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    posted a message on [SOLVED] USB Headset Mic picking up random beeping noise
    Fixed it by changing the recording settings in windows to DVD quality instead of CD quality. If any of you guys are having this problem, theres your solution.
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    posted a message on [SOLVED] USB Headset Mic picking up random beeping noise
    I also tried changing the sound settings in windows, and also through the headset's sound program, both with still no luck.
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    posted a message on [SOLVED] USB Headset Mic picking up random beeping noise
    Whenever I'm recording audio using a Gamdias Hephaestus headset, it picks up a random electrical beeping noise that is very annoying and noticeable. I'm thinking it might be interference from something, because I have tried multiple USB ports, and even USB extension cables and hubs.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] [PVP] Fight Through The Ages PVP Map
    I've created a map that focuses around pvp. It will have 15 arenas upon release, and other features as well. The map is a pvp map where the player and his opponents fight through 3 ages: Feudal, Modern, and Futuristic. Each age will have 5 arenas.

    Currently in the map:
    • Custom Classes
    • Pre-set Classes
    • 6 Arenas
    • Spawn area
    • No drop system
    • Teleporters to each arena
    • Arena selection
    Planned Features in the map:
    • 9 other arenas
    • Fixing up current arenas
    • Team battle arenas
    • Suggestions
    Arenas currently in the map:
    • Bio-Dome
    • Temple
    • Fort Parkour
    • School House Prison
    • Orbiting Spaceship
    • Keep of Gornhaven
    Pre-Set Classes

    They may be removed in the future to prevent cheating (clicking the button doesn't teleport you anywhere.) and also to encourage use of the custom class system. The current classes to pick from are:

    Berserker: Spawns with iron/diamond armor, iron sword, bombs.
    Ranger: 32 arrows, bow, leather armor
    Ninja: 1 speed 1 invisibility potion, wooden sword
    Beastmaster: 1 dog spawning egg, 12 bones, chainmail chestplate, stone sword

    It is currently better to go through the custom class rooms because they offer more items that the classes currently have.

    Custom Classes

    I think this is the first custom class system in vanilla minecraft.
    It consists of a teleporter that teleports you to a room where you pick a primary weapon, and upon clicking on a button, teleports you to another room. I will post a video showing off the system.

    If you have any suggestions, feel free to post some.

    There currently is no way to download the map, because it is in a barely playable condition. I am working on it to release it soon.
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    posted a message on Sneaking behind mobs
    I wish minecraft mobs had a "field of vision" that they can see, and won't notice anything not in their own field of vision. I'm a bit annoyed how I spot a mob first, and when I get near it, it turns around and notices me.
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    posted a message on Griefing an Admin's base!
    Dude. Why would you post this to the forums? Greifing is not approved of in this community.
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    posted a message on Explosive-PvP (#1 PvP Anarchy!) Ip: Bmc.Explosive-PvP.com(Daily Prizes) (Creative) (Raiding) (Grief) (Anticheat) (Absolute Anarc
    Ok. I have no idea what you are talking about because you highlighted the words with BLACK and made the words Grey, the closest possible color to black.
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    posted a message on The Universe Project
    Damn. Sounds ambitions and badass. I had an idea for a game like this once, but it you died, you would have to re-buy the game. Major problems with this game is that there could, and will be trolls out there to screw you over. Because placing in rules would no longer allow the game to function properly, the entire game in my prediction will end in complete anarchy.This game is so expansive, that one team alone can't make it. They need some kind of footing. I am assuming they are starting a kickstarter for this massive project. I hope that one day we will be able to play it, but it will probably take 5 or maybe 10 years to create this game. They are going from the ground up, creating their own physics system, combat system, crafting system, and many others.

    Because of that, the game will be half baked and they will drop players in the world to do the rest. They won't make guns, and armors, but we'll have to make them. I have no idea how that will actually work, but hopefully it will be a great system.

    Also, what if we buy it, and it gets mailed to us, and inside the box where the game disc should be, a note will be there reading:
    "Go outside to start your game."
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    posted a message on How do I know if this girl likes me
    Quote from AzureNinja99

    I wouldn't rush to ask her. Do it when you feel comfortable. That should be the #1 priority.

    I'm actually comfortable now, after reading all your helpful replies. I have no idea how to start, end, or even what to do when i'm talking to her. I turn to slush and get really really nervous. I am fine socially, but meeting new people is the trouble, especially since it's someone I like. That was probably the definition of shyness.

    I also don't think she will lose interest in me. This has been going on for the entire school year. I haven't lost interest in her though, and that seems to be the same at her end.

    I noticed on friday that if I ignore her, she tends to look at me more than when I do actually notice her. I don't want to ignore her though, but friday was busy, and made me notice that. She also tends to try to trip me when I walk in front of her. I have no idea why she does this.

    I will try to strike up a conversation with her on monday. It will be awkward though, because I have no idea how to go about this.
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    posted a message on The Enderdragon is a Girl.
    The enderdragon gives an egg when killed, and because males fertilize eggs for females to lay, the enderdragon cannot be male. (Also no penis is visible.)
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