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    posted a message on MODDED - FoolCraft 3 Server! Join me fools!
    • Ingame name Jonharn
    • Discord name/tag jonharn#0468
    • Which modpacks have you previously played: Too many to list but some are foolcraft, infinity FTB, I also do.....train stuff
    • What suggestions do you have for me to do when opening this server


    • Are you, or would you be participating in starting up a community for minecraft players. (yes/no) Yes
    • Do you like pancakes? (elaberate)

    Yes i have them every day for breakfast when i'm at college

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    posted a message on Private Modded minecraft server

    Minecraft Username:


    Discord User


    Reason why you want to join:

    wanting to play modded Minecraft again and liked the idea of your server

    Age(Not required) 19

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    posted a message on Procraftinite Season 1! {Modded Server} {Version Unknown} {SMP}

    can i join

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    posted a message on CookeCraft [Modded] [SMP] [1.7.10] [Small-Community friendly server]




    I am currently in college studying information technology tech support emphasis. I enjoy playing Minecraft and have been for many years.

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    posted a message on An SMP Inspired By 'Fly Boys'

    i would be interested add me on discord jonharn#0468. I have seen the series

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    posted a message on Custom Modded Server Like Hermitcraft
    IGN: jonharn
    Age: 19
    Youtube(If you have one): N/A
    Why you want to join: I would like to get back into modded Minecraft again and I figured that this would be the best way.
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    posted a message on Looking for a lightly-modded server.

    I'm not sure of a good server but I'm also out looking for modded servers to join. I really enjoy doing modded and want a server to join and play on and just relax. Maybe we can team up or something. Add me on discord info in the signature. I'll keep you posted on any good servers I find

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    posted a message on Gingy's Space Astronomy 2 | Brand New | Modded | Whitelisted | Friendly Mature Community | Plugins |

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    [url=https://www.minecraftforum.net/members/Farmboybello2][img alt='Farmboybello2's avatar']https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/9bd7aa7b4ad08a8a59709049df44e270?d=http://media-minecraftforum.cursecdn.com/attachments/3/53/default_large.png&s=140[/img][/url]

    [*]Join Date: 8/9/2018
    [*]Posts: 1

    [p][u]Gingy's Space Astronomy 2[/u][/b][/p]
    [p]Gingy's Space Astronomy 2 is a new Minecraft server, being started with the Space Astronomy 2 modpack. The server does not have very many plugins but we do include some convenient plugins.[/p]
    [p]With that being said, here is some information about what the server will include...[/p]
    [p]- Nucleus (Essentials)[/p]
    [p]- Grief Prevention[/p]
    [p]- WorldEdit (Admin Only)[/p]
    [p]- LuckPerms (Admin Only)[/p]
    [p](These are the only planned add-ons/plugins for now, but if enough community members want another, so long as it is available for Sponge we can add it as well.)[/p]
    [p]If you have any questions, please feel free to ask down below, and if you are interested in joining the server, here are a few questions I have for you to see if you will fit our community. I will try to post all responses ASAP. Thanks! [img alt=':)']https://media-minecraftforum.cursecdn.com/avatars/0/14/635356669596273706.png[/img][/p]
    [p]IGN:[/p] jonharn
    [p]Age:[/p] 19 (Birthday was yesterday)
    [p]Discord name/number (If available):[/p] jonharn#0468
    [p]Why are you interested in our server?:[/p] Was watching direwolf20 doing space thing in modern skyblocks 2 and wanted to do space things again so yea.
    [p]What can you contribute to the community?:[/p] I'm good at tech things as that's basically all i do.
    [p]Any additional information that you would like to add:[/p]
    List tags are malformed.
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    posted a message on Looking for mature (18 years or older) players willing to be part of a small community on my Foolcraft 3 server







    When did you start playing Minecraft?:

    Like 5 years ago

    What do you enjoy about Minecraft in general?:

    I mainly play modded Minecraft and I enjoy doing more techey aspects of the game

    How much experience do you have playing modded (previous modpacks, etc.)?:

    I basically only play modded Minecraft and have played a lot of modpacks

    What do you feel you'll bring to the community?:

    I can bring ideas for a spawn town. I've been watching iskall's series and so i have a few ideas about what we could do (i was thinking about maybe being the "government" for the server like they have on the actual foolcraft).

    What aspect of modded do you like the most (exploration, magic, tech, etc.)?:
    I like tech aspects of modded Minecraft especially automation

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    posted a message on Unholy Trinity [Modded] [War!] [ICBM classic] [Whitelist] {Pvp}

    How old are you?


    Have you played a whitelisted server before?

    Yes multiple times

    Have you played a modpack before?

    Yes modded minecraft is basically all i do

    Can your computer handle 50+ mods?


    How long have you played minecraft?

    5+ years

    What is your Minecraft username?


    What is your discord name and tag number?


    Why should we accept you?

    Because i'm looking for a server to just play on just for fun and i'm very very very good at modded Minecraft as that is basically all i do

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    posted a message on i need some help about having a modded server


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    posted a message on Project Y | Modded 1.12.2 | Whitelisted | Dedicated Hosting | 24/7 | Friendly Community

    1. Minecraft Username:
    2. Timezone:
    3: How active are you:
    Will probably be on every day
    4. Reason(s) why you want to join:
    Wanting to play modded Minecraft with other people. Might stream or record.
    5. Were you a part of any other community servers?:
    6. Any extra information:
    I'm 18 and have a cat (Ali)

    Discord Username jonharn#0468
    7. Will you donate at all:

    Probably not

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    posted a message on snapanations has now released (beta) and looking for Beta-Testers, Helpers, Moderators, Admins

    Snapanations is now looking for Beta testers helpers, moderators and admins to join its team. We are officially releasing the BETA version of the server TODAY right now. Come on down and apply. We have factions and skywars. To join fill out a simple beta Application on our website https://www.snapanation.com. There you can apply for staff as well. Don't forget to join our discord https://discord.gg/jMwSTnz

    We look forward to seeing you there!!!!!

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    posted a message on New server - FTB/Direwolf 20 - Whitelist only


    18 years old

    Discord below

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