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    I doubt it. I am using the forge build for 1.7.10
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    It says in the post under "License" ;)

    Send me a message
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    0.0.5 is up. This is mainly a bug fix release.
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    0.0.4 is live with a new furnace and storage options. Some Awesome Sauce has been drizzled on top as well.
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    0.0.3 released with more awesome. Check the changelog above for details and as usual you can download it from the website

    The Magnetic Core was changed to the Radiant Core so if you are upgrading from a previous version you will be shown a missing id error. Once I hit my first Alpha release I will be more cautious about these kind of changes.

    Hopefully that will be soon :)
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    New version (0.0.2) Check the log above for the few changes made. I also created a website for it. Download the latest version there.
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    Quote from GotoLink
    When the world is remote, you are running on client side. Which you get if you run your current code. Your logic is simply backward or you didn't notice "!".

    OH! I thought isRemote mean it is on the server side. d'oh! Thanks for clearing that up. I'm sure that will fix the problem
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    Quote from GotoLink

    The error is in (if!world.isRemote) return;
    It should be the opposite.

    really? This code should just run client side? I thought you would want it to run on the server
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    Practicalities 0.6.2

    Practicalities is a mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 that focuses on adding simple and practical functionality. The mod is currently in development, and if you are going to use it please make sure to file any bugs on this post. I plan on making regular changes to this mod, so check back often to see what is new.

    Questions? Found a bug? Please let me know. You can post a reply, send me a PM, or hit me up on Twitter
    twitter: @Jotato
    youtube: JotatoTV
    patreon: Jotato
    Check out my development board to see what I am doing next!

    Spotlight by xBCrafted

    Wither Farm by Minecrafted

    What is in it?

    Check the website for all the details, but Here are some highlights:

    Luminus Rod
    An item that when right clicked will place an invisible light source on the ground. Recharge it by placing it in a crafting grid with a Radiant Charger.

    Rare Earth Magnet
    Get all the Stuff and Things! Will pull XP orbs and Items directly to your inventory, and will work through walls.

    Smooth Glowstone
    It is glowstone, but all smooth and shiny

    A simple early game way to double your ore output. Requires more fuel, but has a chance of providing and extra ingot. You can also recycle your tools and armor in it as well.

    Matter Transporter
    No one knows how it works, but it is capable of moving blocks from one location to another.

    Imbued Sword
    An old powerful weapon capable of defeating any foe.

    Imbued Tool
    An almost magical tool capable of making work faster and more efficient.

    Sitis Stick
    Hold it in your hand and right click to make the rain go away

    Wither Farm
    A way to automate the killing of the Wither boss!

    Alternate texture packs

    Sphax PureBDcraft pack created by NintendoFan37

    License and Distribution

    Yes, don't ask. I would not have made this if I didn't wan't people to use it. I do reserve all rights to the code, but feel free to distribute in packs as long as you are not charging for it.


    * Added the Polarity Negator. Any items withing range will be ignored by the magnets
    * Soul Aspects drops are now twice as rare
    * Diamonds Shards are now the same as Diamond Nuggets
    * A few minor optimization tweaks

    * Added the Magnetic Mob Manipular. Apply a redstone signal to pull mobs in
    * Added Soul Crystals
    * Added Soul Aspects
    * Added Spanwer Alterations
    * Magnets no longer make a lound chime when picking up several items at once

    * The Sitits Stick will now skip the night
    * Fixed a bug where the Wither Killer wouldn't be recognized. It now accepts all "air" blocks instead of Vanilla ones
    * Fixed a bug with the nom-o-tron kicking the client in SMP
    * Fixed a bug where the Partitioned Crate would say it is the Refinery under WAILA
    * A few optimization tweaks
    * Random maintanence items and stuff
    * Side Torches!...or maybe not ;)

    * Added the Partitioned Crate
    * Added Filter Cards. 3 levels currently available, and their main use is on the Partitioned Crate.
    * Added Light Dust & Crystalized Light
    * Added Hardend Iron
    * Added the Nom-o-Tron (Auto Feeder)
    * Added a Practicalities Tab to the Creative mode menu
    * The Sitis Stick should reset the rain timer
    * Possible fix for the duplicating items/xp with the magnet
    * Fixed the Wither Farm not being recognized as a valid multiblock structure
    * The Imbued Tool and Sword can no longer take damage
    * More bug fixes than I can remember right now
    * A few secret things.
    * Known Issue: The Filter Cards require an actual item. I will be fixing that to work as expected.
    * Known Issue: Wither farm can duplicate item when you shift+click
    * Known Issue: Partitioned Crate won't honor the filters when you shift+click

    * Added the Void Bucket
    * Added the Logic Matrix
    * Added Silicon Dust
    * Added the Wither Farm multiblock
    * Fixed the Imbued Tool causing ghost blocks
    * Fixed potential crashes while using the Matter Transporter
    * Added a recipie to turn 4 Diamond Shards back into a diamond
    * Recipie tweaks for some of the items
    * Gave the Sitis Stick more uses per charge
    * Exterminated a few bugs
    * Hot sauce!

    * Sitis Stick added. When held in your hand and right-clicked the rain will stop
    * Removed the ability to harvest End Portal Frames. You can use the Matter Transporter to move them
    * Refreshed the texture of several items
    * Imbued Tool and Imued Sword have had slight tweaks to their effectiveness
    * Started to add the framework for a multiblock structure. Please do not use any blocks marked "WIP"

    * Recipie change for the Shimmering Star
    * Added Imbued Tool
    * Added Imbued Sword
    * Added Matter Transporter
    * End Portal Frames are harvestable
    * Other items to support crafting the new tools
    * Bug fixes and such

    * The Item Magnets will not make as loud of a sound when getting things
    * Fixed a couple of bugs
    * Internal changes getting ready for the Alpha release

    * Added the Refinery for smelting Ores and recycling tools
    * Added the Compressed Chest
    * The Machine Core was made a tad bit more expensive
    * The light sources places by the Lumius Rod should be easier to spot
    * Some more Awesome Sauce(tm)

    * Added Luminus Rod
    * Added Smooth Glowstone
    * Added Radiant Charger
    * Added Shimmering Star
    * Added Machine Core
    * Magnetic Core renamed to Radiant Core

    **Known issues**
    * When charging the Luminus Rod with a Radiant Charger, the preview of the new rod will always show as fully charged. Once crafted the correct damage value will be displayed

    * The distance of the Item Magnet was increased from 3 to 4 blocks
    * The distance of the Rare Earth Magnet was increased from 10 to 14
    * Trying a different texture for the Magnetic Poles
    * Under rare circumstances, if a magnet was pulling in 100's of items they could swirl around your head. That has been fixed

    * initial release

    ps. check out my other mod, QuantumFlux

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    I'll try the event, but I am not seeing how the code is different. I am getting all entities around me iterating over them, and adding the right one to my inventory.

    I guess I am not calling .setDead. and I am only running on the server (!world.isRemote) I can make those changes and see what happens
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    I want it to happen whenever the player comes within X blocks of the item. Right now, it looks something like this. From what I understand, it will only happen on the server and should sync to the client, right?

     public void onUpdate(ItemStack item, World world, Entity entity, int i, boolean f) {
     if(!world.isRemote) return;
     //find the items in the area
     //if the player is in range of the target item
     if(entity instanceof EntityPlauer){
     EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer)entity;
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    Hi everyone, I am just starting to mess around with creating some mods, and I am having a small problem when trying to insert an item into the players inventory.

    So I am working on a mod and I want to automatically insert a known ItemStack into the players inventory similar to how the Angel Block from Extra Utilities does. From what I can tell from the Forge wiki, I should be able to call player.inventory.addItemStackToInventory(itemstack) and it works. The problem I have is the client/server don't seem to stay in sync. I assume I have to call something to make that happen, but I can't figure out what.

    So what is the proper way to pick an ItemStack off the ground and insert it into the players inventory?
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