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    posted a message on Need help looking for a seed.

    Hey guys.

    Iv'e tried searching online and have come up with no results which is why i'm turning to all the great crafter's here.

    I'm looking for a seed, but i want one where you spawn in or very close to an Extreme Hills Biome.

    me and a friends are going to be working on getting the Platinum Trophy for Minecraft which is why i am looking for this particular seed.

    Thank you in advance and Craft on!

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    posted a message on Jimboy's Minecraft Vid's (New Trophy Hunt Episode)
    Hey guys, i uploaded my first vid last week for Jimboys Minecraft Adventure.

    Check it out at and tell me what you think.

    ill be uploading another video this week
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    posted a message on Couple of questions....
    as for the random treasure chest question. you can find abandoned chests in mineshafts and near mob spawners. you usually find 2 single chests with every spawner and 1 single chest throughout the abandoned mineshafts.
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    posted a message on Post your first house! (MC PS4)
    here is my first house. very simple, half in ground and plenty of windows.
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    posted a message on Items request thread
    i would like to see the daylight sensors in the PS4 version. that way i can reverse the way it works and make automated lighting systems for my house and soon to be made castle.
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