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    posted a message on 1.3.2 mods
    You cant just install them in as you would in 1.3
    you have to wait for the modmakers to update the mods first, don't worry the mobs shouldn't take too long to update.
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    posted a message on Shapeways Building Contest - Now With More Fabulous Prizes!
    I know nothing of WOW and I haven't got a chance at winning. I'M GONNA TRY THOUGH!
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    posted a message on [Surv] The One-Block Survivable
    The One-Block Survivable
    The epic sequel to everyone's favourite map!

    You loved the old one?
    But didn't find it everlasting?
    Or maybe you had better things to do?
    Well now you can PLAY the map!

    This map is a WIP so you may find bugs, if so please report them to me


    • Build yourself to the Islands
    • Making a Tree Farm
    • Making a Cactus Farm
    • Making a Mushroom Farm
    • Get a Wheat Farm
    • Make Yellow Wool
    • Make Red Wool
    • Make giant mushrooms
    • Get a Monster Trap -- shark sealimure
    • Make a House
      Suggest a challenge.
    • leave a like.
    • Give the map a go.
    • ALL challenges will be what you recommend

    Maybe you'd like the original?
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    posted a message on [Surv] The One-Block Survivable
    Quote from Jcjr

    *Cough* 20+ Block survival

    SSHHHHHH, Don't tell anyone!
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    posted a message on [surv] the One-Block survival
    There is going to be an update on your "favourite"
    survival map. soon after the 1.3 update the

    One-Block Survivable

    will be released.

    Sneaky pre-release (requires 1.3.1)

    • nethery stuff
    • endy stuff
    • enchanty stuff
    • brewy stuff
    • and alot more.

    One Block Survival
    the ULTIMATE endurance map

    So here it is! build, craft, maul and survive
    the download
    http://www.mediafire...n7gqb6xnnsynrp2 (non adfly) <----- do NOT download, the counter is busted D:
    http://www.mediafire...ppryxad6pnnnv1b (non adlfy) V2



    link busted?

    last 5 minutes
    last 2 hours
    pull off a successful sprint jump
    last 5 hours
    break the bedrock!


    NOTE: the downloads thing is busted restarting the count
    v1 broken counter...
    [x] 1
    [x] 5
    [x] 10
    [x] 25
    [x] 50
    [ ] 75
    [ ] 100!
    [ ] 150
    [ ] 250
    [ ] 500
    [ ] 750
    [ ] 1000
    V2 and counting
    [x] 1
    [x] 5
    [x] 10
    [x] 25
    [x] 50
    [x] 75
    [x] 150 - hudduh!
    [x] 250 - thank you everyone!
    [x] 500 - IOOIHOIGIOYEGI)I
    [ ] 750
    [ ] 1000

    THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! you deserve a cookie

    I made a siggy all by myself :3 cos i'm a big boy :3


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    posted a message on "...But I'm from Planet minecraft..." and other sad stories of those who try to get O.P.ed
    [random guy] *logs on*
    [random guy] oh hey, hows the server?
    [owner] its... good
    [random guy] Great! I was just wondering because I'm checking out how good YOU think your server is,
    [owner] yeah...
    [random guy] I'm here in the name of planet minecraft to review your server.
    [owner] mhmmm...
    [random guy] So could I please have OP to test out your features?

    "random guy" has been banned. reason : FUH COUGH
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    posted a message on Bugs we DON'T want fixed.
    personally I think it shuold be more like skyrim, the fun and useful bugs should stay, its like when you could put a basket on a shopkeeps head and loot all the stuff (in skyrim, not minecraft) the devs knew bout it but kept it in cause it was LOL

    P.S hi dinnerbone. you made vechs 10% eviller and I'm scared
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    posted a message on new free build server
    ign (not ing):jokeypokey
    why we should let you on the server: I love freebuiling and i can make some pretty awesome pixel arts and redstone crap
    no grievers will be aloud on the server
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