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    Updated with a new version with things I've been working on for a week. This version is also zipped so non-premium Mediafire users can download it.

    Have been working primarily in Cobblstep City, adding villagers and shopkeepers. In order to make cheating a little more difficult, I wanted to go the route of making shops run all purchases through villagers instead of having the player purchase through chests, so I've been switching out all the shops chests with shopkeepers and I've been updating a lot of the stores interiors while I'm at it. Still have a bit to go on this process, but I've gotten really far with it.

    I've also been adding villagers throughout the map to add various hints and tips to the map to direct the player, as well as provide a sense of life and reality to the map, so the villagers in Cobblstep will talk to the player as they go by. Some villagers offer small jobs to the player if they go run an errand, a good quick way for the player to make a couple bucks! I'd like to add a few more of these errands, and have ideas of things I could do. My goal is to have an errand that will send the player to each building in the city, so that the player be sure to explore the city fully. I don't know if I have the time to get that far, though.

    I added a sewer system into Stonewall, which will eventually become the way that the player enters the city, from the Cobblstep City sewer. I also added a subway entrance inside the lower floor of the Cobblstep mall.

    That's it, for now! Hopefully the rest of the shops and villagers can get placed this coming week, and then I can start adding barriers to the map next. Then villagers in Adventure Island and Resort city are to follow that.

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    Thank you for coming to check out my map! As you’ll see in the post below, this map was started in 2011 when I was a freshman in high school. I’m 23 now and still playing this map, but I now own 2 businesses and work full-time so I’m a very busy person and have much less free time than I once did, so progress is much slower than it used to be. I began working on this project again in 2015 when I had great aspirations for the map and all sorts of awesome ideas to turn this into a whole separate game built inside minecraft as an engine. However, with the Minecraft 1.13 update, it changed the entire commands system, and I cannot invest the crazy amount of time to update all commands in the map, so I’m going to have to post the map up today in 1.12.2, and I’m going to be slowly pulling away from the map and probably not ever getting it done to the level I initially planned. What I’m going to do is put a list of things I would like to complete on this map in order to finish it, and hopefully I can at least get it to a level to where everyone can play it again. In the meantime, I’ll be posting WIP versions of the map so that people can begin downloading and enjoying it! So check out the bottom of the post if you want to see what features may be coming to the map!


    Welcome to CobblStep County! Made up of the local collection of towns all put together, CobblStep has everything a person could want! From the sprawling and flat CobblStep city, to the venice-themed Waterway, to the mountainside village, Mown. CobblStep City is a map designed to combine beautiful scenery with great attention to detail.

    Is it an RPG?

    When I began creating Cobblstep City, my only intention was to create a really fun and cool city without using any mods. It started as a survival project in 2011 during Minecraft beta 1.3 (they had just added wolves!) As time went on, I began incorporating little mini-games and hidden secrets into the map to make it more fun for people who haven’t played it before. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I was playing through Fallout 4 that I saw a lot of similarities in the exploration and story structure of my map when compared to a very traditional RPG. So is it an RPG? I can’t say for sure, but it’s designed to have a very non-linear story with a lot of exploration and finding your own way. Finish the game at your pace! I can say, though, that if a player wants to follow all the rules and play the game legitimately without cheating, they can easily rack up over 20 hours on this map.


    You begin your story as a man who washed ashore during a storm. You remember nothing of your past except your username. You awaken in the middle of town and have to find a way to get a job, buy a house, and find your way in your new home.

    Around the city, there are pieces of chainmail armor. 50 of them in all. They could be hidden pretty much anywhere! In order to find all of them, you need to rise to the very top of society and access everything from high roller mansions to military bases. Every corner of the county has to be crawled. The end goal of the game is to find all 50 pieces and deposit them into the chainmail counter.


    In the end, I did want this city to look amazing. The select few who helped me also wanted it to look great. I didn't want the player to feel tethered to the adventure. While I do hope and encourage all people to play their way through, I understand that not everyone has hours to dedicate to one map. That is why I added an Opt-Out feature. Utilizing a switch in the refugee center, the player can switch themselves in and out of creative mode. With creative, they can fly around the map and just admire the detail and effort we put into it.


    I wanted to carefully incorporate some very cool ideas into the map that would make it much more similar to an actual RPG, so I worked on a few concepts that make the map a lot more fun to play!

    I had to design some kind of monetary system to make the entire RPG map idea work, so CobblStep City has a system that uses gems as money as well as bank accounts.

    The game centers around the banks, which use a system of accounts that allow you to deposit money and withdraw money from your account, making it easy to keep track of how much you have to spend! To use it, simply walk into the bank and drop your gems into the hopper. It then sorts your gems and adds proper amount of money to your account. To withdraw, press the buttons in the bank according to the amount you want, or use any of the ATMs placed conveniently around the map!


    The way the game is designed, you need to make money. So you get jobs. You start out with low-level jobs, but eventually you can work your way up the totem pole to where you can get paid by doing almost nothing! Maybe you want to be a miner, or a real estate agent, or a mayor!


    Ever wanted to own a beautiful manion? How about rent out small abodes like the perfect landlord would do? CobblStep city has real-estate all over the county that you can purchase for yourself or begin renting out to make some extra cash. Keep an eye out for the for-sale signs!


    When starting the map, a big focus for me was the attention to detail and adding tons of hidden things to the map to try, do, and find. Don’t be afraid to search these cities thoroughly! You never know what you might find!

    A note: venturing out of the cities to vacant islands legitimately doesn’t contain much, so don’t waste your time exploring outside of areas that you can’t see. I will eventually be placing barriers in these areas to prevent the player from going there.


    There are all kinds of different things to do around the city. When you start unlocking things in the later parts of the map, you can easily take a break from the main story and vent into a quest where you can play various mini games or hunts.

    I will be the first to admit that completely figuring this map out is a bit confusing.To help make that easier, I have utilized books in the game to make guides and instructions for the map. This includes introductions, guides, and so on.



    CobblStep is the central hub of the area, and it is where you begin your story. It is the largest city with well over 100 buildings and attractions. It's a very industrial place, and has just about every kind of business you can imagine. From flooring stores to water treatments facilities, CobblStep has most of the County's needs handled. CobblStep is also home to government facilites.


    Tower City is meant to be a complete contrast to CobblStep. With less buildings, but tighter design, it is meant for big players or those looking to live a life away from industry. It proclaims to be a "land of opportunity" with its large number of jobs available. It is also home to UTC, the college in the map.


    Resort City is the third large city in the area. It isn't meant to work. No jobs are for offer here. It's goal is to provide a scenic getaway from people who have jobs. It has a nice number of medium-sized mansions for sale, as well as the Cobblstep zoo!


    Mown is a peaceful, dead mining town. It used to be a major player in the jewels game, but now it's just a dead town with some relaxing mountainside buildings. Hmmm, maybe there's still some of that mining treasure in there!


    Built to be a modernized concept of venice, Waterway is a water-logged town with a few really quaint shops and homes. It really doesn't fit in anywhere! It's just a nice, relaxing place to go to. It only has a few buildings, but those are just enough to have a surviving economy.


    Hi! I’m Jared. I started building Cobblstep in 2011, back before minecraft was just coming out with Beta 1.3. I’ve been slowly building it out for a very long time, and had released it multiple times! My first release of the map was in 2012, but then I came back in 2015 and began working on it again to try and finish it. Most of the map was designed by myself, with significant contributions in some areas from friends. We’ve put countless hours into making this map something fun for everyone to play, and we hope you enjoy it!



    -Add villagers to Cobblstep

    -Add shopkeepers

    -Add talking to Cobblstep

    -Science Center




    -Information Center


    -Town Hall

    -Ship in Port

    -Real Estate

    -Side Quests

    -Add Sewer Side Quest

    -Add Military Base Side Quest

    -Add Stonewall Quest

    -Add CSCA Quest

    -Add Market in Stonewall

    -Add Stoneway Sewer

    -Furnish Castle

    -Add Barriers to map

    -Add villagers to Stonewall

    -Add Arena Sidequest

    -Add villagers to Adventure Island

    -Add More Books

    -Close all Doors

    -Reset all scoreboards

    -Delete all players

    -Reset Game Time

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    Hello everyone! This thread has been fairly dead for a long time. But I've decided that it's time to revive it! I've been working a lot on the map, changing an absolute ton of stuff! With the forum acting up, it screwed up my OP to the point of no return. That's alright, because I hated it! So, I spent the last couple nights completely creating a new remodel of the post. Over the next few days, there will be a ton of changes. Please bear in mind that the map is under heavy construction, and the version seen in the photos is not the same as the version you will download. The last official release was a long time ago. If you want the latest version of the map, be sure to download the newest WIP version of the map! Also, any feedback on the look of the new post is appreciated. Stay tuned!

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    Hi! Sorry it took a few days to reply. Curse really doesn't like me :( But I will work on posting links from more hosts than just the two! The whole thread is actually undergoing some work right now, so they should be up soon. That's why there are sections that say "Undefined" and blank areas. Forgive me!

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    A version of the world has been added to the downloads section that transforms the city into the apocalypse! Check it out!
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    A Version 5.7 WIP has been uploaded. There's a very big change with the money system and the Spawn Point issue has been solved!
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    I am finally back to working on this map after over a year of not being active. The original post has been updated with a WIP download! Enjoy!
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    Hello Everyone. I have just uploaded version 5.1 of CobblStep City! I don't have time to update the link right now, so in the meantime, download it here!
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    Quote from sologuy

    where do i get the money for the jobs i did?

    Going to add a little FAQ. Eventually I will upload an updated version of the world.

    The answer to your question is that you can collect it from the bank at any time. When I was asked this question previously, I said that my strategy would just be to right down my earnings for 2 or 3 days, then collect it all when I had a hefty sum.
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    It's truly all based upon the honor system in order to keep people following the rules. The adventure part of the map is just truly for people who want an adventure.

    Quote from MrCorn234

    After reloading and playing, I have the following issues:
    1st. The final exam is WAY too hard. Maybe tone down the redstone thing a bit?
    2nd. I robbed the bank, stole the jewel supply, and there were no repercussions. Maybe put guards at the vaults or something? I know, I'm a thief, but I also cheated on my final exam and killed half the populace, and now I'm the richest man in CobblStep! :D
    3rd. Why do you need a college degree to use the airport?

    Overall, it's pretty great, but there's no real way to enforce rules and you have to know a lot about redstone to even play it. Still, 90%.

    I like the ideas you're putting out. Thanks for the feedback. I have very slow internet at home so I cannot put out an updated world version every day, but when I gain enough changes, I may post a version 5.1 Guards will be a good idea. It may not be a rule enforcer, but it would make it more realistic in the thought that you're being watched.

    I may tone down the final exam, but the entire premise of the exam is to show you've learned in college. However, in an older version of the world it was easier. I might take it back to the exam from then.

    Finally, the airport can take you to more places that just Tower City. It has access to other places as well. I do not want people accessing these places without a degree, so that some form of linearity is in the world.

    Quote from MrCorn234

    Uh.. yeah, a few questions. First off, I earned a bit of money but had no way to represent it. Do I write that down or something? I'm confused. Second, I died of drowning because I'm a moron, and respawned somewhere really weird, looked like a mansion. What do? Overall, awesome map, but could really use a bit more explanation and a better respawn.

    The spawning in the mansion is a problem I'm having trouble figuring out. The last bed I slept in was in that mansion, so as the game goes, sometimes it spawns you there. In my testing, it did not happen. But since you did have this issue, I will look into it further.

    Also, you can write down your money earned and collect it from the bank at any time you wish. I usually would let it rack up over 2 or 3 days and then collect all of it.

    I will be having a better explanation when I do a full play-through on the video. Then I will be able to thoroughly answer any questions!

    If I get more good questions, I may put a FAQ up above.

    Thanks for the feedback :) Even if you did steal, enjoy the map!
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    I have this same problem. I've put two days of work into creating this map page here

    But no matter what I use, the video just doesn't pop up. It's only text. I've tried all the options. It just won't work.
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    Hey Guys! This thread was really outdated and hadn't been updated in 3 years, so when I finally decided to update, I felt it would be a better idea to put a new thread up. Link will be posted when it is updated.
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