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    Quote from TheBoxKidsGran

    This wasn't a hard mod to code yet it was bugging me how the new block placing system was implemented to logs so with this mod whenever you crouch it uses the new system and whenever you are standing upright it places the block like it would before 1.3

    Thanks, this is just what I wanted.
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    Already been done

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    Quote from KisaruBandit »
    So people like it because it's easy to pick up, doesn't require much planning before you dash into action, produces long kill streaks, doesn't have complicated mission planning, and is set in a near-to-today environment so it has already known backstory.

    Sounds like people like it because it's simple, but can make you feel like a success. Which is a perfectly good reason to like games. It's why I play Minecraft.

    You forget that COD use to be a different game at one point. It wasn't easy to pick up and it had a high skill ceiling back when it had bolts, recoil, and a huge reward for those who could get head shots. Most of your guys who really hate COD are the guys like me who use to play it and hate it because it changed.
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    This is horribly done. Anyways the best method
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