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    Requires ShadowMC's Forgelin!

    This mod aims at giving more options to transport items. Inspired by the vanilla Minecarts, the mod adds modular boats:

    Transport your items with chest modules! (right click with a chest)

    Propel your boats with the engine modules! (right click with a furnace, or a solar panel)

    (the last one is an old screenshot)

    Plan an itinerary for your boats! (right click with the boat helm and input a map of the surroundings)

    Need more storage ? You can tie boats together using ropes!

    The first boat selected with the rope will be the one following the second selected.

    The recipes are available in the recipe book after unlocking the vanilla boat recipes but here they are:

    Modular boat



    Here's an indev video showcasing the helm module:

    Right click with a rod to add the fishing module!

    Fishing module

    Build a seat with 3 staircase blocks!

    Seat module

    Attach boats to fences if you need the boat to make them stay put!

    Combine a lilypad and redstone to conduct redstone currents over water! (stops engines of boat in contact)

    Use the anchor to set your spawn point in urgency!

    Break the ice with the ice breaker!


    Sonar module - Your boat is now intelligent! (noteblock)

    Diving module - Breathe underwater!

    Transport your pets with the Animal Boat!


    Download links

    The mod is available on CurseForge: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/moar-boats

    You can also get the source code over there: https://github.com/jglrxavpok/Moar-Boats

    About modpacks

    You don't have to ask permission to include the mod but don't hesitate to send me a message if you want to!

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    Entity Spring

    The mod adds a single item: a spring!

    Connect boats, minecarts and living entities together with a "spring"*!

    *Physics may not apply

    Select the 'dominant' entity (the one that will pull the other) first and then select the 'dominated' to create a spring between the two!

    (The dominated side of the spring will appear redder than the dominant part)

    Connect minecarts together!

    Warning: the spring makes the minecarts always push one another, therefore stopping them may prove difficult.

    Drag other boats along!

    Drag other boats along!

    Connect minecarts and boats together!

    Connect boats and minecarts together!

    The recipe

    The recipe

    Download & source

    Curse project page: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/entity-spring

    GitHub project: https://github.com/jglrxavpok/Entity-Spring

    Download: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/entity-spring/files (select the lastest version available for your Minecraft version)

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    posted a message on Moar Boats - Like Steve's Carts but with boats!

    I plan to add a seat in the next release.

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    No longer updated by me, go to this thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2771389-jglrxavpoks-uncrafting-table#c1

    Hello everybody!

    Here's my first mod posted on the forum, I'm a bit stressed ^^'
    Read this post in French: Topic on MinecraftForgeFrance.fr

    If you're playing Minecraft, you already had crafted items, aren't you?
    If you already had crafted items, you've probably done mistakes, didn't you?

    If you did, this mod is made for you !(if you didn't... well... it should interest you)

    It's pretty simple, just do a little craft:

    After this difficult step, place the "Uncrafting Table" and right click on it:

    As it's written on the interface, any decrafting costs some XP. (Basically from 4 to 30 depending of the item and its state).
    If a craft recipe give more than one item, you'll have to put at least the number of items given by the recipe.
    If you put more than the given number of items, the spare number of items will be returned in your inventoryDo you understand ? Watching the screens is probably better.

    When you put the 2 sticks (instead of 4 given by wood blocks):(yeah, it's in French, but don't have any other screen, sry :/ )
    ("Il manque 2 objets" -> "Need 2 more objects")

    [ONLY FOR 1.6] You can also change the block's ID in the configuration file located in ".minecraft/config/" as "xavpoksDecraft.cfg".
    Just change the line "decraftTableID=243" by "decraftTableID=YOUR BLOCK ID"
    Last Version: 1.4

    1.7.10 Version available here
    You can download the other versions here: jglrxavpok's Mods page
    Sources: My Github (1.6/1.7/1.8), Jordy's github (1.7.10)
    How to install:

    First, download the Forge Installer depending on your Minecraft version.

    Open it with Java. Check « Install Client » and click "OK". Forge is now installed ! Paste the zip file of the mod in your « mods » folder in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft (Windows) With the new launcher, select Forge profile and play! Enjoy :)

    PS: All textures are made by me. This mod seems to work in SMP.All suggestions and notices will be accepted (if they are constructives) !

    Version 1.4:
    + You can now uncraft multiples items at the same time!
    * Updated to 1.7.2
    Version 1.2:
    + Put an enchanted item in the uncrafting table with books in the "Calculs" slot will transfer as many as possible enchants on the books and so give you enchanted books usable with the anvil.
    * Shift+Click on the slots of the table will no longer transfer the stacks anywhere.
    * Changed the texture loading to adapt it to the Ressource Pack system.
    Version 1.1:
    + Add a new item slot to calculate how many XP levels you need.
    + You can change how many XP levels you need at least (and max you may need).
    + You can choose the uncrafting algorithm for damaged items (Thanks to Xell75 for his idea).
    * "32767 metadata bug" fixed
    Version 1.0:
    * Damageable items returns only some of the items (depending on their condition).
    * If you put less items than needed, a message will say how many items you need.
    * Some items as half slabs returns the right items needed to craft them.

    MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - , Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.
    2. USE
    Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.
    This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.
    This mod is provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.
    You can use this MOD in videos (Youtube, etc.), screens, or any others graphical representation if you mention the AUTHOR and/or a link to the MOD.

    Notice: I'm french, sorry if I do some grammar mistakes.Based of friends idea to do a list of "uncraftables" items (that was too easy, I wanted to do something new and more complex :D )

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    posted a message on JurassiCraft - Bringing dinosaurs to life

    Totally not a 2.0 feature teaser

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    posted a message on Ratchet and Clank Mod ! [Need coders !]
    Quote from SpaciousName»

    Gugu speaks french as far as I know

    I can confirm that Gugu does indeed speak French ;)
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    Hello everybody! :D

    > Introduction <

    Today I'm going to introduce you to a new mod I'm currently working on: The ShadiesMod!

    It's a mod adding shaders to Minecr... Don't leave now! The mod adds the same kind of shaders as the Super Secret Settings button!
    That's right, shaders that make the game look fun/weird/

    You can even configure the shader batch!

    :huh: But what's a shader batch ?
    :bookflip: by MineWarCrafter It's a group of shader passes, of course!

    :huh: But what's a shader pass ?
    :bookflip: by MineWarCrafter It's a operation performed on the screen to make the game look different!

    > What the mod looks like and how to use it <

    First open the mod menu by clicking this little palette icon in the options screen (graphics still WIP):

    Then open the User-defined batch menu:

    And you'll find this menu where the current batch is displayed:

    You can add a pass to make your game looks awesome:

    After creating your awesome batch, you can try it directly ingame without any further operations!

    (yeah, that does look weird, I know)
    If you really like your batch but want to try a new one without overwriting the current one, you can save it!

    And later reload it!

    The current version of the mod already includes color palettes and you can see the NES one in this video:

    > Useful links <

    Download link: Still WIP, so none for the moment, you can only compile it by yourself atm.

    The mod is Open Source! Isn't great ? It's available on GitHub right here: https://github.com/jglrxavpok/ShadyMod

    You're a developer and you want to contribute ? Fork the project on GitHub! https://github.com/jglrxavpok/ShadyMod/fork

    I hope you like the idea of this mod! Don't hesitate to comment! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post it below ;)
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    posted a message on Uncrafting Table Mod - Works for all items (even from mods)!
    I've started the 1.8 update but I'm still having troubles with the new rendering system.

    Nonetheless, an update should be ready "soon".
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    posted a message on Ratchet and Clank Mod ! [Need coders !]
    Quote from SpaciousName»

    If you shoot loads of mobs at the ground they just travel into the ground and sometimes explode but also sometimes don't explode.

    Oh I see now. I'll try to fix it ;)
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    Quote from ancients5»

    Awesome! Thank you! This mod is awesome! I can't wait! :)

    I only need to build the mod for 1.7.10 and upload it now, it'll be up in about a hour.

    Edit: Done! http://jglrxavpok.minecraftforgefrance.fr/mods/?id=Uncrafting
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