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DIY Daily - Most Important For Prospective Brides Who Will Be the Attention of Many Guests

DIY Daily - You can't just put a table and bench in the party area because you can influence the party conditions. Plus the location of the tables and benches for the bride and groom, you should consider well where you are going to sit and what kind of table you are using. If you want a rectangular table, the bride and groom sit in the middle of the table together with many best men and bridesmaids. The place is the groom sitting on the right side of the bride - where the left side of the bride is many best men. And on the right side of the groom sits a lot of bridesmaids.

DIY Daily - But if you choose a round table, the bride and groom sit in the center as the party's focal point. Not forgetting the place and then having to face a lot of invited guests with a row of seats just like a rectangular table. But there are also brides who blend in with many guests, as each table is emptied of two chairs for the bride and groom. To be simple, however warmth and intimacy are added.

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