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    Hey all lads and lasses! I am working on a pirate themed world for some time and i could use some help.

    I need some suggestions regarding buildings, aesthetics, lore, anything.

    -The main island is supposed to be a captured colonial port now run by pirates:

    +Added a "slums" section where lowlife and scavengers live, small houses accesed only by boat, kitschy flags, homes build from ship parts, etc;

    +Added a sewer system aswell for vagrants and sneaking people underground the main land. I am still trying to connect it to all of the main buildings;

    +Added a few underground secrets;

    +Added taverns;

    +Added shipwrecks and shipyards;

    +Added farms;

    +Flags and decorations;

    +2 large bazaars;


    +2-3 large ships;

    +Warehouses, gravel + cobble roads

    +Added monuments

    +2-3 lighthouses (1 of which is based on a modern design, the classic red and yellow swirl pattern)

    -The adjacent island i am currently working on i am thinking turning it into a stronghold-prison-quarry thing where all the captured colonials/ pirates are forced to do labor. I also added a monument to my falled friend there. A large budgie scupture in the name of Lemmy.

    +Added guardposts and towers;(medieval wooden and stone ones)

    -Added a pirate hideout in form of an active volcano, with perilous bridges, hidden treasure and a secret cove behind the island.

    -Some outposts were built, all scattered across the map in different biomes. In the end, i'll try to focus on the less important parts such as weathering, abandoned stuff, small details, etc.

    -First i wanted to do a simple pirate themed world but then a friend of mine suggested it would be cool to add airships/ steampunk bits.

    A fantasy pirate world should do.

    Also, sorry for my english! I don't post very often... Everything helps and thanks in advance!

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    We need it up to date! Looks cool enough

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    posted a message on [WIP] Припять! Pripyat / Chernobyl 1:1 recreation.

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. vibes; loving it!

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    Imagine playing in harsh cold regions, walking through the dense snow while you are all covered in leather armor from top to bottom. :LA: You try to walk to your igloo and the snow starts to fall. :: You eventually make it and prepare yourself a meal on the campfire inside the igloo. :Soup: While the food cooks, you start fishing in a small 3x3 hole you digged nearby. I can't wait for the Powder Snow to be introduced as a block along with it's freezing mechanics! :snowgolem: by Tulaash

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    Nice to finally have some biomes in the nether and i especially love the soul torches/campfires/fires, you name it. You can now add some spooky lighting to the place :wub:

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    posted a message on [16x] Jolicraft ~ JOLICRAFT HD!!! (Bedrock only for now)

    Loving it so far! Used to play with it a few years back :wub:

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