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    Email:[email protected](this ismy alt, i will probably only check this email every other day)
    IGN :jroggeAge :14How long have you been playing minecraft ?:since before beta, so about three or four years
    How long do you play minecraft a day ?: an hour and a half maybe
    How often do you think you are going to be playing on the server a week? : four or five days a week
    What timezone are you in?: American central
    Why should we add you to the white list?: im not anything crazy, but i have alot of experience. Ive never really griefed (maybe some small pranks on IRL friends that i fixed after i finished laughing) and i wouldnt mind having other people live with me. i know how to build some simple farms and really simple redstone, but im willing to look those things up if i need to help someone. i just think this seems like a fun server, so accept if you want another player to help when i can and try to make people enjoy themselves.
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