About Me

I'm an old, cranky Aspergian woman who's bitterly disappointed in my fellow human beings. I live in a place full of books, guitars, cats, graph paper and video games. Musician, teacher, polyglot and life-long gamer--console, PC, tabletop. I'm living proof the gaming community has always been very diverse, despite popular assumptions, biases and industry marketing.

I sometimes use colorful, strong language IRL which I write as asterisks online so not to cause anyone discomfort, and then sometimes Minecraft forum mods suspend me for it, claiming I am "evading censors". Because as we all know, youth today are under great moral threat from asterisks that stand in for profanity. So if I stop posting for several days, weeks or months at a time it's probably because some ******************** mod here has been harassing me about this.


Music, guitar, piano, languages, RPGs/Elder Scrolls (single player), sandbox games, modded Minecraft making pretty things, graph paper, cats. Especially cats. And modded Minecraft.

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