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    Download Just Another Spawner. You can download any of those other mob mobs and use JAS to disable whatever mobs you don't want.

    You could maybe try Primitive Mobs. It adds about 10 or so mobs, each of which are very vanilla-like.

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    Hey guys,

    Modded minecraft is vast. There are literally dozens of magic mods, and while some accomplish similar feats, they do so in a very different way. Whether you decide to become a witch, or a thaumaturge you can be rest assured you'll be able to accomplish similar tasks as the tech gurus. However, while there are options out there for magic users, I feel like one of the important themes of magic has been glanced over.

    I'm talking about druidic powers and summoning. This particular type of magic isn't so much about gaining power, at least not directly. It's about summoning creatures to do your bidding and to let them do what they are good at, whether it's fishing or fighting. For example, a player can summon an otter and while that otter is out, the player will have a faster swimming speed. Or they can summon a dragon to aid in combat and use as a flying familiar. Or they can summon a giant ant that acts similarly to the OpenBlocks luggage (basically a portable chest).

    I've already begun work on modeling some of the mobs that will be featured in this mod however while I have an idea of what type of creatures I want the player to have access to, I'm not quite sure how the system should be as to how summoning should work. For example, I want players to be able to have the dragon but I want to have restrictions as to how fast they can get to these "endgame" familiars. And I don't want the process to be as simple as crafting. IE a player shouldn't be able to be able to summon a dragon after finding a diamond.

    So I was wondering what type of system you think would work for this particular type of mod. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Heck, even if you have an idea for a summoning familiar, I'd be glad to hear it.

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    Fantastic mod, and I love the fact that its practically 1/15th the file size of Journey, but Ive noticed while traveling in my world that it treats Mycelium as a green block which is odd. Not ssure if its an oversight?

    Also, are there any plans to add a world map to show parts already explored?
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