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    posted a message on Peaceful Mob Drops


    I don't know if anyone has this problem. The forum is host to a lot of adults. But here- My thought process:

    I think we need a way for people who play on peaceful to get mob drops. The difficulty limits an entire area of the game, due to the fact that without blazes, you can't get blaze rods. Without creepers, gunpowder either has to be traded for or found in chests. Arrows are difficult to create unless you make a chicken farm, and younger kids are mostly the people who play on peaceful. (They may not be able to make a good chicken farm and constantly breed chickens.) In fact, it's really difficult to access the end. While you CAN, it'll take a long time to find enough ender eyes. Blaze powder cannot be found in chests, so you can't craft it. This means the wonders of the end (structures, chorus) are off-limits for a long time.

    There has to be a way to solve this. To this end, new recipes!

    The recipe takes a block of valuable material, with 3 redstone. Diamond gives 2 blaze rods. Gold gives 2 ender pearls. Emerald gives 4 magma cream. Iron is different. With different other materials in different combinations, iron gives different drops.

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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Mercenary

    Utter Destruction:

    Requirements- Have a single chest of valuable material. (Not including coal but including rare items like records.)

    Mission: Time to exploit the world for profit. Terraform the land. No trees except in a small tree farm. Tear down nature and use its resources. The final mission, after ender dragon and wither and beacons and everything.

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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!


    My god. This is going to be a long thread.

    Are you sure the count is right? We have an extra reply somewhere in our 1510 pages.

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    posted a message on Shield walls!

    Seems like it would work well for PVP. Just got out of a game on the Overcast server. Took an hour of the same game till I quit.

    Some people built a 5-6 block wide bridge in the center. The number of people on it...

    At one point, two people (in front of me and a group of people firing bows) shielded. Three or four arrows heading toward us were immediately intercepted. If we could organize people to do so on the sides, and have everyone slowly walk forward, we could have dealt a lot of damage. I mean, everything else was fairly organized. People were rushing in groups and building bridges below the main one and making an underground base in the perfect position to intercept tunnels (I found that out the hard way.)

    So yeah. It seems like it could be effective against arrows. Someone needs to get a bunch of friends and organize this on overcast.

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    posted a message on Now that I've FINALLY found some diamonds...
    Quote from Charlito153»

    Smite is also good, but only against the undead, so avoid unless you have major zombie problems.

    I anviled an entirely different sword to use against the Wither, and it worked well. Each level of Smite gives twice that of each level of Sharpness. (2.5 vs 1.25.)

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    posted a message on So I totally wasted 4 stacks of iron...
    Quote from Blockman25»

    I accidentally made 64 iron trapdoors instead of iron blocks... What can I use these for?

    Try a parkour course. Since they only activate and deactivate with redstone, make the walls redstone blocks or something and put these on it. Players cannot right-click them to make it easier and make them horizontal again.

    And my sister isn't very good. She did something like this attempting to make an iron sword. Her inventory filled, and it was empty at the time. We had four stacks of iron and it depleted by quite a bit. This was on a server where we share our resources.

    She later did the same thing with diamond boots, though we got permission to delete the boots and get our diamonds back.

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    posted a message on Server Monetisation EULA Questions

    I noticed this too. Nobody appears to be following these rules though... at all.

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    posted a message on HOW DO I GET AN END PORTAL BLOCK?

    The new ID system just means they have a different way of classifying it. You can still get them.

    Use minecraft:end_portal instead of the number ID. You can use /setblock.

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    It's "Enderman" not "Undermine". You could have a problem with the tag not being accepted :D

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    posted a message on Blocks with no drop
    Quote from lukahna»

    throw a redstone clock on that command block so that the command is run at regular intervals (I would personally not clock this any faster than once every second or so, but your needs may dictate something else).

    You need to have it as fast as possible so they never see the item when doing the map or whatever. Look up a /fill clock.

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    posted a message on Infinitri "A Competetive PvP Bowgame"

    How many people does it need to have a good game?

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    posted a message on Need a way to get up/down a big hole

    Small youtuber made this.

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    posted a message on I need help, k?

    ahhhhhhh. Okkk. So now I can fix the graveyard defense game completely by myself. YAY. I am somewhat of a newb at command blocks :P

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