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    Have you ever wanted to be able to craft helicopters and fly over the skies?

    To start a game, at least 2 player need to enter the portal that says upon it 'Enter to Play'. A total of up to 8 player can enter to join the game. Each Player will be assigned randomly one of the two team island; the red team and the blue team.

    Once you have already destroyed the opposing team's respawn cross they will not be able to respawn on their island but will go directly to the speciation zone.

    To win you must eliminate all the members of the opposing team and destroy their respawn cross.

    Since the islands are quite far from each other, in the upper part of the island there are helicopters which will serve to transport you and attack the opposing team since these helicopters can shoot TNT.

    Operation of this helicopters is easy, you will only need to get close to it and tap 'Hop In' if you are on Android or IOS, or just right click over it if you are on Windows 10. Once you are inside you will be able to fly by just seeing upside, or land by seeing downside. You can use the controls to redirect the helicopter for it take you wherever you want.

    Download it at Helicopter Wars: Protect the resurrection Cross v1.1 - Minecraft Pe Bedrock

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