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    posted a message on Account was hacked
    Hey guys, my account that i post videos on youtube under was hacked. It has been saying login failed and i am 100% sure it is correct, my account was not migrated, the email was verified but has now been changed. My skin has also changed, i have made a support ticket to mojang about this, i have my transaction id and more information, when will i hear back from them
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    posted a message on How not to play minecraft
    Hey guys, i own a channel named rapidmotion gaming and we post funny and informational minecraft videos, here is our first video!

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    posted a message on Walking dead on minecraft : EP 1
    Hey guys, my name is jelly and i own a channel with my friend, recently we did a video on the walking dead map. We are nbrand new and i would love for you to check our videos out.

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