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    posted a message on Atum 2: Return to the Sands

    Just want to say that I am really, really diggin this mod. Very professional, very well made. Love the new blocks, the new enemies and I love the artifacts.

    My only criticism is this: I have a lot of mods installed on our server, well over 80, and some mods make our characters really powerful (Blood Magic, Botania, Astral Sorcery to name a few). It's also possible to have 20 hearts on my server, a feat that's almost required because we have mobs installed like Grimoire of Gaia 3 which has some very unforgiving spawns.

    To the point - The boss fights are not hard enough for us. I understand that for vanilla Minecraft it's probably very difficult. But for a modded server they could stand to be considerably harder. I looked in the config file hoping to find a "hard mode" option but did not. I think if you could add the ability to make the bosses hit harder or have more health or more moves, like flinging magic maybe moving faster maybe some debuffs that would be great.

    Thanks for all your hard work this is a great addition to our server!

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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks mod - (almost) infinite world height and depth (updated with CurseForge links)

    Is there anyway to make this compatible with https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/underground-biomes

    I would be willing to compensate your time with payment. Just let know your hourly and expected investment. I would really like to see both of these work together. This would specifically be for 12.2

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