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    ill give it a try
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    So today I heard on Mojang.com that they were talking about adding cherries! I had some ideas for the cherry idea!

    Where do they spawn?
    The cherries would spawn in cherry trees found in forests. The leaves would probably be pink like Mojang mentioned. (The wood would be oak)

    How would you get them?
    You would get them the same way you get apples. The average tree yields 2-5 cherries!

    Are there saplings?Yes, Mojang even said that there would be saplings. The saplings would probably be pink.

    Can you eat them?
    Yes,you can eat cherries! cherries would heal 1 hunger point each.

    Can you make something special with cherries?
    Yes, you can make cherry pies! You would make them the same way you would make pumpkin pies but with cherries except for a pumpkin! The pie would heal 4 hunger points

    Follow this post for news and updates!!!
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    As mangabros101 said witches are supposed to look elderly! But making them look different? No support
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    I have always wanted a wither skeleton in my MC world so I came up with this! The color of the spawn egg would be grey, the spots would probably be black! I know you have thought about it to!
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