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    posted a message on Change the audio format from .fsb to .ogg for resource packs

    I've been having the same problem, but my best effort on google only lead me here.

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    posted a message on Old Combat Fans v.s. New Combat Fans: Who's actually the majority? (im bad with titles leave me alone)

    I've been playing minecraft off and on since the halloween update (now I'm feeling old seeing as that was in 2010 XD). I have to say, I prefer the simpler combat that was in 1.8 and earlier, if for no other reason than that it's what I'm most familiar with. The combat changes and just general content bloat is actually a large part of why I took a break from minecraft shortly after the 1.9 update.

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    I'm not super knowlegable about command blocks, or their limitations, but I remember that for a while some of the status effects (jump, slow, stuff like that) had no in game effect, but could still be applied as a status effect. That may have changed since the last time I played, as I'm a few versions behind. I was just thinking it might be possible to use a status effect as a countdown timer for when an ability is ready, if it doesn't already have any active effect.

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    posted a message on Displaying Cooldowns

    Are there any unused placeholder status effects you could repurpose?

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    posted a message on WARRIORS!!! ARCHERS!!! MAGES!!! ROGUES!!!

    Making this as a command block 'vanilla mod' seems like you're doing things the hard way, have you considered making a plugin or mod to acomplish these same tasks?

    If you're still in the design phase it's not super important, but depending on which one you go with it may limit which options you can impliment.

    While you have a really cool concept, I would try to limit it to the very minimum required to convey the idea you are going for, just to make it more feasable and realistic.

    For example, with your Rouge and Mage classes, mages have 8 abilities, while rouges only have 4, meaning that already things are unbalanced in favor of mages.

    Now, this is just my opinion based on what you've said so far, but I would say that giving each class two passive effects, and two active effects would be a way more balanced way to design this. Looking at two of my favorite indie games that have classes(Hammerwatch, and Risk of Rain) Each character only has 4 abilities each, with hammerwatch having only two available at start. This makes it easier to balance the classes, and easier to keep the project in check, as no one class will be too much more difficult to develop.

    Here's my interpretation of the classes you gave and what passive and active abilities I would give them.

    - -Passive: Striking force: +1 damage (all melee attacks deal +1 damage)
    - -Passive: Weapon Master: 50% chance to not use durability when hitting enemies.
    - -Active: Power Strike: attacks have +1 knockback for 10 seconds. 10 second cooldown.
    - -Active: Speed Strike: attack speed increased slightly for 15 seconds. 10 second cooldown.


    - -Passive: Defender's Heart: Has 10 extra health (5 hearts)
    - -Passive: Swift Guard: When blocking move speed is increased
    - -Active: Sheild Bash: Knockback nearby enemies with a shield. 5s cooldown. (requires shield)
    - -Active: Defender's Iron Stance: Full health regen on activation, damage resistance, but movement is halved. (lasts 60 s, 60 s cooldown.)

    - -Passive: Miscount: 25% chance to not use an arrow when firing a bow.
    - -Passive: Precision: Arrow damage is +1
    - -Active: Sure Shot: Arrows flies straight for 30 seconds. 30 second cooldown
    - -Active: Explosive arrows: fire ghast fireballs instead of arrows for 5 seconds. 30 second cooldown.
    - -Passive: Leap of faith: Take less fall damage. Chance to take no fall damage.
    - -Passive: Super Jump: Jump hight increased
    - -Active: Dive Kick: Deal fall damage to your enemies on landing, take no fall damage.
    - -Active: Secret Shalk Technique: Deal 5 seconds of levitation effect on target hit with arrows. lasts 15 seconds, 30 second cooldown.

    - -Passive: Mana Siphon: gain small amounts of exp at all times.
    - -Passive: Take less damage from fire
    - -Active: Fireball: Cast a Ghast fireball. 2 second cooldown.
    - -Active: Ice Step: applies slow effect on a target

    - -Passive: Mana Siphon: gain small amounts of exp at all times.
    - -Passive: Healing energy: Minor regeneration effect.
    - -Active: Healing surge: Instantly gain an area effect healing throwing potion in your empty hotbar slot. 120s cooldown.
    - -Active: Cure all negative status effects from you and your target. 10 second cooldown

    -blade dancer
    - -Passive: Attack speed is doubled when dual weilding swords.
    - -Passive: Chance to not be hit by enemy attacks.
    - -Active: Hamstring: Slows enemy on strike for 10 seconds. 15 second cooldown.
    - -Active: Dark Blade Strike: Deal 1 wither damage per strike for 20 seconds. 35 second cooldown.

    -shadow walker
    - -Passive: speed: Haste effect, faster movement
    - -Passive: Woodlore: becomes invisible when on top of leaves
    - -Active: smoke screen: Gain an area effect blindness throwing potion. 120 second cooldown
    - -Active: Grapling hook: Lasts until used after activated: Swap places with an entity that you hit with a fishing hook. 10 second cooldown.

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    posted a message on Minecraft skill system using command blocks?

    I'm kind of curious about what would be involved in adding or porting a system from another game to minecraft. For example, if I wanted to add the same skills and attributes from TES3: Morrowind to minecraft, I'm sure this would be possible with modding or maybe even as a plugin. Mcmmo for example adds skills that can be leveled, but this is a plugin, and has fewer limitations than command blocks. I know that ANSSRPG is working on a customisable mod equivalent to mcmmo. So those are two examples of similar things done with plugins and mods.

    How difficult would it be to make a skill system with levelable skills, attributes, and useable abilities that is functional in multiplayer? I'm fairly certain it's possible, I'm mostly interested in knowing what limitations, drawbacks, and issues would somthing like that entail, compared to making a mod, or a plugin of the same nature. I've seen a number of rpg projects using command blocks, but I'm not super knowledgeable about what it takes to make one.

    I was thinking of asking this question on stack exchange, but I'm more interested in a discussion on this topic rather than just a direct answer, and this seems like the right place for that kind of discussion, so any information in that vein would be greatly appreciated.

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    posted a message on Displaying Cooldowns

    Could you use some kind of place holder item in their hotbar and have that represent the remaining cooldown for each ability or spell?

    I'm running out of ideas here, but I'm sure you'll find somthing suitable.

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    posted a message on Displaying Cooldowns

    I've seen servers that use a text overlay plugin for measuring various things (enemy health, magic points, etc), would you be able to use somthing like that?

    Alternatly, what about having a chat message listing the remaining cooldown?

    Have one message where it tells you the remaining cooldown right after using the ability, and another that tells you when it is ready to use again.

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    posted a message on Displaying Cooldowns

    I am by no means an expert, but all I can think of would be to re-purpose an existing bar, like sprint or exp.

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    posted a message on A Not So Simple RPG - Open Source Player Progression (Build your own RPG)

    Well, I'll give a few examples of systems I've seen that use both attributes and skills.

    The fallout SPECIAL system has strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck. Each of these impact your starting levels in skills that are derived from one of these attributes while also influencing your base stats (Health points, special points, etc.).

    TES3:Morrowind has a really cool system(link: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Skills). To paraphrase, it has seven attributes, 27 skills and three specializations. Depending on which ones you pick, the speed that your skills will level up, and which skills will increase your character level are set during character class selection(as well as creating a custom class.)

    One of the optional rulesets for D&D 2.5 had 6 attributes, each split into two sub catagories. Skills gain a modifier if their associated attribute, or sub attribute is above a certain level. They also determine a number of in game stats, such as health points, damage resistances, chance to hit modifiers, damage modifiers, just to name a few.

    Strength - (Muscle, Stamina)

    Dexterity - (Aim, Balance)

    Constitution - (Health, Fitness)

    Intelligence -(Reason, Knowledge)

    Wisdom - (Intuition, Willpower)
    Charisma - (Leadership, Appearance)

    Sorry for the wall of text there, just thought I'd give some neat examples of other systems that use attributes and skills.

    Now, what exactly is irc? I don't mean to sound like a total internet noob, but I'm not quite sure what that is...

    *edit* Nevermind, the infinite font of knowledge that is the Google search has revealed the answers to me.

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    posted a message on A Not So Simple RPG - Open Source Player Progression (Build your own RPG)

    Perfect! You gave an excellent and specific answer to a really vague and ambiguous question, that link to the wiki is just what I was looking for. I'll have to see about trying out what you have so far, this looks like it could be a fun project. My one minor complaint is that there are not as of yet any plans for being able to group specific skills under more generalized attributes... but I think you have some legitimate reasons for not wanting to take things in that direction. Would attributes be possible/feasible at some point?

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    posted a message on A Not So Simple RPG - Open Source Player Progression (Build your own RPG)

    Nice to see that progress is still being made on this project. (I've long since abandoned my own mod attempts XD) I've got a question for you, is there any way to get information about the mod without using one of the testing versions firsthand? I'm mostly asking because I'm lazy, and am looking to get more info before going to the effort of relearning how to install minecraft mods. Your youtube video had some useful information about what is capable through this mod at present, but I'm wondering what else is possible with future versions. Namely, aside from passive limitations on crafting, fighting and block breaking, what else will be possible with the skills, perks, classes, and levels?

    I have few suggestions based on what I would most like to see in this mod.

    (Specifically taking advantage of the various potion effects available)

    Constant effect potion buffs.

    Having a skill level grants a certain strength of potion effect as a passive/constant effect. Higher levels correspond to higher potion effects, either per level, or in stages every few levels of a skill.

    For example: Athletics gives a constant speed boost with speed potion effect. higher levels give a higher effect strength.

    Toggle passive potion commands.

    Same idea as above, but the effect can be toggled on or off with a command.

    For example: using the "/athletics" command will toggle the above example's passive running buff on or off, just in case you don't need it at a given time.

    Command based temporary potion buffs.

    Have a temporary potion effect on the player whenever they use a command. Maybe have a cooldown until the command can be used again.

    For example: using the "/acrobatics" command will give you a temporary jump boost via potion effects. It has a cooldown that is reduced as the level increases, and the effect intensity/durration increase accordingly.

    Special/Critical attack potion effects.

    Passive chance for a player to cause a potion effect on a creature or player when they attack it.

    For example: Poisoner skill gives you a chance to inflict a poison potion effect on a target when striking it. chance to take effect, effect strength, and effect durration increase with skill increase.

    Toggle critical effect command

    Same as above, but the effect can be toggled on or off.

    For example: Assassin skill has the "/Critical" command, when active you have a chance to inflict the harm potion effect on a target when striking them, but it can be disabled as using it on undead would be counter productive.

    Single use effect command.

    The next attack will cause a given potion effect to the target. Command cooldowns on this one would make sense.

    For example: the Slayer skill allows the use of the "/Slay undead" command, that causes your next strike to cause a healing potion effect on the target, which would cause damage to undead creatures, but would otherwise be useless in combat.

    I just thought I'd mention the whole idea about potion effects. That allows for a lot of versatility in what each skill is capable of.

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    posted a message on Different Nether Generation
    I'm no good at programming, so I'm sure I can't be of much use to you, but I wish you the best of luck in turning this idea into a good plugin/mod.
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    posted a message on ALL BUILDERS!!
    Ok, cool, just send me a message whenever your server is up and ready.
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    posted a message on Are you a good builder? [Then read this post]
    No problem, best of luck with your server :D
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