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    posted a message on Looking for players to join my new 1.15.2 java realm

    I'm looking for players 16+ to join my new minecraft java realm.

    I have a base set out but looking for people to join who are interested in community builds/vanilla minecraft.

    If interested, reply on this thread or add me on discord. My username is: JoeAidan #3180

    From there, i will create a new community discord chat in which you can join

    If i get a lot of responses, i will continue to keep the realm up and running so bring your friends!

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    posted a message on Looking for people to start a server like Hermitcraft

    Hi, i'm interested. Add me on discord so we can talk: JoeAidan #3180

    I'm 18 and looking for a friendly server to join

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    posted a message on I'm looking to start/join a survival world of PC

    Hi, I'm looking to start/join a vanilla survival server, preferably 1.14.4+ with other members on PC. I'm 18 yo and preferably want to play with mature players (similar age)

    Message me on discord if you have a world/interested in starting one:

    JoeAidan #3180

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