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    posted a message on XBOX 360 Minecraft: Must know before purchases
    I don't really see how anyone could have this problem, if you make informed decisions on what you buy, And for this purchase it would be so easy to know that all 2 out of 3 of your assumptions were wrong before you bought it. WHEN ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS READ THE WHAT IT SAYS ON THE XBL MARKETPLACE.
    co-op:(4 local/8 online)
    and then MULTIPLAYER: NONE (even if it didnt say this part you should know you cant connect to a multiplayer server just by if it saying 8 for max online co-op then using common sense you could deduce that you probably cant connect to a PC server since they can have as many people as you want on them. )

    (and how many games can you really play multiplayer cross platform anyways. i cant think of any right now?)

    And i dont see why we would be able to link it to our mincraft.net account, or WHY you would want to really

    Also of course the games were going to be different games its call MINECRAFT XBOX 360 EDITION

    "hmm guys do you think the Minecraft xbox 360 edition of the game will be different then the PC version."

    "no way man its not like it has a word in the title that implies it will be."

    here's the definition if EDITION if you didnt know:


    • A particular form or version of a published text: "a paperback edition".
    • A particular version of a text that has been created or revised from a substantially new setting of type:
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    posted a message on mc xbox 360 blows bigtime
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    posted a message on Block by Block
    IGN/Username: joelantz1994

    Experience: played since 1.7 beta, and have had my own free build server too

    Ever Been Kicked: No

    Why You are Good for the Task: i like to build Big

    Age: 18

    And Any pictures of Previous Creations or Works Can and Will help. Thanks!

    here's a recent thing i'v made

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    posted a message on [Adult] New creative map with themed areas. Older, small, friendly user base :)
    IGN (in-game name):joelantz1994
    RL Age:18
    What do you enjoy building in MC?:castles, cities, houses, pretty much any, and everything.
    What balance of "building on your own" vs. "building with others" are you seeking? Well i would say 60%-40% i like to build with people to bounce ideas around and stuff like that.
    What have you liked or not liked about other servers?:
    Did you lie about your age to see what old people are really like?: lol, yea how did you find out?
    Anything else we should know? (optional): maybe but i cant think of it right now.
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    posted a message on A use for charcoal.
    Activated Charcoal Cures

    Bought at your local pharmacy, activated charcoal is commonly used in emergency treatment for specific kinds of poisonings and drug overdoses to keep the poison from being absorbed from the stomach into the body. Charcoal is also used to cure gas/flatulence and help an upset stomach. A natural deodorant and disinfectant, Activated Charcoal is one of the finest absorptive and adsorptive agents known. Orally administered, these fine black granules have an amazing ability to extract and neutralize many more times their own weight in gases, heavy metals, toxins, poisons and other chemicals. Activated Charcoal is made by heating coconut shells in the absence of air. The partly burned shells are then granulated to a size that provides for optimum absorption. This vegetable form of carbon (an element found in all living matter), is completely safe for human consumption. Long recognized as being particularly helpful in providing relief for trapped gas in the lower intestine, physicians and regulatory agencies also acknowledge charcoal's cleansing properties. Known universally, it is used in hospital emergency rooms to neutralize drugs and poisons.

    Since 1813, when a chemist swallowed five grams of arsenic trioxide mixed with charcoal with no adverse effect, charcoal has been commonly used as a household remedy for accidental poisoning. Research has shown that one cubic inch of charcoal has the surface area equivalent to a 150,000-square-foot field! Thus a tiny amount of charcoal can hold adhere to a large number of molecules, ions, and atoms and absorb poison quickly.

    How it works:
    Activated charcoal keeps the poison from being absorbed from the stomach into the body.

    Charcoal is most successful if used within the first hour of swallowing poison. In severe poisoning cases, several doses of charcoal might be required. Ordinarily, activated charcoal should not be used to treat the ingestion of corrosive poisons (lye, acids, fuel oil, alcohols, et cetera). In the event of accidental poisoning, please call your doctor or area Poison Control Center before using activated charcoal. They will advise as to the use of charcoal after taking info on the the type of poison, allergies, and other medical problems.

    Warning: Charcoal can decrease your body's absorption of certain nutrients and also interfere with medications. Because of this, frequent use is not recommended. Activated charcoal may also cause abdominal pain or swelling. If this occurs, contact your doctor immediately -- it could be an indication of intestinal bleeding or blockage.
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    posted a message on Good Minecraft Computer?
    no probably not, if your gona get something that can run it on max settings for under 500$ you willprobably want to get a desktop.
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    posted a message on What makes you happy?
    drugs i mean wuuuuut.............
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    posted a message on Best Creeper At MineCon
    creepers gona creep
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    posted a message on The point of minecraft
    Some people just dont like a game where there isnt a linear story line, and you can just do whatever you want.
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    posted a message on Small and Fast 16-bit ALU
    And that's a bed.
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    posted a message on If you could ask God one question....
    Why do you let thousands of people die every day from no food, dirty water, and diseases.
    Why dont you exist?
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    posted a message on DO YOU NEED PREMISHIN FOR MOD PACKS?
    yea you do.
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    posted a message on My friend likes creative more than survival.
    You probably cant some people play minecraft to build stuff, and other play it for survival deal with it.
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    posted a message on Black smithing / tech tree
    I like it, gives you more stuff to put in your house for decoration so i don't have to put like 10 furnaces and 4 work benches.
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    posted a message on one minute of pure epicness
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