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    This is a bug that has to do with cross-play between devices, its happened to me when I tried to join my friend on nintendo from my phone (iOS), and back in 1.15 I wasn't able to join XBOX from my PC, also the user, DaReaper_Lp has said that it might be your playing on the wrong version, but I'm guessing that isn't the case since you normally would have the error message, "Client Outdated!" or if your friends game was not updated, "Server Outdated!"

    I'm Guessing your only choice now is to wait for an update that might fix this.

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    Are connecting via LAN try connecting online without LAN, or try it vice versa.

    What I said before probably won't do much but its worth the try, but next Try unfriending and refriending the accounts used on the fire tabs, this seemed to work for me when this happened to me once.

    if none of this works try updating your network drivers, via Device Manager.

    Otherwise I have no idea what's causing the problem, could even be minecrafts problem with cross-platform, its caused me lots of problems before, I wasn't able to play cross platform from Windows 10 to Xbox One for quite a while due to it.

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    Sorry I didn't understand your question completely, but from what i'm guessing your problem is that you don't know which port minecraft bedrock runs on?

    bedrock servers only run through 2 ports 19132 and 19133. 19132 is for IPv4 and 19133 is for IPv6.

    make sure the rule you've added uses UDP protocol(don't allow TCP or ICMP) and opens either port 19132 or 19133(I suggest using 19132).

    join your server using your public ip with port 19132(after you've added the new rule) and see how it goes.

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    capes tab

    after looking online for a while looks like this is happening a lot, and most the time the tab comes back after a while. can't find a reason for this though.

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    Hey, so to check if your world is completely gone your gonna need to look through your local storage

    Sadly, Microsoft being as annoying as they are, removed the files app from Xbox, and now the only third party app that had access to local storage doesn't work either it also costs $3 in the Microsoft store. Microsoft had no reason to remove the original files app, but they did and now people on Minecraft Xbox cant check for corrupted files or add Addons, Texture Packs, Behavior Packs etc.

    if you end up finding a way to get into local storage you need to go through these files


    just a quick note threres not much you can do now if your world is already corrupted, your just gonna have to make backups before your game corrupts.

    once you get to this folder you should see worlds labeled like pu8hX+pfCgA= and other weird symbols, click on one and click levelname.txt(this is the worlds name) check if this is your worlds name, if not go back to /minecraftWorlds and look at another file with weird symbols. check levelname.txt so see if its yours if not repeat the process until you find your world. after this you now know your world is there its just you cant do much about it. on pc we have an option called "Restore previous versions" when you right click your world file. but not on xbox. if you have a backup anywhere you can copy and paste it into this folder.

    to get to the app data folder, you need to go through local storage, which most file apps don't allow you too, so for now im guessing their is no clear way to help you, if you have a corrupted file on Xbox.

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    1. ItsJoe12345

    2. Win 10 PC

    3. Nether Highways, and Huge Farms

    4. I Like to play on Realms and end up playing normally 3-4 hours a day ( due to my school closing from March 16 to March 30, because of the COVID-19 outbreak.) I can still play multiple hours on school days when my break is over and even more on weekends.

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