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    Hey guys, I'm Jkub, the owner of ContraptionCraft, a community of about 30 active modded players that love to play the game and build creative things together, and I would love to hopefully grow that number! This server has my custom modpack, Hysteria 3, that is not public just yet on the twitch launcher. The pack has around 190 mods and includes mods like Thermal Expansion, NuclearCraft, Blood Magic, Thaumcraft, the Betweenlands and much more! Basically a really good all around pack that has a bit of everything for everyone! On the server we have also developed a bit of an economy where players can use Uncraftable TE coins to purchase items/services from player made shops around spawn. Even though we do have this going on, you arent forced to partake and you can do your own thing. The world is BRAND NEW.

    To Download and play Hysteria 3, we will provide a zip folder for you to import into a twitch or multicMC instance. Its very simple! The pack will be available on twitch very soon though!

    The server has 12gb of ram and will be hosted in Montreal, Canada using PebbleHost.

    With this server I am trying to get a active community with people that have experience and some skill in the technical side or building in Modded Minecraft. Our player count is quite high and If you plan on not being committed to the server and/or are easily burnt out, this server is not for you!

    The rules are as follows:

    -No griefing or stealing

    -No killing unless its consented PVP

    -PLEASE chill on RfTools worlds and chunk-loading (not saying you cant, just don't over do it)

    -Must have discord and be 15+

    If you are interested in joining, please leave the following information in the comments below!

    -Age and ign

    -Where your from(country)


    -What you would bring to the server

    -What you are good at in MC(ex. building, blood magic and tech)

    -Will you be active in discord and on the server?

    I will reply very quickly so if your interested and leave a application below, you will hear back from me or my admin in 10 minutes tops! Thanks!

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