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    posted a message on LAN not working right
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    posted a message on LAN not working right
    * I've tried this on different versions of minecraft, modpacks, etc. and get the same result. *

    Whenever I try to connect to a LAN network with my sister, it is using my Hamachi IP address by default, which is over complicating things and causing her to not be able to detect the server.

    Is there any way to fix this?
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    posted a message on Looking for a FTB server
    I'm looking for a small, perhaps whitelisted Feed The Beast server. The modpack doesn't matter, any of the FTB/Direwolf20 packs are fine by me

    I would prefer the server be 24/7, against PVP and friendly/mature. These aren't required, but it appeals to me more.

    If you have a server like this, or know about one, please let me know.

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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla Minecraft Server (whitelist)
    IGN: JonZeEpic

    Skype: Jonathanshepp

    Name: (First) Jonathan

    How often will you be on the server?: Regularly

    Age: 14

    How long have you played Minecraft?: 1-2 years

    Why should I let you on the server?: I honestly have no argument to persuade you that my existence will be beneficial, but I've been looking for a white listed mature and friendly community to play in without the disruptions of a massive server

    Are you Funny or Awesome?: Funny I guess.
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    posted a message on [DELETED]
    1.Name Jonathan
    2.IGN JonZeEpic
    3.Have you ever been banned? No.
    4.What do you love about Minecraft? The freedom of your creativity to create whatever you want in the immerse RPG-like world. When I found out about MC, I fell in love.
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    posted a message on MineThrall - MindCrack like server
    Age: 14, 15 in two months.
    Skype (not required): Jonathanshepp
    Favourite mindcracker: Pyro_0
    Why do you want to join? I've been looking for a small community like this to join in, I enjoy these much more than large servers
    Do you fully understand the rules of mindcrack: Yes.
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    posted a message on FancyBluCraft - [100% Vanilla] [Mature 24/7] [13w41b] Small Community
    IGN: JonZeEpic
    Age: 14, 15 in December.
    How long have you played minecraft? About a year on PC, since release on the xbox 360.
    Are you stupid: No.
    Why do you want to join: I've recently taken the liberty to find myself a friendly, mature server where I can settle down and play Minecraft with others.
    Will you play actively: As often as I possibly can.
    Will you contribute (Example: I will build a plot in spawn to contribute to the community): Yes.
    Do you plan on staying here for a while? Or just griefing like the mean person you are if you are a griefer: I plan to stay for a while.
    Building skill (Include screenshots and or videos): I have no pictures of creation; if I need to take pictures please let me know
    Redstone skill (Include screenshots and or videos): Same response as building.
    Will you be mature always: Yes.
    What's your favorite icecream color: Color? Brown since Chocolate is my favorite flavor.
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    posted a message on Massive FPS drops with the MC 1.6.2 Launcher
    This is a problem I experienced with my previous launcher for 1.5.2, and has continued over to the new launcher.

    Whenever I open the Minecraft launcher, the FPS on my PC drops to about 2, and the task manager says it's taking up 100% of my disk. I'll have a picture supplied at the end of this post.

    I've tried updating Java, and updating my Drivers, yet neither have fixed the problem.

    I'm running a Windows 8 64 bit PC, Acer Aspire with 8 GB of RAM, Intel Core i5 processor, and 750 GB harddrive. I'm also running the Intel HD Graphics 4000 video card.

    Here's a picture of the task manager whenever I open Minecraft:
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    posted a message on Mind Crack like Server ~ZukoCraft~ Pure Vanilla *White-listed Server*
    -IGN: JonZeEpic
    -Skype: Jonathanshepp
    -Your Ups(Things your good at): Building/redstone
    -Your Downs(Things your not good at): PvP
    -Why you should be whitelisted: I'm looking for a community, white listed server similar to Mindcrack, where I can play Minecraft with a bunch of other awesome people, perhaps start a Let's Play series on my YouTube channel, and become a dedicated member.
    -Have you ever been banned: No, I have not.
    -Male or Female: Male
    -What would you bring to the server: I would be a dedicated member of the community, trying to be on as often as I possibly can, and I'd probably be willing to help people with anything in particular that is required.
    -Age: 14. DoB is December 26th, 1998 if it counts.
    -How would you benefit to the server: I'm not sure how my presence would be beneficial to the server, but I am friendly, willing, and a dedicated player, so I certainly wouldn't be a problem. I could assist with various things, just ask me. I may or may not know the answer, I have a really varied knowledge.

    If you accept me, either reply to this thread, message me on MC forums, or get in touch with skype. I'll have this topic followed
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    posted a message on Internal Server Error?
    So, I've been working on this bukkit server of mine, unsuccessfully as you can tell by me needing to request help in a forum, and, I am trying to connect to my server to test it, yet I am getting a screen saying "Internal Server Error"

    I have the following plugins installed:
    • Essentials
    • Buycraft
    • AutoMessage
    • ChestShop
    • PermissionsEx [With chatmanager and Modifyworld]
    • Factions
    • iConomy
    • Towny
    • Votifier
    • Vault
    • LWC
    • WorldGuard
    Some important things...
    PermissionsEx Permissions File: http://pastebin.com/sDvJjw3M
    Server Log: http://pastebin.com/qmk4X1sV

    Any and all help is appreciated greatly!

    - Jonman11
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    posted a message on Need more peeps for my lets play series!
    My IGN is JonZeEpic
    I do have hamachi
    I can indeed play minecraft without lag, but it all depends on your server and your internet connection if I'll be able to play THAT without lag
    I have a microphone and can record my screen as well
    I have a skype account, Jonathanshepp

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    posted a message on Looking for 2 Good Tekkit-Lite Partners..!
    I am 14 years old, I do have hamachi which is useful, I am a male, my Minecraft in-game-name is JonZeEpic, and I've been looking around for some people to do this with, and you seem like a suitable partner.

    I have experience with modpacks, and it would be pretty fun to get to play one in a Youtube series with someone!

    My opinion on tekkit lite is, that, I think it is much better than classic since EE2 has been removed making it more work to get your basics, which involves more gameplay.

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    posted a message on Looking for 5-10 players/actors for my new concept server
    I'll apply. I'm 14, mature, and easy going, and this seems like a very interesting project.

    I'll be in touch via skype ASAP, alright?
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    posted a message on Streaming/Youtube series Partner Available
    Thanks, chaos, I'll wait a little bit, see who else replies, but in 24 hours, if your still the best application, I'll select you. I'll be in contact with you via the Minecraft forums!
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    posted a message on Streaming/Youtube series Partner Available
    Hello there youtube video creators, livestreams, and Minecraft players!

    My name is Jonathan, and I am not requesting a partner for a series I have planned, but, I am putting myself up for hire. Well, technically not for hire, since I'll work for free, but, I'm open to do any series/livestreams.

    If required, here is some basic information about myself and my equipment.

    IGN: JonZeEpic
    Name: Jonathan Sheppard
    Age: 14 1/2
    Location: Eastern Canada
    Building Skills: I'm an excellent builder.
    Redstone Skills: I know some redstone wiring gates, but nothing capable of making anything drastic
    Mic? Yes, I have a microphon
    Webcam? Yes, I have a webcam
    - Minecraftforums messaging
    - Jonathanshepp on skype
    - @JonathanShepprd on twitter
    - [email protected]
    Other info:
    - Able to record my screen
    - Able to stream my screen
    - I have a youtube channel, but will gladly use yours, too
    - Able to record voice clearly
    - Able to create a server, but will gladly use yours, too
    - Able to install plugins, but will gladly let you do it, too
    - Able to go on all modpacks with the ability to use any texturepack required

    Please reply to this thread if you would like me to help you in any series/streams.

    I'll only select one person to work with, as I am not able to handle multiple jobs.

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