.
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    Quote from Yohner

    ok ok O_O ****.. i need to write something important funnie maybe a little trolling bombs? but wheat the hell here i go...

    Hi My name is Yohner[kidding its really jake :P ] and im 17 years old :P and i live in ireland which has rain and wind and smell's liek **** 24/7 like your server... and some of my friends need a server to play on cause where all boss and boss-like and stuff? but mostly we like trolling xD and playing pranks :L kinda like thar series called MindCrack? not watched but heard it was interesting... i also might makea let's play with a few friends and do other **** on it and maybe add a few funny mod's xD

    second paragraph oh geezh... i feel special already :D mmm my server idea would add a tiny.. i mean seriously tiny town at spawn and loads of stuff in it and hav it ram packed as if a griefer threw all its stuff in there and went HEY :D look my house xD mostly im a chatty man and could get this server raging with loads of people... and other stuff xD

    THIRD and finally D: [sadly] ive been on minecraft for 2.5 years and know everything there is to know about it.... well hopefully :L so yeah thats about it? hope ya liked it...

    and good-bye[ OMG :o a 4th paragraph i must be TRolololooooing :P ]

    You sir, seem to have serious brain damage.
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    looks good! keep up the work.

    Thank you :P
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    bump 5
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