About Me

I have been playing Minecraft for around 4-5 years.

I'm an eagle scout, do lighting for school shows

Previous and current positions

Sadcoftb- Moderator ( Server does not exist anymore)

Drake guilds- Website Developer/Server administration ( Server does not exist anymore)

Unknowngalaxies/snapanation Website Developer/Server administration

Samples of my work

Drakeguilds: (Free plan, not maintained) ( Server does not exist anymore)

UnknownGalaxies (Free plan, Website not maintained due to name switch)

Snapanation Server is on hold- (Co-Owner)

Mafiancraft- Staff Manager

Sr. Mod --> Head Manager --> Co-Owner on renissancemc-->Operaitons Manager



Stage Crew


Eagle scout

Location Somewhere on the earth

Profile Information

Minecraft jonharn Steam jonharn2

Contact Methods

Website URL Discord: Jonharn#0468