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    posted a message on [CO-OP] Two For One (241) (updated to 1.14!) 300K+ downloads

    Some minor updates to the map, fixed some known bugs

    Changes [/b]Levels[/b]

    33 Doors already open
    36 Doors already open
    36 fixed water holders
    43 your freedom was fake
    241-2 forum link at the en is broken

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    posted a message on [CO-OP] Two For One (241) (updated to 1.14!) 300K+ downloads

    I’m extremely happy that You asked me to come along. Thanks for that! Also if anyone’s reading this, why don’t you try the third part of the series made by me? Here’s a link to the forum page —> 241-3

    I've added it to the main forum, but I did include the fan made tag, still I hopes it helps ;)

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    posted a message on 241 part 3 (241-3) [FAN-MADE] [CO-OP] [1.14.4]

    Nice :)

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    posted a message on [CO-OP] Two For One (241) (updated to 1.14!) 300K+ downloads


    Much thanks to the fan @imppuzi, who helped with this update


    resourcepack overhall

    1. Version outdated
    2. bricks missing
    3. Bed missing
    4. iron door missing
    5. wood door missing
    6. pumpkin face missing
    7. jack_o_lantern face missing
    8. normal piston head missing
    9. furnace face missing
    10. dropper face missing
    11. dispenser face missing
    12. All stone numbers missing (diorite etc)
    13. trapdoor
    14. red glas
    15. noteblock
    16. redstone lamps


    ADS ON DOWNLOAD LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED! Please support me here if you like this project (I can't keep updating this map for free sadly)

    every level - Change commands gamemode number to name

    0 Change resourcepack button link

    0 Change server.properties button link

    0 Add new V13 block and change the sign

    0 removed youtube ad, but you can still find me here

    1 Cakes drown

    4 Flint can only burn WHITE wool, change

    5 Flint can only burn WHITE wool, change

    5 Cakeroom is quite dark

    7 Cakeroom does not 'save' the button state, this messes stuff up

    8 Left side 1th is broken when on/off (level should be completed when all are on or off)

    0 (10) stop when dropping down, not when opening door

    10 Main room, 'because' instead of 'but that' on the sign

    12 flint and steel water is frozen

    15 Flint can only burn WHITE wool, change

    25 redone the level to make it better

    33 fishing rod re-charger doesn't work

    33 some more protection?

    36 teleport doesn't work (R is an unknown option)

    36 waterpads broke, lava is flooded?

    36 cakeroom redstone missing

    40 First door was already open

    41 broken door last piston

    49 blinking light missing?

    50 level select broken?

    50 Flint can only burn WHITE wool, change

    50 flint and steel at the end of the credits can’t burn wool in adventure

    50 sand wall at the credits? 137 72 -97

    50 end random water at the bottom of the chunks

    Known issues

    1. I wasn't able to use MCEDIT to shrink the download more, but the 6mb should be small enough for a map to be able for everyone to download.
    2. 36 signs are there instead of magic floating water (cant use MCEDIT)
    3. 0-10 cant make 1 piece beds to show there broken
    4. 0 Stone brick is not invisible in the resource pack, this feature has been removed as far as I know
    5. 0 README book has some minor spelling mistakes
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    posted a message on [CO-OP] Two For One (241) (updated to 1.14!) 300K+ downloads

    need help to install it correctly

    i tried so hard but i cant

    same issue when i tried to make a server with it

    some issues i have are, sings have nothing on

    texture pack does not work

    i do everything the "server" note that is in the file i download says but it keeps spawning me on the top where there is a book saying that have been an error

    pls help ;c

    "texture pack does not work"

    try playing on 1.12 it should work on that version, this map hasn't been verified to work on newer versions than 1.12

    "i do everything the "server" note that is in the file i download says but it keeps spawning me on the top where there is a book saying that have been an error"

    If you trigger the tripwire in that place a command block will keep trying to teleport you to the right place, the only reason that this does not happen is when command blocks are disabled. please enable the command blocks

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    posted a message on [CO-OP] Two For One (241) (updated to 1.14!) 300K+ downloads
    Quote from drohno»

    Thanks a lot for this map! This map is perfect for me and my dad!

    Great! hope you have /had fun with it!
    Quote from everythingtaco»

    Me and my sister did a video playing this map on youtube.


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    posted a message on [CO-OP] Two For One (241) (updated to 1.14!) 300K+ downloads

    I have updated this ancient map to work in the latest 1.12.2 version

    Bug fixes,

    10-0 place glass underneath floor

    12 change staircase

    14 add more delay to the correct answer

    15 change amount of bonemeal

    15 remove clear machine

    16 cakeroom door trigger broke

    18 add saver for machine

    19 saver voor good job

    20 hole in the ground

    23 fix piston door

    23 fix pistons

    23 left door splitter

    23 presureplate missing

    23 reset line isnt right

    24 doesnt reset

    27 cross middle doesnt matter

    28 hole in the ceiling

    35 add good job

    35 peacefull → peaceful

    35 torches at the split

    36 add a kill entities on the ground

    36 cakeroom: caled → called

    36 cover up lamps fix with mcedit

    36 remove beds and do a setpoint

    36 selector missing the new x= system 41 107 93 (there are more)

    37 add more torches

    38 the 3 isnt right

    41 piston at 25 94 -20

    41 sight → sigh

    42 after piston door torches

    42 enable negeavtive answer

    42 piston door doesnt work right

    43 change freedom

    43 room sign floating @

    43 split torches

    44 a kind → kind

    44 simplefy the jump part

    45 cakeroom door needs update

    46 fix the station looks

    47 71 93 148 is a lamp?

    47 split torches

    48 fix unstacker + add kill item

    48 steal → steel

    49 add more light to the hallway

    49 change trade system

    5 add sasver to code

    5 torches above

    50 add spawnpoint

    50 not existing world → not existing word

    50 two indentical sing → sign

    6 remove lever

    7 minecart cakeroom doesnt open anymore

    7 shorter cakeroom delay

    8 number 3 right wrong torch

    9 change black so you can open the cakeroom

    credits 151 74 -65 block missing

    credits add sand wall behind wall

    Credits change my name

    Everywhere achievements?

    Everywhere Change all dispencers to droppers

    Everywhere Change messages to GLaDOS

    Everywhere resourcepack

    Everywhere server properties?

    spawn remove music box

    spawn resourcepack link

    spawn server properties?

    spawn the resourcepack thing invisible blocks?

    spawn youtube link

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    posted a message on Vanilla medieval RPG server (with survival) Looking for builders and players [7 years old map]

    So hello,

    My name is JelleWho I worked together with JesperTheEnd on '241',

    and in the meantime, I spend most of my free time building cool things on a server.

    Like tons of minigames in 'dungeons' like Unblock-Me levels and Pacman, (I really like the Redstone/ command side)

    And other players made some nice castles and jump puzzles / fight puzzles.

    But we are looking to expand our team. Builders, redstones, slime blockers, commanders, are all welcome

    But we've recently opened the server for people to play on too, Not that everything is done yet, but we are coming to a level where people would be able to play. And we are looking for people who want to give us feedback about this aspect too.

    So why again this server?

    • Since 2010 we are running a 24/7 server with a 95%+ up-time
    • in-game minimap, and a website based real time map
    • Around 30 dungeons (existing out of 4-10 levels each) already
    • Really huge medieval castles (20+ of then)
    • Tons of easter eggs
    • We aren't much exposed yet
    • (Mostly) vanilla
    • We could offer great challenges, and give you a ton of nice company

    I'm not convinced, I need images

    So how do I join?

    Server-IP: mc.kapers-caztles.eu

    Discord: https://discord.gg/h4yercR
    Website: www.kapers-caztles.eu

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    posted a message on 1.12 - NBT Changes and Additions

    So I've made a working check for item thing in mc 1.11 but it doesn't work for 1.12, but I can't find why on this page. Is there something missing or is it a bug?

    Adds 1 Money if you have a cookie in your inventory (works in 1.11 but not in 1,12)

    /scoreboard players add @p Money 1 {Inventory:[{id:minecraft:cookie}]}

    Error in 1.12:

    Could not parse dataTag, reason: Expected '}' but got a ':' at : {Inventory:[{id:minecraft:<--[HERE]

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    posted a message on Kapers Castles (Survival / exploring medieval server)
    Kapers castles server

    What is KC?
    Kc is a rebirth for 1.11.2 of an map that started a an alfa world.
    The server consist of multiple worlds like Freebuild (creative) Survival (surival) and the big main RPG world.
    In the RPG world you have a lot of big castles that are placed on a 50KM2 map.
    there are a ton of dungeons to explore and find in this world.
    This map was going outdated until I invested a couple hundred hours in it to get up running on 1.11.2

    More images

    What wrong? why this thread?
    We are looking for a couple of things:
    Players who like to play, no questions asked Players who like to give some feedback Players that are willing to invest time and effort and help the server
    So how can I join?
    Well on this moment ow writing we do not have a 24/7 server yet. but it is coming, we just need to install the water cooling unit on the server.
    But you can join us with this ip
    Mc.Kapercastles.eu (is being fixed soon)

    There is also a live map available, and you can ask about if if you wish to use it.

    Our old website that still needs a make over

    I have 1 more question
    Well hit me up on one of the following then

    Below this post Discord at #8298 (Jellewho)

    Twitter YouTube

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    posted a message on Scoreboard help needed

    So I'm wondering it it is possible to give every player a different score (no the same scores) over an extent period of time and it being able to add players later.

    So here is an example because the description isn't good

    • Player_1 joins and gets number 1
    • Player_2 joints later and gets number 2
    • and so on

    I need these numbers to give every player it own room at the server, Like for example every player gets it own skyblock.

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    posted a message on [CO-OP] Two For One (241) (updated to 1.14!) 300K+ downloads

    It's amazing that people still play 241 and enjoy it. I really like to see that

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    posted a message on Imperium - a 2-4 players Chess like minigame

    saw xisumavoid playing the game originally, I really love how the whole maps looks and how everything plays. this is a awesome map!

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    posted a message on Super Tetragon (By JesperTheEnd and JelleWho)


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    posted a message on Super Tetragon (By JesperTheEnd and JelleWho)

    Super Tetragon is a minecraft mini-game in which you need to dodge blocks coming towards you. It uses some fancy 1.7 features to spawn the blocks. There are also a ton of power ups and downs to make the game more fun. There’s an automated high score in-game and all the power ups and downs are explained in game as well. That should give you a general idea about what this map is, but if you want to know more, just watch the video underneath the download link



    Check out these people, they made a video about Super Tetragon too

    Video high scores

    1. 894 GraafGatenKaas
    2. 301 Jellewie
    3. 203 Joker745

    139 TLCheeto
    132 rsmalec
    130 qmagnet
    126 alexchos
    105 ConnorJ52
    89 charcolt12
    63 TLCheeto
    57 Zalak123
    39 nero_metrid
    28 qued
    27 Izec

    Remade by

    Made by
    SimpelWegJasper (Easteregg)

    Idea by

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