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    posted a message on EXTREMELY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER | Taking full staff team in recruitment! anyone can join! | Admins, Head-admin, Moderators etc.










    Manager/Team Manager/Head Admin


    You should chose me for a couple reasons. First i have plenty of experience with staffing. I have been almost every rank from helper to project manager/operations manager to co owner. Throughout my time as a staff member i have learned many valuable skills and lessons. Second, i work well with essentially anyone. I do not discriminate against anyone and therefore i'm able to work with anyone who i may come into contact with. Third, throughout my time being staff i have created a multitude of documents, templates, and methods to make servers better. Finally, I'm an eagle scout. I have gone through the entire program and have learned many valuable skills along the way.


    Items with a * indicate ran by the same owner

    Sadcoftb-Highest Rank: Moderator-Server not around anymore: Duties involved: Moderating Duties

    Drake Guilds-Highest Rank: Website Developer (Enjin)-Server not around anymore: Duties involved: Updating and creating the server’s website, moderating the website, ensuring the website is up to date.

    *RessianceMc- Highest Rank: Operations and Project Manager- server discontinued

    *Mafiancraft-Highest Rank: Operations and Project Manager-Server discontinued Project Homebound-Highest Rank: Project Manager- Server Discontinued: Duties Involved: Overseeing management team, overseeing staff manager, Revising and updating network wide and public docs, Monitoring staff interviews, keeping detailed notes on staff team activities, providing direct reports to network ownership and other duties assigned

    Fallenflame-Highest Rank: Co-Owner-Server Discontinued

    (Unturned) OGN Citylife-Highest Rank: Director: Server inactive: Created webpage for server which is no longer used. If you would like to see this website, please message me.

    Thank you for your time.

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    posted a message on FTB Beyond Modpack // looking for 5 people for 3 teams, 2 people per teams!

    Minecraft IGN: jonharn[/b]

    Age: 19[/b]

    Playing modded Minecraft for how many years: 3-4 +/- basically since 1.6.4[/b]

    What are you good at? Tech mods, redstone, building etc?: Tech mods [/b]

    Why do you want to join?: Looking to play Modded minecraft with people[/b]

    Discord Tag: jonharn#0468[/b]

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    posted a message on Staff/Builders wanted for Tekkit Server



    Real Name (Optional)?





    United States

    Good with Config Files/Plugins?

    I have done some backend things within servers but not as much. I do know the basics and would be willing to learn if needed.


    no not really


    I am able to be on every day for quite a few hours per day as its the summer. However please keep in mind that I am helping out at a theater so my schedule is somewhat weird during the week

    Why should i Hire you?

    I have lots of experience regarding staff related things. I have been basically every rank from helper to moderator to website developer to even co-owner. I also have tons of experience with modded Minecraft as that is basically all I play. I also have a lot of ideas that could be implemented within the server to make it unique

    The Role your applying for? I would be willing to take whatever rank you wanted to offer me

    Discord or Skype?

    jonharn#0468 ( i don't use skype)

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    posted a message on Unholy Trinity [Modded] [War!] [ICBM classic] [Whitelist] {Pvp}

    How old are you?


    Have you played a whitelisted server before?

    Yes multiple times

    Have you played a modpack before?

    Yes modded minecraft is basically all i do

    Can your computer handle 50+ mods?


    How long have you played minecraft?

    5+ years

    What is your Minecraft username?


    What is your discord name and tag number?


    Why should we accept you?

    Because i'm looking for a server to just play on just for fun and i'm very very very good at modded Minecraft as that is basically all i do

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    posted a message on Small Communal Direwolf Modded Server (Beginner Friendly)

    I'd be interested in playing. I'm pretty experienced with modded Minecraft in general but primarily tech mods.

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    posted a message on New Factions server looking for Staff, Builders and Developers!

    In Game Username: jonharn

    Desired Position: (enjin) website Developer

    Minecraft Experience:

    Jonharn’s Portfolio/Servers worked for

    https://coolercraft.enjin.com/ (Web Developer)

    https://destilemc.enjin.com/ (Web Developer)

    https://apexpvpfactions.enjin.com/ (Web Developer)

    http://www.snapanation.us/ (Web Developer)

    https://dark-rune.enjin.com/ (Web Developer)

    http://drake-guilds.enjin.com/ (Web Developer)

    https://indexpvpforums.enjin.com/ (Web Developer)

    Haptic Network: Developer

    Age: 18

    Discord: jonharn#0468

    Specific abilities:

    website functionality, website permission, support ticket system, truthworthy

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    posted a message on Dynocraft Network | Opening Staff Applications | Skyblock | 24/7 | Family Friendly

    Seems like a very professional server. I like what i see

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    posted a message on Unlinked Server [1.7.10] [Whitelist] [Revenge Of The C-Team] [24/7]

    IGN: jonharn
    Skype: jonharn
    Reason for wanting to join: wanting to record/stream on a whitelisted server and played on attack of the b team and liked it and am hoping that i will like this one too.

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