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    Quote from thejbanto

    Stop arguing. Mojang won't listen to us because they're too busy counting their money and salivating at the thought of all the new realms purchases they're going to get as a result of this. Do you guys really think we can reason with those corrupt jerks? No! Just give up and quit Minecraft. Tell people not to buy the game and make Mojang go bankrupt so they can learn from their mistakes!

    1) If you read any posts by the Mojangsters you would know that they do what's best for the players, or what they think is fun. While making a ton of money tempts them, at the end of the day they choose what is in our (the players) best interests.

    2) In exactly what way are they going to get money from this? Realms servers have to play buy the rules too...

    3) They have other games they are making money off of, and many people are happy about the EULA enforcement and will likely start playing minecraft more.

    So I will continue to play minecraft happily while you quit, hopefully other whiny babies like you will follow so we can have a better community...
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    So... Here's what my plan would be... If anyone can prove that it would or wouldn't work that would be great so i can know...

    So, I would have my enjin point shop. You buy points, 1 point = 1 cent. With points you can buy small things like xp boosts, a random gift to every player currently online, etc. There would also be a rank, maybe 2 if I can think of some other cosmetic items worth donating for... .

    Any problems with that?

    **side note: i originally wanted coins to also be earnable in game but found out this was illegal**
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