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    posted a message on worldedit replace command stairs problem
    Im busy with quite a big project but I wanted to change the materials I was working with, for normal blocks it was no problem, I used the replace command from worldedit. But my project also contains alot of stairs, but if you use the replace command, the new stairs are all facing the same direction.

    Is there a way to replace these stairs/change the material of them so that the direction stays as it was? Or do I have to replace them all manually?
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    posted a message on Failed Breeding System
    It would be nice if the animals could really graze, so that the grass would dissappear. So if you got a lot of animals in a tiny space you need to move them from time to time.
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    posted a message on WorldPainter v2.4.3 - graphical & interactive map creator/generator
    This program is exactly what is was looking for.
    I need to create huge mountains for my project, and with things like mcedit or worldedit it would take ages, with this its only a few clicks.
    Thank you, great program.

    Edit: here's a mountainlake I created with this program:

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    posted a message on [WIP] Hogwarts


    exterior castle : 95%
    interior castle : 10%
    landscaping : 50%
    hogwarts grounds (quidditch field, hagrid's hut) : 0%
    hogsmeade : 0%
    hogwarts express : 0%
    hogwarts mod : 0% (waiting for mod API)



    in construction: landscaping

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