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Uhhhh, I like computers, I like science, and I hate scientific illiteracy. Also, I'm a giant moth man that is human sized. The result of some FEV. Don't ask how, it is kinda embarrassing.


Yes, scientific knowledge changes it's stance on issues a lot, but that's because new information spurs it. Just digging in you heels over outdated views that have no bearing on today is, well, outdated. Embrace the future, but don't distort what the past actually was.


The past sucked. Most people only lived to 30. Most people were racist, sexist, and religiously intolerant. Half of all people were illiterate. What was "good" about the "good ol' days"?


And just because science changes a lot, that doesn't give people the right to fall behind in their understanding of it. If a theory or scientific idea is proven false, or a better one replaces the old one, just accept it. Expand your understanding, don't deny potential truths.


Look, just embrace new scientific ideas, look at the world logically, and I'll get along fine with whomever you are. But at the same time, if a new idea is heavily discredited, you should re-think your support in it.


And most importantly, learn you fallacies, or flaws in logic. If you want to dismantle an argument, or fix your own, you need to understand fallacies.


Science, technology, space...

I love animals too!

Pangolins are awesome!

NOT politics.

Politicians should be renamed "fallacy generators".

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