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    posted a message on Asymo's Building Challenges! Bored? Try this!
    I have to say, these are actually amazingly good ideas!

    I think I may have to do them myself...

    Well done sir, Kudos to you!
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    posted a message on Your spleef Arena
    The one I built on my server is uh, well less an arena, more a Spleef Tower.
    I'll let the picture speak for itself.
    I forget how many layers it was xD

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    posted a message on [Adv/Puz] | From Dirt to Bedrock | 4.0.0 Coming Soon | 3.2.1 | 33000 + Downloads
    Wheo, 1 35cap3d indeed.

    This was a great little map, I didn't die once, on hard mode. Took a short time to complete, and was on the low-difficulty scale compared to other maps out there, but I really like it. It's well made, well structured, not too hard, not too grinding.

    It's just the thing to get a friend to play to tryout the fun of minecraft!

    Though I'll admit that the glass/wool room was the hardest for me xD
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    posted a message on The Bear Grylls Challenge (A.K.A. Block vs. Wild)
    Quote from brienza112 »
    That is the Les Stroud challenge. The Bear Grylls one is the following:

    1. INVedit in some food and materials
    2. Build a comfy lodge
    3. Record yourself eating some bugs and climbing a few rocks for a week.

    This man knows his stuff.
    Bear Grylls is an actor compared to the real men of exploration and survival.

    That aside, this sounds like a fun idea :smile.gif: I'll probably have a go at it at some point.
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    posted a message on No more gaps in between ladders?
    After looking at all this controversy, I think I'll state my view.

    I think that this is a near pointless fix, because you're getting 2 ladders per craft it's just as easy to get the ladders you need. So no change there. Just making it slightly easier for those who already use full ladders.
    The main problem, as already brought up by Blaze is the effect it's going to have on the adventure maps, and the other questions posed by others - as to what will happen when jumping up to a ladder, etc.

    I feel that this change is just taking away creative uses of the ladders, and not being beneficial in any way.

    Does anyone have a beneficial use of this?
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    posted a message on Cloning Items With Pistons
    Quote from MagestyH »
    Okay, and the reason I wouldn't want notch to know is he might fix it.

    There are plenty of ways to get duplicate stuff without bug exploiting, better for those who don't want to stumble upon it if you make it known, it's for your honor!
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    posted a message on Bedrock or Adminium?
    I call it Adminum, and call the layer made up of Adminum, Bedrock :smile.gif:

    It makes so much sense :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on need Help for Designs
    Thing big, think extravagant, lots of big rooms with excess space. Everything shouting 'Look at how much I can waste, because I already have everything I need.'

    Experiment with columns, ledges, window designs.
    But lots of rooms and with those rooms having plenty of room :smile.gif:

    Hope this helps!
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    posted a message on I WANT TO BUILD :D

    Look here.
    For future reference, take a look at the forum sections to see where to look.
    Please :Notch:
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    posted a message on Do You Ever Wish You Could "Start Over"?
    This thread is melancholy, nostalgic, and inspiring. The messages I've seen here really match what I felt with this game, and I feel I must add my say to this tribute.

    My friend convinced me to get the game, during early alpha, I remember the joy of wonder and discovery as we were both playing at the same time, talking over skype, him with just a tiny bit more knowledge than me. I loved the aspect of figuring out what to do in a huge world all alone, I remember spending ages wondering how to break stone without it being destroyed, the joy of sticks, creating light shafts every 10 paces on my now ridiculously shallow horizontal mineshaft.

    The new amazement and wonder is a feeling that I of course miss, the great feeling of mastering a new skill, creating a new building, learning how to create a masterpiece of a building, eventually reaching ace player status on the small private server I went on with a few friends. Looking back it seems like I can never get that joy again.

    And yet when I take another look, those feelings aren't gone forever, in fact thinking back I still recall plenty of new things learnt, more accomplishments, and equal disasters. Designing a grand interior in a basic square keep, then failing to safely detonate the basement FULL of TNT that blew the entirety of New Teriem to oblivion.

    Now I find the joy in the same core way. In thinking a different way. Coming up with a new design, creating a city, creating anything!

    Minecraft will never die
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    posted a message on Lava Maze - How to pass?
    Quote from Methanius »
    Jeroxy: I believe he would lose momentum along the way, making for a one-way trip, which has to be manually pushed the last way up. If I were in his situation, I would use boosters, but alas, that is his choice.

    Size the hill to the momentum needed :Pig:
    I do realise that the hills would have to be pushed up/jumped up though, but for pure simplicity it's still, as you say,
    his choice.

    Hopefully he'll have found an option he likes!
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    posted a message on Lava Maze - How to pass?
    Have I missed something here?
    Surely there is a simple answer to this.

    Before the main lava track, go down a hill.
    Gravity = speed to get you around the track.
    Ditto on the other side.

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    posted a message on The Block Party Portal 2 Giveaway tonight! MinecraftFM
    I... I... I don't know what to say.
    They're playing 'Friday'.

    -Still awesome music to listen to in the background of anything. It doesn't actually sound hideous so, yaknow.-
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    posted a message on Minecraft; The Dark Descent
    This should be good training to get me prepared to play the actual Amnesia game. Gosh that thing is so annoyingly stressfully scary I never even finished the demo!

    I look forward to checking this out >.
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    posted a message on Complete Pokémon Battle Theme in Note Blocks

    That was fabulous! Brilliantly made, the tune was so well done, the technical background of it was genius, and it was just awesome!

    Bravo sir!
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