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    I actually already have your tutorial in my program, the tutorial on the Packet Handler really confused me so I have been just adding in outdated classes apparently, so for the PacketHandler stuff, would that be put into the AbstractMessageHandler?
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    Okay so everything about this post makes sense until I get to the Packet Handler, I have researched about it from your posts on GitHub and Forums but on the update to 1.7 when you say to just copy over the code into the Packet Handler code presented in your examples I don't understand which code and where, the PacketPipeline class is its own class, this is what I have with the Handler. I dont know what to put, I have my GuiHandler as my Server Proxy. The only thing I have no clue on how to do is setup the Packet Handler. All I want is to add one extra Armor slot.

    package com.phantasyrealms.packethandling;

    import ibxm.Player;

    import java.io.ByteArrayInputStream;
    import java.io.DataInputStream;
    import java.io.IOException;

    import net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayer;

    import com.phantasyrealms.main.MainRegistry;

    public class PacketHandler implements IPacketHandler{

    public static final byte EXTENDED_PROPERTIES = 1, OPEN_SERVER_GUI = 2;

    public void onPacketData(INetworkManager manager,
    Packet250CustomPayload packet, Player player) {

    DataInputStream inputStream = new DataInputStream(new ByteArrayInputStream(packet.data));
    byte packetType;

    try {
    // Read the packet type
    packetType = inputStream.readByte();
    } catch (IOException e) {

    switch(packetType) {
    case EXTENDED_PROPERTIES: handleClass(packet, player, inputStream); break;
    case OPEN_SERVER_GUI: handleOpenServerGui(packet, (EntityPlayer) player, inputStream); break;
    default: System.out.println("[PACKET][WARNING] Unknown packet type " + packetType);
    //handleClass(packet, player);
    /* }else if(packet.channel.equals("GenericSpec")){
    handleSpec(packet, player, inputStream);


    private void handleOpenServerGui(Packet250CustomPayload packet, EntityPlayer player, DataInputStream inputStream)
    int guiID;
    // inputStream is already open, so we don't need to do anything other than continue reading from it:
    try {
    guiID = inputStream.readInt();
    } catch (IOException e) {
    // Now we can open the server gui element:
    player.openGui(MainRegistry.instance, guiID, player.worldObj, (int) player.posX, (int) player.posY, (int) player.posZ);

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    posted a message on Phantasy Realms a MMORPG mod

    Phantasy Realms Mod

    I present to you the Phantasy Realms mod, This mod is based on the GameCube game Phantasy Star Online and the MineCraft Server Dungeon Realms. This mod is mostly geared toward Server use but Single player usage will be just as good.

    With 140+ New Weapons added to the Game and more to come..

    20 New Armor Sets and more to come...

    New Custom Mobs with more to come..





    Complete with a Tiered Weapon and Armor System and Tiered Mobs

    Weapons are Grouped into 5 Tiers

    Basic, Common, Uncommon, Special, Legendary(Boss)

    In each Tier there are 3 sub-levels, low-range (grey), medium-ranged (dark red) and high-ranged(gold)

    Each weapon can be upgraded or "plussed" 5 times, plussing a weapon increases strength of the weapon

    The low-range group consist of a weapon and its +1

    The medium-range group consists of a weapon+2 and weapon +3

    The high-range group consists of a weapon+4 and weapon+5

    Weapons can only be plussed when put in the crafting slot or crafting table with a Grinder

    Grinders come in 3 varieties, Monogrinder plusses the weapon by 1, Digrinder plusses the weapon by 2 and Trigrinder plusses the weapon by 3

    Grinders are rare to find, can be dropped by any monster from this mod.

    Armors are also Tiered, only 4 currently, Basic , Common, Uncommon, and Special. They are dropped by Monsters from this mod.

    Armors in the same grouping share the same Texture while Weapons will share the same Texture in their Sub-Groupings.

    All weapons and Armor can be repaired with an Item called a PhotonDrop, they are more rare than Grinders.
    Mobs are Tiered Meaning that you would only find Basic drops from Mobs such as the Rappy, Rag Rappy, Booma, and GoBooma, making them a Basic Tiered Monster, with the strength level to give challenge to players with Basic equipment.

    No leveling system for players

    I have chosen this for the simple reason that I really enjoyed DRs no leveling system before its update, it was fun to play and offered more freedom.

    I am thinking about implementing Tool levels, for being able to craft grinders or photondrops possibly. Again this is a mod geared more toward server use, as its a MMO type mod.

    TODO List:
    1. Finish adding Tier 1 Mobs
    2. Finish Textures for Current Weapons
    3.Add in Tier 2 Mobs
    4. Add in Currency (Meseta)
    5.Implement Tool Leveling?
    6.Add in Mags?
    If you like what I am doing please let me know! All the feedback will be used in thinking of the future of the mod.

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    posted a message on [SOLVED]Increase Random Mob Drops
    I understand how to make a mob drop items and all that, and I also understand how to create a method which allows them to drop 0-2 however, if I wanted to increase that rate, so like 0-10, meaning 1 out of 10. How would I do it? this is what I have now.

    protected void dropFewItems(boolean par1, int par2)
    int random = this.rand.nextInt(4) + this.rand.nextInt(1 + par2);

    for (int k = 0; k < random; ++k)

    if(k == 2){

    this.dropItem(PhantasyRealmsItems.blade, 1);


    if (k == 1){

    this.dropItem(PhantasyRealmsItems.brand, 1);
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    posted a message on Disabling Weapon Renaming in Anvil (HELP)
    Alright thank you
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    posted a message on Disabling Weapon Renaming in Anvil (HELP)
    is there a way to just set the price for renaming specifically?
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    posted a message on Disabling Weapon Renaming in Anvil (HELP)
    Hi, so I am currently working on a mod consisting of weapon sets. I want them to be repairable however I do not want them to have any capability or possibility to be renamed. The mod is a sort of RPG lore weapon and armor mod, so being able to not have the names tampered with would be nice. I would rather just disable renaming altogether for the individual weapons rather than just setting the xp cost to a ridiculous number (if that is even an option). So if you would please help by showing me how to do this that would be awesome, or even how to set the cost of renaming.
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    posted a message on PSO Mod, looking for coders to create Dev Team
    Hello, my name is jewell012 and I am looking for people to help with the development of a new mod based off of the Gamecube and other platform game, Phantasy Star Online. To get straight to the point I will list in detail everything needed for this mod to be completed.

    To start, I will categorize each section that I break the Mod down into, by hardest and easiest, Red being the most challenging aspects to complete, While Blue being intermediate and Green being the easiest.

    *Weapons System********************************

    For the weapons, there has to be a sort of randomizer. Meaning, Finding the weapons with the same name but with different stats.


    Finding 5 swords named sword. However 1 Sword has a DMG of 5-6, while another has a DMG of 6-7 and another has a DMG of 5-7


    As well as that randomization part, a Wide variety of weapons to be found


    Saber, Fire Saber, Ice Saber, Fire Brand, Ice Brand, Brand, Partisan, etc.


    Weapons will be upgrade-able, Meaning, a Sword when upgraded would become a "Sword+(Number of times upgraded"

    Weapons will be able to be upgraded through items found called Grinders. There are *3* Types of Grinders that can be found to upgrade the sword by corresponding points.

    *Monogrinder- upgrades sword by 1 point (Sword-Sword+1)

    *Digrinder- upgrades sword by 2 points (Sword-Sword+2)

    *Trigrinder- upgrades sword by 3 points (Sword-Sword+3)

    A sword can be upgraded repeatedly, so say I have a *Sword+4* and put it in the crafting area with a Trigrinder, the output would be a *Sword+7*

    Weapons will have Custom Textures, However, Weapons of the same group, I.E Sabers, Partisans, Axes, Swords, Staffs, will all have the same Texture but Varying Colors


    For Sabers they will all be varying from 4 textures, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.


    Weapons Types

    Swords&Arms- Saber, Brand, Partisan, Spear, Axe, Dagger, and Blade

    Guns- Handgun, Rifle, Cannon, Mechgun

    Staffs- Rod, Staff, Wand, Fans

    For the weapons there will be weak attacks, strong attacks and special attacks. Normal click will be the weak attack, Doing the minimal to mid level damage the players level and weapon stat will allow. Shift left clicking will be the players Strong attack doing the Maximum Damage the Players level and Weapon stat allows. Ctrl Clicking will be the players Special attack, Meaning, If a player has a Poison Saber, doing the Special attack will not only do the players strong attack but poison the target as well. Same goes for a Weapon with any Effect in the name.

    ******CLASS SYSTEM*******

    There will be Three Classes the player can choose from.

    1. Hunter (Swordsman)

    2.Ranger (Gunman)

    3.Force (Magician)

    Each Class has a set of weapons it can use

    1. Hunter - Sword and Axe Type

    2. Ranger- Bow and Gun type

    3. Force- Staff and Fan type

    Too tell each Class a part, There will be particle effects around the a player of each class (Nether Portal effect)

    Hunter particle effects will be red

    Ranger particle effects will be blue

    Force particle effects will be purple


    The Force class will be able to use all types of magic at all levels as long as it has the pre-requisite to obtain the next level

    The Hunter and Ranger class will be able to obtain and use Basic magic but will be limited on progression and range of magic ability

    Magic can be found and bought in stores and dropped from mobs

    In order to use magic players must have the 1st level of a particular magic to use the next level

    Magic will be Found in Green Boxes and when held and right clicked will disappear from inventory and be added to players magic list


    Fire lvl1 is needed before a player can use Firelvl2 magic. If a player finds a Fire lvl2 Magic Box but does not have Firelvl1 Magic, the Firelvl2 Magic will be unusable until the player gets Firelvl1 Magic.


    *Just as magic can be used among all classes, basic weapons from each class can be used among eachother*

    A Saber can be used by every class

    A handgun can be used by every class

    A staff can be used by every class

    Though not as effective because only the basic class weapons may be used by other classes

    Magic Types
    Stat effect
    High Damage attacks

    ******Item Drop System********

    All Items will be dropped In the following Categories and in 3 Dimensional Rhombus shaped objects

    1. Healing Items, Status effecting Items, Teleportation Items, Grinders, and Magic will be dropped in-----GREEN BOXES

    2. Weapons----ORANGE BOXES

    3. Armors----BLUE BOXES

    4. Special Weapons----BRIGHT RED BOXES


    Mags are creatures that hover above the players left shoulder
    These are robotic looking, and all start out at Level 5 and look the same with color variations
    Mags can be leveled up by feeding it Health Restoring or Status Restoring Items
    At certain Levels Mags Evolve into different Mags, Based on what you feed them

    They have Four Stats
    Strength or ATP
    Defense or DEF
    Dexterity or DEX
    Mind or MD

    Mags have stats of their own that correspond to the items they are given

    Health restoring will effect their Strength and Defense
    Magic (Tp) restoring will effect their Mind and Dex
    Status effecting items will effect the Mag in combination, Antidote would effect the Defense and Mind and may lower the bar for the Strength
    Mags Level up everytime one of their Stats are filled, so the beginning strenght xp needed would be 6 and if every Health restorying item was 2 xp after three tries it would Level the ATP or strength of the Mag and Leveling it to Level 6
    With this being said if you were to get all four of their stats filled at the same time they would increase by 4 Levels at the same time.
    Mags will evolve into Other mags based on their Stats,
    So if I level my mags strength up and dont really focus on spreading out the stats it would evolve differently than if i were to work on another stat individually or all the stats or even combinations of the stats.
    Mags have a Limit Level of 200, Once that is reached, It will turn into a God Mag
    God Mags can be obtained Earlier than Level 200 if the players get certain Stat combinations ( Example, if a player were to get all the stats of the mag to 35 it would evolve into a God Mag, being at only Level 140)
    There are several Types of Items,
    anything with that ends with "mate" is used for health regen
    anything that ends with "fluid" is used for Magic (Tp) regen
    There are 3 types of "mate" items
    monomate - the weakest of the 3, regains a fairly small amount which will at first heal the player completely
    dimate - the mid ranged, gives double of what the monomate heals
    trimate- the strongest of the healing items, gives triple of what the monomate heals
    There are 3 types of "fluid" Items
    monofluid- the weakest of the 3, regens a fairly small amount which will at first restore the players tp fully
    difluid- the mid ranged, restores double of what the monofluid restores
    trifluid- the strongest of the Magic(Tp) restoring items, restores triple of what the monofluid restores
    Next are Status effecting Items
    Antidote - heals player of poison
    Antiparalysis - heals player of not being able to hit anything
    Sol Atomizer- Heals any Stat effect
    Moon Atomizer - If a player is killed, and another player uses this item around the death (5 blocks) it will bring the player back alive with all Items and Meseta
    Meseta- The currency of this plugin, is used in shops, a Gold Rhombus looking item
    Telepipe- Set one of these down (Right click block) and it makes a portal that will bring player back to spawn, but can be used both ways, meaning if a player sets one down he can go through it twice From point A to point B, Then back and then it will disappear
    Scapedoll- If a player is killed with this item in the inventory it bring the player back to life with all items (if health bar hits zero it is automatically refilled along with Tp
    Monogrinder- Already explained
    Digrinder-already explained
    trigrinder- already explained
    Next are Boosts for the Frames, they can be upgraded however not through the grinders
    OgreArm- increases Strength

    There are several new types of mobs
    and several more that will be discussed later
    Barriers are armor type items that protect the player and increase the defensive stat as well as many other depending on the rarity and type of barrier. This can be used in Minecraft Armor slot but barriers are usually seen on players arms.
    Frames are Items that increase stats of players and have slots in them, Within the slots you can place boost items that help the player out, such as OgreArm which increases player strength
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [Forge] - Barbarians v1.0.4 !
    Any plans on giving a release of 1.5.2 just for us sitting around bored, waiting for 1.6 ?
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    posted a message on Avatar: Benders of The LostLands Server
    we had to put it on while we finished the maps. dynmap is now up i advise for all thats joining to check it out.
    Note: that upper right corner is fire nation, center is the Central Water Kingdom, southern is Southern EarthKingdom
    and south west is the Southern airnation
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    ip is
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    Avatar: Benders of The Lost Lands Server

    NOTE: The server is called Benders of THE LOST LANDS. this server is by all means not to be completely accurate with any Avatar: The Last Air bender or Avatar: The legend of Korra. There are New Nation Names and New Names given to the People. WHITELISTING IS NOW OFF. ALL FOUR MAIN NATIONS HAVE BEEN BUILT.


    and more.

    Things to know:
    *If you decide to build outside the city, Cities and nation can Attack and raid you.
    *Cities might be at war occasionally so master the skills to defend it.
    *you only get to choose 1 element
    *if people band together outside nations and form cities, if they do not agree to being claimed by one of the nation and try to start their own city-nation, they can be conquered.
    *you can only go to war when The King or leader of the nation agrees to it. other wise if you try to fight amongst other people In the cities you will be jailed. if caught. ****YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN NATION ONCE WE HAVE A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF PEOPLE. WITH ONE OF THE SERVER OWNERS APPROVAL AND HELP********
    Try not to destroy the city you live in, other wise it will make it easier for other nations to conquer you and for you to get jailed.


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    posted a message on Hunger Games Survival Games SERVER
    ****Survival games/ Normal Survival****
    Minecraft Hunger games Server. Events take place every friday at 10:00pm Central America ( U.S / Mexico ) time.
    **********Can Join only for events or Be a Regular player and always be on.

    ****join now****

    Ip :

    Server is on Almost 24 hours, sometimes it might be off but ill do my best to keep it on all the time

    20 person server. will expand when i can. 10-19 people in the games. Great Server for making lets play
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    posted a message on [1.1] MineCraft Mod Auroreas. Official Beta Release
    Quote from ShortGamer

    Looks nice. But these can be crafted into tools right? And how much damage do they do? How rare are they? Better than diamond? How to go into the new dimension?

    The Item Can be Found in the ores that are generated in the normal surface. the ores are currently as rare as diamond and they come in sets of two blocks together. i have a video uploading to youtube that explains the mod and the crafting but i will put how to craft the items in the forum later. i will be adding in tools later this week. the tools will do as much damage as diamond for now but i am open to suggestions. you craft a dimension portal by pressing E in minecraft and filling all four crafting squares with the new item AuroraDust
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    posted a message on [1.1] MineCraft Mod Auroreas. Official Beta Release
    MineCraft 1.1 New Mod Auroreas
    Beta v.1

    Mod Over view
    This Mod was create by me TheJewell012. Auroreas is a new dimension Adding new blocks, and new items.


    Because of my tight schedule with Sports and other activities i will only be able to work on the mod every 2 or so days. so updates may take up to a week.


    Key. Four means Pressing E in minecraft and placing item or block in all four squares.

    Four AuroraDust = 1 Auroreas Portal Block

    Four DimentedIce = 12 GlowStone

    Four BlackFrost = 8 SnowBlocks

    Currently being Worked on
    New Mobs
    New Blocks
    New Generated Structures
    New Items

    Description of what to come

    Mobs - Arctic Colored Mobs, they will give off the feel of normal aggressive mobs as well as new custom mobs that will try to look like Demon or monsters.

    items - the new items will include food from UpComing mobs as well as Tools being able to be crafted from blocks in the new dimension.

    Generated Structures - Added villages or fortresses with custom rendered blocks and new mobs spawned in them.

    Blocks - Exciting assortment of new blocks that will make coming to the new dimension livable and not just a place to go then leave.


    If your good with making mobs and java experience you can join me with making the mod

    How To Install

    1. Install ModLoader
    2. Install ModLoaderMP
    3. Install Dimension API
    4. Install My Mod


    Mod Loader - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/75440-v11-risugamis-mods-everything-updated/

    Mod Loader MP - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/75440-v11-risugamis-mods-everything-updated/

    Dimension API - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/999976-110smpssp-pudelhunds-dimension-api-v10/

    My Mod Auroreas - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?i7e5eeql6giz2iq
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