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    Let's see what I have...

    ACT I:

    I can see what you see not, but now I want to sleep.
    Intone with me, friend loneliness, and let the curtains weep.

    What has befallen here, I hardly whimper.
    Rancid stone and fields that never simper.
    Hands shaking, often not that I don't recall.
    Maybe one of those in order.
    Redyard, and harder than border.

    Harvest internal. Enter subdermal.

    Otherweres is not enough, even for this haven.
    I must be away from here, other thoughts all craven.

    But what comes may be redeeming.
    Yes, this must be dreaming.

    Utopian gray. Uranium bride.
    Dystopian spray. Eaten alive.

    I hold my breath entwined, for other, for home.
    Eyes closed internal. Nothing open.

    Take me away.
    Come and get me.

    There is no way to tell.


    "Hither, lowlith.
    Greenfound mothworld.

    Wanth thine capturin, sonne braintreethes?
    Annon nai innai.

    None moreso good, hither innai.
    Incubai, I garantee.
    Gladly complete, if not I see.

    Home is where we consume thee.

    Home, is Havalon."

    ACT II:

    Can I call forgone forgotten, wonder I that sun in tone.
    A place where they unbound and rotten carve the meat and throw the bone.
    Where overhead not short of murder nothing will remain. But I.




    NO MORE.


    ACT III:

    What offer do I make to silence such a question?
    A rifle run, here with my friends, their carnal mixed obession.
    You may speak of our dreams from now on.
    You may speak of Havalon.

    ACT IV:

    And when he falleth, hair and bone and little teeth,
    I hear the voice of branches, the under of the underneath.
    Full leaves and rain, the tounge of memories.


    "We are the oysters in musk dark sloth, lowlith.

    Joyous we roam the serpent's home,
    fervent in the morning, at dusk we sate.

    Home is together till ours souls departed.
    Home is Havalon.

    Where we consume thee."

    ACT V:

    By leglike trees, ladies of the sands.
    I see them better now, as blood on my hands.
    Little do they know. And so do I.

    ACT VI:

    So spoke the gibbering tree: Home is where we consume thee.
    The black oyster of dreams, Havalon of bountiful extremes.


    "My rivers bleeding, my fields are burning.
    Yet my world is turning.

    Life is but a dream I say,
    and revel in the dream's decay.

    This incubai, this cure for life,
    this never ending mannica of mine.

    Awaken, lowlith, and smell the burning roses."

    ACT VII:

    Once again I wonder how, but make no rhyme or reason.
    To falter is to die alone, and death alone is treason.


    And when it settles, the world in ravished green,
    I think of Havalon, of bountiful extremes.
    What was your answer? I can not tell.
    Death or dream of mine, farewell.

    Brother Braintree, I'm with you.
    Many times I've doubted too.
    But in the hour of shadows I
    will let my silence testify.

    To galaxies in grains of sand,
    flowers in a dead man's hand.
    To genious and idiots,
    and gods in everyone of us.

    You and me, my dear, dear friend.
    All of us, we dreameth on.
    But unless you want to meet your end,
    never sleep in Havalon.

    It's Braintree. This is interesting.
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    I thought I had some other window opened besides Minecraft, but I went into the files and found that they added a lot of new music.
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    Quote from dDuya

    When I first got the game, I tried to break blocks by continuously tapping my mouse.

    It took me so long before I discovered that you could just hold down the mouse button... Collecting iron ore was an absolute nightmare.
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    Good work. I would like to see things like these implemented.
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    It is a huge improvement. It reminds me a lot of the old terrain back in the early beta days, with the ridiculously frequent hills and gigantic overhangs. I've also noticed a lot of floating islands, too.
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    Quote from DreadMage

    Thanks! How far are you in EndWar by the way? I suggest finishing it before continuing with A World of Chaos.

    I actually started reading this before I knew about EndWar. However, I am halfway through EndWar now and I am enjoying it so far!
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    The prologue was very interesting. I'll give feedback on the rest of the story when I finish it.
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    This is very interesting so far.
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    Wow. That was sad, but a great story.
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    Wow. This is amazing! Although I died 5 or so times just trying to enter the dungeon (and probably dozens of times after that) I'm still going and enjoying the map!

    You have done an excellent job, and I hope you continue making maps similar to this one!
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    This looks very fun indeed. I'll download it now.
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    radioactive viking snowman
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    Wow. This seed is absolutely amazing. I never even thought it was possible for a stronghold to contain nothing but a portal room.
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    I would definitely have to say iron.
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    This idea would be perfect for deserts. As many people have probably noticed, deserts are filled with small lakes, and thus finding water in a desert is ridiculously easy. If they removed all of the tiny lakes and added this concept of a rare oasis, deserts would be greatly improved.

    You have my full support.
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