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    Quote from ThEwOtSiT182

    Easy alternative = Limits java programmers to only your knowledge. (Also a fail and/or bug in your code = fail in everyones code)
    Save lots of time = I was talking about hard work. Also is more satisfying for us when we make a mod.
    Possibly Money = If you had to pay for the mod you were making then it would be something not as simple as a block.

    Website of your own = Do you honestly believe the majority of people would leave this website to go and post their "mods" on some freewebs site. If you do then you probably shouldn't be taking this on.

    Its a simple solution = ^^Look Up^^

    -Wotsit :smile.gif:

    P.S: Please just stop. Tell people to learn java and also you can take requests from people.

    What about all the younger people who dont know much about computers and just want the fun of making a mod in minecraft instead of hacing to ask and wait for other people. I mean my friend has a younger bro and he deosnt know much about computers so just be greatful for what u know.
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    Every one your PokeMOn show up in bottom Left corner not right :/
    So have u checked that lol
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    posted a message on 1.8 New Achievements Naming Ideas
    For moon thing:Huston we have a Problem

    See an Enderman:Men in Black

    Hide from endermen with pumpkin:Happy Halloween
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