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    posted a message on Have you developed your own building style?
    I like to utilize half blocks and circular rooms.

    By the way, if you ever need help with circles, use Paint. When you zoom in to a circle, the pixels represent a floor plan. :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from thebaron09

    I personally are a general weather lover, be it rain snow or anything else, i love it all. weather just puts me in the mod to play video games. And motivates me when i am, líke in Mindecraft. So that brings me onto my point, why i started this topic on the Minecraft forums, i quite like it when the rain start to pour down on Minecraftia even more so when lightning stirkes the ground. I started this topic just before i went to school and i just hought i wanted to spread the word of my opinion to the rest of the Minecraft players. I would just love it to see Notch the great man himself, implement weather customisation for us weather lovers, this would help set the mood in most custom adventure maps and in general gameplay.

    Yours Faithfully,

    I agree. I love the weather. It almost makes your world a different place when it's raining.
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    posted a message on The new "Pistons"
    Quote from bluebaron

    Pistons open so many possibilities. The contraptions that one could make with these are innumerable. I'm mondo excited.

    Yeah, I've been conjuring up a whole lot of contraptions since they were rumored to be added to the game. I rarely use mods. I figure that it's better to play the game the way it was intended. That's just me though.
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