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    posted a message on Make Saturation visible

    With 1.9 making Saturation even more important (tied to health regen rate) I think it's about time to make it visible. It's too important to be just some hidden value that isn't even mentioned in-game.

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    posted a message on How do I trade written books to a librarian villager?
    I'm on a new 1.8 world, multiplayer

    I found a village, and there's a librarian asking for 2 written books in exchange for one emerald.

    I made 2 book&quills, wrote some nonsense and signed them. They are the same item ID #0387 as the one he's asking for, and the same shining book icon. They won't stack though, so I tried putting one in each of the two trade slots. He won't offer the emerald to let me complete the trade though.

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
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    posted a message on What should the 1.8 update be called?
    The Million-Snapshot Update

    The Eternally Almost-done Update

    The Half-Life 3 Update
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    posted a message on Animals all gradually disappeared...
    I decided to settle down in a nice grassland area. Tons of cows, chickens, sheep, and pigs all over the place.

    Over time, though, the animal population dwindled, and now it seems like there's just one cow remaining in the whole place.

    Could any of these things be the cause?

    1. I've been skipping most nights by sleeping in a bed. Do animals only spawn at night along with the monsters?
    2. There are a few natural caves around. Did all the animals just wander underground and get stuck there?
    3. I have a hundred chickens in my basement. PETA would be upset if they saw the conditions.
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