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    posted a message on looking for a server
    Fancycraft 24/7
    No Whitlelist
    Nice staff
    multi world
    anarchy world
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    posted a message on Limited Custom Map By Jkjkblimp341
    This is my first custom map i made.

    This map is called "Limited" and there are 4 different areas to it. I made Dig, Fight, Mine and Chop. In each one of these you are given a different tool and 16 fish for food. Your goal is to get as many points as possible. each item that relates to digging, fighting, mining and chopping has a point value.

    1. You can break blocks but you may not place them.
    2. Do Not go out of the area marked by obsidian.
    3. When your tool breaks count up your score.
    4. Do Not use your hand instead of your tool.
    5. In fighting you may go as far as you want but if you get back to the Dome you will get 10 bonus points
    6. Do Not use tools found in chests.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?zq7m4m9mq9vmjf6

    The Dome
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    posted a message on TheCrafters [24/7] Survival | PVP | Hungergames | Creative
    I couldnt find the website so i decided to ask here.

    Why did i get banned, im fine with it i just want to know.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.3 vanilla server ( Whitelist)
    Minecraft Username(IGN): jakecraft99

    What is your age?: 13

    Why would you like to be a part of the server? I want to have another server to play on when the others are down and i want it to be small.
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    posted a message on Minecon 2012 Has Been Confirmed!
    I wont be going wannnnnn.
    Quote from minecraftnoob25

    california for once plz
    They had it in las vegas and that is pretty close to California
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    posted a message on Animations
    Swimming in minecraft is swimming its bobbing
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    posted a message on New Music
    I heard rumors that c418 was working on new music for battle scenes and stuff like that
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    posted a message on Does the compass work? 1.3
    Compasses have always pointed towards your original spawn
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    posted a message on Adventure Mode Blocks
    I Have 2 good uses for this...
    1. A anti greifing machine which could be hooked up to a bud switch when the block is broken it could trigger a ban. but there is a flaw how would you get the name.
    2. If you always want it to be day you could hook up /time set 0 to a day/night sensor.
    I like how they added this but still they need to add more blocks

    In adventure maps when you complete a challenge it could give you a certain item...
    These are my thoughts on the new "programmable" block.
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    posted a message on Your Thoughts on Horizontal Block Placement
    Quote from cadika_orade

    False. You can look down in survival, and you can look sideways.
    I haven't used the new logs in Creative yet, only in Survival, and I have to say that they work fine how they are.

    I cannot imagine why you would want a HUD or a crafting recipe or a menu or different items or any such malarky.
    Why can't people appreciate the simple, working solution?
    Yes I Agree With you like the way you place pistons, no one complains about that
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    posted a message on What Should They Add To The Nether
    Give Me Your Thoughts On What Mojang Should Add To The Nether.

    Whether it be mobs, terrain, biomes
    Tell Me...

    In 1.8 They Added the Nether Fortresses and Magma Cubes but i think the nether needs more.
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    posted a message on What block is this. . never seen it before. . ? 1.3
    Yes thats the dumb new gravel texture. idk why they change gravel so often
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    posted a message on Backing up Minecraft.jar file?
    I suggest copying the entire .minecraft folder becuase then you have everything and your saves (which you'll probably want).
    Quote from coolguy12345220

    do we have 2 put it in a certain folder or any plain folder???
    No it can be any folder But i suggest making a Separate minecraft folder for mods, saves, backups... Well, That's what i made
    Quote from dc3773

    same problem
    Dont Just backup your .jar backup your entire .minecraft folder
    Quote from digimondude

    Please, I want to be able to update to 1.0, but I also want to be able to backdate to 1.8.1 if I decide I hate it and want to go back. So please tell me, Is this the same process for backing up a minecraft VERSION, or is it different?
    For Doing That Just copy your entire .minecraft folder to another folder then it will save the version and Dont Update it
    Its hilarious I have every backup of minecraft from infdev up, you can also use MCnostalgia
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    posted a message on What was your weirdest moment on minecraft?
    When A Pig Had No Body, With only Head And Legs
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    posted a message on Who is the best youtube minecraft player for survival?
    Quote from Dr_Van_Diamonds

    who is the best minecraft survival player? I personally like Syndicate, Nova, and zxnoregretzzxz (kevin),
    Best At What? Like Building, Humor, pvp?
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