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    Aim of this mod would be to add another element of magic into minecraft that has yet to be touched in the form of summoning. Rather than the player gain powers through dark means or knowledge, the player would rely on nature to supply them with powers.

    Spirit Shards

    This mod would add only one new ore: the spirit shard ore. These are key ingredients used in creating the creatures in this mod.


    The dark denizens of Minecraft (zombie, skeleton, creeper) will now drop a new item, called a basic charm. These charms can be combined with ingots/diamonds to create other charms. These charms are used as ingredients in creating some of the creatures of this mod.

    Summoning Circles

    To be able to harness the essence of nature, summoning circles are needed. There would be 4 tiers of circles, each representing an element: earth, water, fire, and void. Earth circles are used for the most basic creatures while the void circles can be used to summon the most powerful creatures.

    The summoning circles are composed of a natural stone-type block with pillars and lightsources. The amount of ESSENCE the circle can collect is seperated into tiers. The math behind the maximum amount of essence a circle can collect is a bit complicated to explain in this post, but to sum it up:

    Earth Circle w/ torches - 1000 essence MAX

    Water Circle w/ lantern - 2250 essence MAX

    Fire altar w/ glowstone - 4800 essence MAX

    Void altar w/ beacon - 12000 essence MAX

    Summoning circles


    The main book of the mod. This bestiary is one of the most important tools as a summoner. It has information on all your unlocked creatures and their abilities. In the beginning, you will only have knowledge of very basic creatures like chickens and pigs but once you begin creating more creatures you can unlock more entries in the book.

    Summoning Level

    Tied to the amount of creatures you have "discovered' in your bestiary. You start off the game with a base level of 5 with no creatures discovered. A creature is discovered once you obtain the scroll to summon it. This scroll adds 1 to your total summoning level.

    Each creature you summon will have a base summoning level cost. For example, a Diamond Golem, when summoned, uses up 30 summoning levels. This means that you would need at least a minimum summoning level of 31 in order to summon it.

    In addition, a creature continues to use up your summoning levels the longer it is out. The rate your level drains is 1 point for every 5 minutes a creature is out. Once a player's summoning level reaches 0, the creature they have summoned will be dismissed.

    However, your summoning level can be recharged by shift-right-clicking an obelisk in your summoning circle or by consuming Potions of Summoning. However, any dismissed creature will not return.

    To put it in to perspective, a player in the beginning of the game would be able to have a summoned chicken for a half hour but can sustain that chicken for 8 hours if they manage to discover every creature in the bestiary. However, that same player who discovered every creature in the bestiary may only be able to sustain a Witherstorm for 1 hour due to the high Summoning Level cost of the creature.

    Summoning a Creature

    A creature typically needs at least three ingredients. One type of charm, ranging either from the basic charm to the more expensive diamond charm. A certain number of spirit shards. And a third random ingredient like an apple or feather that is related to the creature being summoned. Once these three ingredients are input into the summoning circle, the ritual takes place and the circle starts collecting ESSENCE. Once enough essence has been derived from the environment, the scroll to summon the creature appears.

    As stated above, discovering this scroll for the first time would add onto your summoning level.

    It should be worth noting that these creatures are not permanent. Once you use this scroll, it is used up. After this creature has been dismissed, you will need to do the ritual again with the same amount of ingredients in order to summon the creature a second time later. As a result, the initial cost of creatures is very low. Let's look at the iron golem cost: 1x iron charm, 30x spirit shards, 1x iron block. You're paying an iron block for a 100 hp bodyguard, albeit with the disclaimer that this bodyguard is only temporary.

    Hopefully this means that players experiment with the creatures they use and use it as a complementary aspect of their gear rather than a definitive aspect.



    While summoned, the player gains a woodcutting speed boost.


    While summoned, the player gains the ability to climb up blocks.


    While summoned, the player gains a speed boost while swimming

    Pack Snail

    While summoned, the creature can act as a portable chest that can store up to 9 slots.

    Pack Ant

    While summoned, this creature can act as a portable chest that can store up to 18 slots.


    Water Strider

    Can be used as a mount. Average speed but has the ability to walk over water

    Bloated Leech

    32 hp. deals 4 damage. Each hit has a 25% chance of recovering the player's hearts the same amount of damage it deals.

    Zenn Panda

    While summoned, the player gains the ability to jump even higher as well as negated fall damage.


    Golden Bomb

    While summoned, the mob will chase down your targets. It deals 80 damage with an explosion. The mob dies afterward.

    Drakefire Warship

    While summoned, all ranged attacks from the player behave with the explosive property. An arrow would distribute equal damage throughout the blast radius.

    Pack Camel

    While summoned, acts as a portable chest that can store up to 45 slots.


    While summoned, the player gains the glide property. This property is similar to a chicken falling, they can move faster horizontally while in the air than they can vertically


    Combat familiars. 60-80 hp. 8-10 damage.


    While summoned, the player gains a boost to their fishing level. The ibis offers the second highest boost, behind the granite lobster.


    Frost Worm

    While summoned, the frost worm collects ores up to diamond level. As in the player doesn't do anything and the frost worm "mines" randomly and gets ores.


    While summoned, the hawk collects and brings any arrows shot by the player back to the player. In addition, any creature hit by an arrow, regardless if it is a spectral arrow, would appear as if hit by a spectral arrow. The hawk's keen senses transfer to the player


    While summoned, the player gains 4 absorption. This number decreases dependant upon the number of heads the hydra has left (heads dependant on hydra's health). So at 25% hydra health, the player only gains 1 absorption.


    While summoned, can be used to mine out areas. Similar to a digital miner or quarry however not as fast or efficient.

    Grim Reaper

    while summoned, the player is immune to death. If the player sustains enough damage that they would decrease to 0 hearts, rather than dying, the Grim Reaper is killed and the player is healed to max health.


    Legendary summons are tier 4 summons, however they differ in that they do not follow the typical format of conventional summoning. Typically, all you need are ingredients and the unlocked bestiary entry to be able to get access to summon a creature. Legendary summons are so powerful that this progression had to be expanded upon. Legendary summons still follow that format, three main ingredients needed to get their scroll, however the teritary ingredient is something that cannot be found in the world.

    To be able to access legendary summons, a player must complete a ritual to "summon" (different definition of summon) the mob. Unlike other summons, this summon must first be defeated. When it is defeated, it will drop an item that is related to summoning its bestiary-version.


    BOSS CREATURE. Unlike lower tier summons, Witherstorm is a creature that can only be summoned after it has been defeated.

    Witherstorm shoots rays that work similarly to the shulker's levitate ability. If the player has been hit, the player floats into the air some some seconds before falling back down. This leaves the player vulnerable to any further Witherstorm attacks. In addition, players feel a constant gravitational pull toward the Wither.

    After defeating Witherstorm, the player can then summon him using the materials he dropped. Player-summoned Witherstorm is smaller than his boss variant and contains a fraction of the health but is still stronger than lower tier summons. Retains gravitational pull ability as a familiar.


    BOSS CREATURE. Unlike lower tier summons, Cthulu is a creature that can only be summoned after it has been defeated.

    Players looking at Cthulu for longer than 15 seconds are induced nausea. Every so often, Cthulu sends the player into another dimension where it must defeat the spawn of Cthulu before it is transported back to the normal realm to continue fighting Cthulu.

    After defeating Cthulu, the player can then summon him using the materials he dropped. Player-summoned Cthulu is smaller than his boss variant and contains a fraction of the health but is still stronger than lower tier summons. Retains nausea-inducing ability as a familiar.

    This is a project I've been working on, mostly been making mobs but as soon as I have the 100+ I'll get straight to coding, but I just wanted to pitch how it'd work before I get to the core. Comments and criticisms are welcome.

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    Tried looking around and couldn't really find anything. Could alter a mob's movement speed, the damage they do, their health among other attributes but couldn't see anything related to the rate at which they attack. Was hoping to mess around with some DPS variants.

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    Amazing. Did you model all the pokemobs? I'm making one mob a day and even then it seems like it's taking forever. I can't imagine having to model 400+ models 0.o

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    I'd love to make a mod that aims to add about 85 mobs (half are modeled already) however my question is this. Will having this many mobs make the game suffer from difficulty porting to later versions. I've only got involved in the community now so I'm not sure how drastic changes were in regards to mobs, but if mobs are essentially broken in every version change, I'd probably cut that number of mobs down to make it an easier time for ports.

    If somebody can answer itd be really appreciated.

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    What'll be the status of this mod when you take a break from modding? Will you hand this project over to somebody?

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    Quote from Sailing94»

    Looking at Carpenter's blocks right now, and am !00% positive that there are no Carpenter's slabs showing up in NEI.

    It's not a slab. It's called a collapsible block.
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    You can achieve a log slab with carpenter's blocks if you're willing to stick with 1.7.10

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    I like it. Maybe I could also utilize vanilla minecraft brewing to make Potion of Summoning to replenish summoning points.

    Also, just thought I'd share some of the mobs I've finished. I have about 7 others done besides these but they haven't been completely textured.

    But the attached mobs are:

    Bull Ant (Beast of Burden)

    Ibis (upgraded version of pelican)

    Golden Bomb (combat familiar that explodes. Explosion can 1HKO an enderman but beware not to get caught in the blast and also know this will end up killing the familiar)

    Zenn Panda (ability to double jump and negated fall damage)

    Bloated Leech (attacks done by the leech have a percentage chance of healing the player the same amount of hearts it deals in damage)

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    Download Just Another Spawner. You can download any of those other mob mobs and use JAS to disable whatever mobs you don't want.

    You could maybe try Primitive Mobs. It adds about 10 or so mobs, each of which are very vanilla-like.

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    Mr. Crayfish did a tutorial on modding minecraft 1.8. He goes over several subjects like the basics, mod class, custom items, mobs, item properties, and more.

    He has 9 parts, each of which are about 10-15 mins long you should be able to grab the basics

    EDIT: you can find it on youtube. just search up Mr. Crayfish modding or something of the like

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    Don't be sorry for writing too much. In fact, the more advice the better.

    And I am thinking about separating the summons to seperate categories. In fact, I have an idea of about 6 categories:

    Combat Familiars

    Think golems and dragons whose sole purpose is to aid in combat.

    Skill Boosting

    These familiars boost a certain trait of the players. For example, a tortoise would increase the player's defense and an otter will increase swim speed.

    Beast of Burden

    These familiars serve as the portable chest. The bull ant would fit in this category.


    These familiars do not fight but heal the player passively. A unicorn would fit in this category.


    These familiars generate a certain resource while they are summoned. A summoned pelican would randomly drop varying types of fish as if it had caught them.


    These familiars can be riden and serve as a means of transportation. Think of giant eagles and the like.

    Now of course some familiars can fit into more than one category. Like the dragon can be used as a fighter and mount but I want to abstain from having one creature being good at everything since I want players to make sacrifices when it comes to summoning. IE, no one creature beats everything. They will all have their uses.

    And I like the idea of capturable summons but I think I will need to use that idea sparingly. For the endgame familiars I have no problem having them be a summonable boss (akin to the wither), but I kind of don't want otters and pelicans plaguing up the world. I want familiars to kind of be rare and special.

    As for documentation, I plan on using a bestiary that kind of resembles thaumcraft's book, where a player unlocks new creatures. The book would also have a bio of the creature, kind of like a pokedex haha

    And I really like the idea of combining summons. It will fit the idea I have of having to discover certain types of creatures. Perhaps combining a chaos beast and a dragon would make a primal dragon. This encourages the player to mix and experiment with different types of combinations and discover new more powerful creatures.

    But I'm still not sure how to handle how long a summoned creature is out. Should they be able to die? For example, the weaker summons will only have about 10 hp so death might be inevitable. Will players need to summon them back? Should it be a temporary death where summons come back after a day or so? So many details I have yet to figure out :0

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    Is it possible to texture a mob to be transparent through Techne, or is that done through coding? And if so, how would I go about doing it.

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    Hey guys,

    Modded minecraft is vast. There are literally dozens of magic mods, and while some accomplish similar feats, they do so in a very different way. Whether you decide to become a witch, or a thaumaturge you can be rest assured you'll be able to accomplish similar tasks as the tech gurus. However, while there are options out there for magic users, I feel like one of the important themes of magic has been glanced over.

    I'm talking about druidic powers and summoning. This particular type of magic isn't so much about gaining power, at least not directly. It's about summoning creatures to do your bidding and to let them do what they are good at, whether it's fishing or fighting. For example, a player can summon an otter and while that otter is out, the player will have a faster swimming speed. Or they can summon a dragon to aid in combat and use as a flying familiar. Or they can summon a giant ant that acts similarly to the OpenBlocks luggage (basically a portable chest).

    I've already begun work on modeling some of the mobs that will be featured in this mod however while I have an idea of what type of creatures I want the player to have access to, I'm not quite sure how the system should be as to how summoning should work. For example, I want players to be able to have the dragon but I want to have restrictions as to how fast they can get to these "endgame" familiars. And I don't want the process to be as simple as crafting. IE a player shouldn't be able to be able to summon a dragon after finding a diamond.

    So I was wondering what type of system you think would work for this particular type of mod. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Heck, even if you have an idea for a summoning familiar, I'd be glad to hear it.

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    Fair enough. So I'm assuming that the reason mod blocks appear a different color than they actually are is due to the vanilla feel as well? Some biomes o plenty biomes appear an opposite color of what they actually are (some dry grass biomes appear as sandy deserts in the minimap). The inner OCD part of myself just freaks out whenever I see that haha

    Fair enough. I only ask because on servers it makes it easier to locate other players' homes or even makes it easier to meet up with players ala "you see that brown dungeon in the upper right corner, meet me there," kind of thing and that is something that is kind of hard to replicate with vanilla maps.
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    posted a message on Xaero's Minimap 1.20 Forge (+ Fabric | 1.19.4 | 1.18.2 | 1.17.1 | 1.16.5 | 1.15.2 | 1.14.4 | 1.12.2 and more)
    Fantastic mod, and I love the fact that its practically 1/15th the file size of Journey, but Ive noticed while traveling in my world that it treats Mycelium as a green block which is odd. Not ssure if its an oversight?

    Also, are there any plans to add a world map to show parts already explored?
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