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    I usually play my own created mod pack.

    Existing ones are good to play but usually they lack certain game feel of what players enjoy. I usually include mostly projectE mod.

    Being so lazy, it uses EMC to get items once you store and remember them.

    You don't have to run around to gather resources. I just use transmute tablet to create items as long as you have enough EMC.

    Anyway enjoy.

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    I have just posted my server information and one of 3 servers running has heavily based on ProjectE (Lots of EMC).

    Go have a look;-



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    I have created a new mod pack which might interest you. Come and try it out.

    It's called 'JSF Elites v2' and heavily based on ProjectE (old Equivalent Exchange) and EMC.

    Mod pack contains following mods;-

    Actually Additions/ Applied Energistics 2 - ME Storage Network/ AE2 Stuff/ Auto Pickup/ Baubles/ Biomes-O-Plenty
    Blood Magic/ Bonsai Trees - Grow Trees on a Pot/ Bookshelf/ Botania

    Carry On - Carry and Move Block or Machine Without Breaking
    Chicken Chunks - Chunk Loader/ Claim It - Protect Your Base from Grief/ Client Tweaks/ Clumps
    Compact Storage (Patched) - 1 Chest has 288 Slots - 10.6 Chests in One)/ Cooking For Blockheads/ Currency
    Cyclic/ Deep Mob Learning/ Draconic Evolution/ Ender IO/ Ender Storage/ Equivalent Integrations (EMC)
    Expanded Equivalence (EMC)/ Extra Utilities 2/ Extreme Reactors/ Farming For Blockheads/ Fast Leaf Decay
    Fast Workbench/ Flat Colored Blocks/ Hunger Overhaul/ Hunting Dimension - A Dimension/ Immersive Engineering
    industrial foregoing/ Integrated Crafting/ Integrated Dynamics/ Integrated Tunnels/ Integration Foregoing
    Inventory Tweaks/ JEI/ JEI Villagers (JEI)/ Just Enough Buttons (JEI)/ Just Enough Resources (JEI)/ Journeymap
    Lost Cities - A Dimension/ Matter Overdrive - Become an Andriod/ Mekanism/ Mekanism Generators/ Mouse Tweaks
    My Commands - Like "/home", "/spawn", "/back", etc/ Natures Compass - Find Biome/ Netherending-Ores/ Ore Excavation
    Pickle Tweaks/ ProjectE (EMC)/ ProjectE Integration (EMC)

    ProjectEX (Lots of EMC - Over 9E(9,000,000,000,000,000,000))/ Real Bench

    Real Filing Cabinet - Unlimited Storage per Item/ Reauth/ Redstone Flux/ RFTools/ RFTools Power/ Simple Generators
    Simple Storage Network/ Smooth Font/ Storage Drawers/ Tinkers Construct/ Tele Pastries - Travel Dimension Using Cake
    Thaumcraft/ Thaumic_Gadgets/ ThaumicInventoryScanning/ ThaumicJEI/ The One Probe/ Thermal Dynamics

    Thermal Expansion/ Thermal Foundation/ Tinkers Complement/ Tinker Tool Leveling/ Tip The Scales

    Tombstone - Dead? You Just Got Buried with Your Inventory
    Travelers Backpack - Backpack? Extra Storage with Ability!/ Twilight Forest - A Dimension

    Villager Market - Trade with All the Villagers at One Spot/ Uncrafting Table - Made Mistake? Get Ingredients Back

    Before you play, you need to download modpack and use launcher like the CurseForge, etc. For more information and download, visit www.jsfservers.net (We are currently running 3 minecraft mod servers including this one).

    Screenshots of My Base;-

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