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    posted a message on the end is corrupted and is no longer generating (mods)

    oh i see, i have no problem stopping using Tlaucher, just using it because it has a modpack creator built into it that is usually very good, so thank you

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    posted a message on the end is corrupted and is no longer generating (mods)

    so I had another problem, I went into the world and to test the dimension generation I entered the twilight dimension and my game just doesn't open anymore

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    posted a message on the end is corrupted and is no longer generating (mods)

    Okay so i did what you say but i have an issue, the game is no longer generating the DMI1 folder so i cant delet it, but i do enter the game and go to end and leave it so i have one log folder, but i dont know gow ubunto.com works can i just attach the log here? also im using tlaucher beacuse has an better modpack creator thats can be problemen?

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    posted a message on the end is corrupted and is no longer generating (mods)

    I've been playing in a world with mods for 6 days now and there are around 90-95 mods, the game was quite stable and rarely had crashes, the only problem that without explanation all the entities in the world froze and the world just stopped and I could move freely, that was no problem as it was just closing and opening the world that came back a few seconds before the freeze and remained normal, but today I decided to fight the ender dragon and again the creatures froze like used to happen,but when I closed and tried to enter again most of the chunks didn’t load, i try it again and it didn't work, I tried to close the laucher and enter as well as restarting the computer but when I tried to enter the end again it didn't load anything I couldn't move, I tried to restart the end because I hadn't made any progress there, I deleted the folder DMI1, however when I came back the problem was the same it was as if the world was not generating the end, the game was not crashing so there is no crash report, any help?

    I attached an image, and as soon as the situation is as soon as I enter the end, it rains which is not possible at the end those markers were made in the overword and should disappear when I change the dimension (and disappear when nothing goes wrong) there commands don't work I tried to give / kill and / gamemode 0 but nothing worked

    Here is my Mod list 1.12.2 (probably not all, but if something is missing it will not be the mod itself but its dependencies


    agricultere plus


    dark roleplay

    ptretty beaches

    youngs better cavers

    mutant beasts

    extra bows

    extra golens

    serene seasons

    silent lib

    fun ores

    simply platinum





    immersive ruins

    dungeons mod

    roguelike dungeons

    dungeon tactics


    familiar fauna

    flora and fauna


    zoo e wind animals

    natural fauna mod

    pams haverstcraft

    epic fight mod

    castle dungeons


    comes alive mod

    minecrat animated

    big swords

    medieval craft


    jei integration

    ice and fire

    iron chests

    irnon backpacks

    iron furnaces

    oh the biomes you go

    simplecore API

    simples ores

    RPG hud

    the farlanders

    scaling health

    spartan shields

    spartan weaponry


    spartan and fire( and spartan compatibility and base metals)

    immersive engine

    track api

    universal mod core

    macaws (bridges,doors,furniture,windows)

    funitems mod

    xaeros minimap

    travelers backack

    the twilight forest

    better fps

    cosmetic armor

    vanilla plus tools

    armor tools e ores+


    MMD orespawn

    radix core

    tree chopper

    immersive engeniring

    too many weapons

    too many apples

    too many mods

    reborn core


    netherite uptade

    fapdos nether mobs

    better nehter

    fps reducer


    moving word

    davincis vessels

    the endergetic expasion

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