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    Spectral items. Basically. There are strange creatures wandering in the overworld called wraiths. They are ghosts of the past who had no form to possess. No bones, no flesh, no nothing that could be used to do their dirty work. So they simply wandered as spirits. They soon gained the ability to use magic to affect the world around them, which makes them dangerous. Wraiths have 30 hp and deal 6 damage. They drop 0-3 ectoplasm when killed. 1 netherite ingot with 4 ectoplasm around it makes 1 spectral ingot. You can make spectral items which deal the same damage as netherite but have increased durability and apply weakness to enemies. The spectral armor comes in the form of robes and applies weakness to attackers.

    Hammers, battleaxes, scythes, daggers, staffs, and claws. New TYPES of weapons. Scythes deal +1 damage and have slightly slower attack speed. A netherite scythe would deal 9 damage. Battleaxes deal +2 and have greatly decreased attack speed. Hammers deal +3 and have insanely decreased speed. Daggers deal -1 and have slightly increased attack speed. staffs deal -2 and have greatly increased attack speed. and finally, claws deal -3 and have insanely increased attack speed. Netherite claws would deal 5 damage.

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    I deleted this because i made a mistake

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