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    Quote from pontusedberg »
    Its great! =D

    This one will be better when survival multilayer is up.

    One tip, short the link down to this http://tiny.cc/jXJeW


    hey i got a nice idea =D

    You can have different ranks like

    maffia- Create a secret organization that gives stuf cheapeier

    builder- be a good builder

    preast- Create 6 different churches.

    Bill gates - Store over 999999999999 billions

    The chosen one - own evry landscape on the map.

    One other suggestion is to make a topic where you can see how mooch money you have.

    That will be updated daily or weakly.

    By the way. Want me to create a bad crasy forum?

    Sure, if you want to. :smile.gif:

    I will consider your ranking idea :biggrin.gif: Thanks
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    Yeah, I agree
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    Quote from Dysgalt »
    Check your math there kiddo because 1coffee = .32 gold but 1 gold = 230 coffee!?!? and 1 tnt = 10gold but 1 gold = .1tnt?!?! and 1gold = 10million rocks!??!?!??!?!?! this is assuming of course mostly on , = . which i assume they do (mostly). How come only you can let people out? what if your not on? btw 1 rock = .0000000000000000001 gold and 1 gold = -594503285-20349-20590-6894-32408932-5rocks or something like that.... Seriously refine this or maybe i just massively misread this either way its confusing.

    As I wrote, it was not finished, and I said it would be finished after I got home from school. By the way, I NEVER run my server when I'm not on my self. Have a nice day, sonny.
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    This is jorgen103. Post is out of date. Thank you.

    §1: Dont grief (of course)
    §2: Only jorgen103 & Snakeruler is allowed to let ppl out.
    §3: It's a roleplay.
    §4: Only jorgen103 can make the mines. (Exception: Snakeruler may make mines if jorgen103 is gone.)
    §5: OP RULE: NEVER EVER do something with the FloodTube. This will cause a perm ban. :tongue.gif:
    §6: NEVER expand ANY isle. EVER.

    Resources and their worth: (standard)

    Medieval resources:

    1 gold = 1 gold
    1 silver = 0,001 gold, 1 gold = 1000 silver
    1 rock = 0,00000001 gold, 1 gold = 10,000,000 rocks
    1 brick = 0,00001 gold, 1 gold = 10,000 bricks
    1 plank = 0,000001 gold, 1 gold = 100,000 planks
    1 log = 0,0005 gold, 1 gold = 50,000 gold
    1 glass = 0,009 gold, 1 gold = 9,000 glass
    1 sand = 0,0009 gold, 1 gold = 90,000 sand
    1 red cloth = 0,2 gold, 1 gold = 20 red cloth
    1 yellow cloth = 0,099 gold, 1 gold = 9,900 yellow cloth
    1 blue cloth = 5,2 gold, 1 gold = 0,22 blue cloth
    1 purple cloth = 2,12 gold, 1 gold = 0,47 purple cloth
    1 wool = 0,5 gold, 1 gold = 2 wool
    1 sheep = 100,000 gold, 1 gold = 0,00001 sheep
    1 sheep food = 0,1 gold, 1 gold = 10 sheep food
    1 sheep meat = 5 gold, 1 gold = 0,2 sheep meat
    1 gunpowder = 2 TNT, 1 TNT = 0,5 gunpowder
    1 TNT = 10 gold, 1 gold = 0,1 TNT
    1 coal = 3 gold, 1 gold = 0,34 coal
    1 coffee = 0,32 gold, 1 gold = 2,3 coffee

    Rennesaince resources:

    1 paper = 1,5 gold, 1 gold = 0,67 paper
    1 book = 3 gold, 1 gold = 0,34 book

    Resources are found:

    Gold & TNT: S-Caves (Gold is also found in the two overground caves)
    Silver, rock, brick, sand & coal: Underground tradecaves
    Plank & log: Trees
    Glass: Made of sand in a factory, factories need coal to run.
    Sand: Found on every single isle
    Red, yellow, blue & purple cloth: Made of wool in textile factories
    Wool: Found on sheep, which is found on every isle that import it.
    Sheep: Import ware.
    Sheep meat: Found on sheep. Kills a sheep to make 1'000 sheep meat.
    Sheep food: Small trees, same as coffee is made of.
    Gunpowder: Found in TNT-Caves.
    TNT: Made of gunpowder in special made factiories.
    Coffee: Made of the small trees.
    Paper: Made of logs.
    Books: Made of paper.

    NOTE: You can sell resources for whatever price you demand, but if you go higher than this, it's not smart to buy it, unless it is rare.


    You will recieve an isle of your own (If you are let out), where you can build whatever you want, AS LONG AS IT IS NOT FUTURIC.

    UPDATE: Rennesaince upgrade! Everyone got new buildings to make! Yippe-ki-yay or whatever! :biggrin.gif:

    UPDATE!!!!! Now the server has got a fully functioning system where the resources is raised by Jørgen at the end of the day, each day!


    Gold: 1'000 (12% taxes each day)
    TNT: 1'000 (1'234 raise each day)

    This system depends on how big your caves are, how many you own etc.


    List over buildings and their functions:

    Warehouse: Lets you store your wares from thieves. If wares arent stored in a warehouse, anyone can steal them

    Town Hall: Lets you open diplomatic connections to other nations. (for example trading)

    City Hall: Upgrade from Town Hall. Lets you join an alliance or go to war.

    Flag: Without it, anybody can claim your isle.

    Road: Bigger income.

    Houses: Inhabitants are important. Also, it looks kewl!

    Bank: Store your money, even if you are in war!

    Cloth factory: Needs coal to run. 1 coal = 2 clothes.

    TNT factory: Needs coal to run. 1 coal = 1 TNT.

    OP Factory Uber Special: OPs only. Makes anything you want except TNT, 1 coal = 10 resources.

    Towers: If you are in war, those come handy. In war, all towers on an island will have to be destroyed before the person can go berserk on your buildings!

    Churches: Higher taxes. Also makes more people join your country!

    Paper factory: Makes 10 paper of 1 coal.

    Book factory: Makes 1 book out of 5 paper.

    Barracks: Trains soldiers for conquest or defense.


    Soldiers are used for conquest.

    When you occupy another isle or state, you will have to send the soldiers with boats or bridges.

    When and if two enemy armies clash together, the owner of each army will have to strike.

    The first person that griefs down the enemy army wins.


    Jorgen will give you a mine when you ask for it the first time. After that, you should find others yourself to raise the profit.


    1 gold cave = 100'000 gold a day.
    3 gold caves = 300'000 gold a day.

    These mines extract themselves.

    Then, at last, here's my server URL; http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp?serve ... 9c235ecac1

    Please enjoy :smile.gif:

    PS: Please comment this and give me advices on how to improve the rules. Thank you! :smile.gif:


    MOST TRUSTED USERS: (Past 200 points: Operator)

    SSpus, unlimited points

    790p: Wolf359

    551p: Snakeruler

    493p: Arxx

    488p: Ether (S3R9I032123)

    457p: Luke2177

    422p: Netherdrake

    409p: Dagger

    400p: Olkzz

    398p: Earner14

    309p: Delmonte

    277p: Teri67890

    196p: G_man09

    177p: Pontusedberg

    165p: Arkhel

    155p: JC8

    154p: Rxss
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    I fixed it...

    But -

    When i get to the connecting screen, it says


    It stays there for half a minute.
    Then, it turns black for 5 seconds, and after that it says connection is lost.

    Any ideas?
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    Do i need to set two protocols?
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    I am the guy who tries to setup the server.

    I know i got it all, the server is on the server list and everything.
    I just cant connect, and it looks like nobody else can either.

    So why cant anyone else connect too? My firewall is off, my antivirus programs are off, my port-forward is success as i checked it twice, I just cant figure it out.
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