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    posted a message on Minecraft with the Peeps NEW SEED PREVIEW! Begins THIS FRIDAY Nov. 13

    Minecraft with the Peeps has just released a preview of our new world seed and we want YOU to join us in this new adventure!

    Minecraft with the Peeps NEW SEED

    Our new world will be LIVE this Friday, November 13 at 7PM GMT

    If you're tired of toxic players and servers and are looking for a small, fun, safe, inclusive, and truly GLOBAL community, you will be right at home on our server! We have active players from all over the world. If you have thought about striking out on your own with your small group of friends, consider joining us! We value independent players and encourage participation in shaping the server.

    Head directly to our Discord channel (link below) to fill out an application. You must be at least 13 years of age to join, but immature attitudes need not apply.


    After you join, look forward to...

    - An exciting new world to explore and build upon!

    - Making friends from all over the world!

    - Having a voice by voting on new server initiatives and features!

    - Participating in special events and contests!

    - Creating shops and trading in the economy!

    - Designing, building, and playing mini games!

    - Constructing farms!

    - Having a strong and supportive administrative group!

    About our server
    - Minecraft Java Edition version 1.16.4 (PAPER)

    - Survival mode with anti-grief
    - Datapacks similar to the Hermitcraft server with single sleep, mini-blocks, some crafting recipe modifications (stairs, slabs, trap doors), and some modified loot tables (renewable sand from Husks)

    Thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to ask any questions in the thread or through DM.

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