About Me

Need Help on:

1.) Create mods and programming

2.) How to publicly publish websites (I know stuffs like server sides but not publishing them)

My skills:

1.) Web design

2.) HTML

3.) Javascript

4.) PHP

5.) Creating programming languages

6.) Poetry


I like creating programming language and right now I am creating an HTML plugin, kind of like BootStrap almost but I am making it better than that like adding new tags and stuffs but I also love making things in minecraft, I mainly like enhancing things other people made, I am learning a lot more like I am actually learning how to make organic builds from one of them I am enhancing right now.

Location USA-Pennslvania

Profile Information

Minecraft jonathanpecany Xbox jonathanpecany PSN N/A Steam jonathanpecany100

Contact Methods

Website URL Skype N/A