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    posted a message on [64x,32x][1.12 and earlier] Battered Old Stuff (200,000+ downloads) (WIP) (22-February-2018 update)
    It says that I need optifine or mcpatcher for this to work correctly. How do you get either one of those to work with forge on minecraft 1.6 or higher?
    This has a lot of mod support, and mods that require forge to be specific. Can someone give me a little help?
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    posted a message on Chocolate quest. Mods for the adventurers
    Can you re-add the Mayan Temples that were in the 1.2.5 version? Except instead of skeletons guarding the temple and a necromancer as the boss, have monkeys guarding the temple and have the Monking as the boss.

    Also, will there ever be any new dungeons containing the new mobs?

    Edit: Also, the doors don't appear; they just drop the door items, but aren't in block form. When I say doors, I mean wooden and iron doors, but not trapdoors. Trapdoors work fine.
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    posted a message on Immibis's Mods - Now with 85.7% less version numbers in this title!
    I've been wanting to try Advanced Repulsion Systems for a while, and it's an Industrialcraft 2 addon, right? But I can't find an Industrialcraft 2 download for 1.6.2. Does anyone know where to download Industrialcraft for 1.6.2?
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    posted a message on GotoLink updates: Formivore's options (2015/08/01)...
    Wow, this sure looks great!

    (I used the highlands mod in the picture)

    So...I'm using the Caruins, Great wall, and Walled City combo thingy, as well as Slidedrum's new dungeons mod, and I noticed a few buggy things and I also thought of a few simple (or at least I think they're simple) little additions.

    1. Something that's been in the mod for a while, is when you find a city, the game stops working properly, and when you exit or save and quit to title, the games stops at "shutting down internal server", and it takes a while to close minecraft. When you access your world again, the game backs up to usually the point when the city first started generating.
    2. Some of the blocks are not rotating correctly, in both the Generator Mods and Slidedrum's mod. As far as the Generator Mods, it seems to be just the Great Wall mod. In the Great Wall mod, it just looks weird:

    In Slidedrum's mod, it keeps some of the traps from working:

    1. Could you make so that if someone uses both the Caruins-GreatWall-WalledCity thing and Slidedrum's New Dungeons at the same time, instead of torches not lighting properly in the Generator Mods, they would just be replaced with the Dim Torches of Slidedrum's mod?
    2. Could you add a minimum distance between great walls spawning? So two don't spawn too close or overlap?
    Edit: Found another major bug. After you find a city, and you exit the game and everything when it glitches, when you restart the world, and the game backs you up, and you go to the place where the city was, the city is gone, and the chunks around the city site are replaced, overriding everything that was there. An underground stone city was cut in half when the chunks were re-generated. Also, all of the city bugs only happen with certain cities. I don't believe it happens with the prosperous vanilla city, and it doesn't happen with any of the underground ones.

    Edit 2: This just happened 4 times already in a new world. It has happened 3 times to just one city. I play for 10 seconds before I realize it's glitching again. My worlds are unplayable from the point when I find a city onward.

    I hope you can fix the bugs soon, but you don't have to do the ideas. Just a few suggestions... It's still a lot of fun playing minecraft with your updates :)
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Hmmm. 1.4.6.... I've been waiting for this mod to update, and it hasn't? Is Redpower dead?
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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    Will support ever be added for the Highlands mod?
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    posted a message on [WIP][Dev pictures!] The Eternal Frost 2: Core of Ice ~ Don't let your heart grow cold ~
    Here are a few things I suggested for the original Eternal Frost that I'd like to see possibly in EF2:
    1. "The storms need to be revamped. When I am below the surface, down in the caves, the blizzard snow particles still swirl around me, unless I am right underneath something. The snow particles shouldn't spawn around you if you're in any caves at all. Above the surface, however, the snowflake particles will spawn around you unless anything exceeding so-and-so-much blocks (I'll leave the size up to you) is above you, and how far you are from the obstruction. Also, here are the storm levels:
      1. One- Particles are as they are now, except they render farther away from the player.
      2. Two- Particles are even more abundant, swirling around the player.
      3. Three- Particles are even denser, and fog (like void fog) slowly closes in on the player. This will drop their distance to about "normal". The snow animation is played, just slightly faster, and more sideways than is played at default (more like a 45 degree angle).
      4. Four- Fog distance slowly drops to "short", and the snow animation is played even faster, and even more sideways (but still more diagonal).
      5. Five- Snowflake Particles are crazy, and the fog distance drops to "tiny". Snow animation is played very fast, and nearly horizontal (though not quite), like a blizzard (on top of the blizzard snowflake particles). Occasional lightning, though improved, and starts blue fires, not vanilla fire.
    2. Frozen pigzombies should carry frozen swords, given that they are re-added. I personally think that they don't really fit. A new kind of wolf-human thing would be kinda cool.
    3. Make the dimension extra foggy, like the nether is, (with Eternal Frost Colors, though), to smooth out chunk edges.
    4. New bluestone contraptions like there are for redstone.
    All these were copied from my old post, and edited a bit. You don't have to add them all, but a few would be nice.
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    posted a message on [SSP] [SMP] [1.6.4] The Eternal Frost, Would you like to see the inverse of the nether ? [A new Dimension, new mobs and mores !
    Quote from Dylan4ever

    Guys, may I inform you all that after this is updated to 1.6.2, Poiuytrezay and I shall begin with the sequel of the Eternal Frost? I shall link to this page:


    The new mod will include major texture improvements, a full rewrite (much more smooth, more compact, more compatible!), and just a complete overhaul.

    ~ Dylan

    Yesss! Sounds great, and I'm excited for a sequel and an improved theme, dungeons, and bug fixes. And whatever else you guys will add....
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    posted a message on Tropicraft (v7.0) Tropical Realm, Palm Trees, Volcanoes, Beaches.
    Quote from MrRube

    The old method should still work. From what I have heard you have to be "drunk" when the sun is just about out of sight (if that makes any sense).

    Thanks. I should have spent a few more minutes figuring it out. Sorry for wasting your time on a stupid question. Thanks, though.

    Hey, way back in 1.4.6, the oceans were really realistic, 'cause fish were everywhere, swimming in schools and stuff. Come 1.4.7, they didn't do than anymore, and I can't find small fish anywhere. Is this temporary?

    Also, how often do volcanoes erupt?
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    posted a message on Tropicraft (v7.0) Tropical Realm, Palm Trees, Volcanoes, Beaches.
    This is probably a dumb question, but how do you get into the realm? The pina-colada-in-a-chair-at-sunset method is not working; it used to. Any help would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on Galacticraft 4.0.1 [6,400,000+ Downloads!]
    Cool! I love this mod! Wait, though.... What happened to Mars and stuff? I saw a whole bunch of other planets on a video on your website. And why can't I find any oil? I've been everywhere, but can't seem to find any. I'm running the latest 1.5.2 version if that helps.

    Edit: And I have the 'disable oil generation' set to false too.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Modular Force Field System - Force fields, security systems and automated construction!
    Okay... Looks great so far, but I need a little help. I'm using the 1.5.2 version, by the way. So I hooked up two Coercion Derivers to a fission reactor, and the two Coercion Derivers were connected to a Fortron Capacitor, which was connected to a Forcefield Projector. Seemed to be working out okay, but the Forcefield Projector is stuck at 54.XX kilo-joules, and it needs 55.00! What am I doing wrong?
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    posted a message on Mekanism v9.4.0 - Industrial Turbines, Thermoelectric Boilers, Fusion Reactors!
    Okay... so, I love this mod. I love the models, and all of its little tech-things. However, I'm using the "Ampz" modpack (FTB Launcher), and I've noticed that, first of all, many of the recipes have changed, and there are no up-to-date wikis. No problem, though, I've got NEI.

    Here's my problem: many of the specified machine recipes include the unobtainable fire block in their recipes. I think this is a glitch where there are supposed to be certain kinds of circuits or something, but it's really weird, and makes lots of machines unobtainable, starting with the Metallurgic Infuser. What's going on?

    Oh, and Mekanism 5.5.6 is what Ampz is using.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Okay, manual. It creates a new profile. If it creates a new profile, then it's incompatible with MCPatcher, Optifine, and, most importantly, Forge (as well as any other mods that create separate profiles. So I can't use the manual install....

    Will the automated install have Forge support?
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    Can someone please give me download link to Player Core API? Not Player API, but Player Core API?
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