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    posted a message on Brighter Future: A new Resource Pack for Minecraft on Windows 10 (Bedrock) that removes clutter from select menus.

    Hello everyone! I would like to announce something I started working on: Brighter Future. This resource pack will, when applied, remove Minecraft Store clutter in certain menus like the skin picker and the resource pack selector.. You wanna know what that exactly means? Well...

    - Resource pack menu in settings no longer cluttered with resource packs from the Minecraft Store you don't own.

    - Skin selection menu no longer cluttered with skin packs you haven't purshased.

    - Removing the Realms 30 day trail button showing up in your world selection screen.

    - Removing the annoying 'new' notification badge on the Store button in the main menu.

    - It will not remove any Minecraft Store functionality. It will just remove the store items from other menus in the game ofter than the store itself.

    There's only one small problem, but you guys can help me if you want to. The game uses the Bedrock engine instead of Java. The code base in C++ and I'm quite unfamiliar with that programming laguage. I need some help modifying the code. How? you may ask.

    1. Download the vanilla resource pack template here: (Thank you SuperUserCode!)

    2. In the UI folder you'll find several JSON files. Modify those until the clutter magically disappears.

    3. Upload the modified JSON and send them to me so I can add them to the pack. Of course you will be credited. ;-)

    4. Thanks for being AWESOME!

    When this is going to be released? When it has been properly tested and everything works like it should. This resource pack will be aiming for Minecraft on Windows 10, so it might not work properly on PE (it wouldn't hurt to try though...).

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    posted a message on Chess in minecraft - using NO mods/commandblocks

    Very nice! (And a nice easter egg...) Let's see what 'Minecraft in Minecraft (in Minecraft?)' will become. XD

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    posted a message on [Gliby's Voice Chat Mod] - Voice Chat in Minecraft?!
    Quote from Glibyยป
    If I could get someone setup a server so people could try it out and play!

    I'm busy with a public minecraft server and i'm going to use the plugin. As long vanilla players won't get kicked of my server and Voice Chat Mod users can voice chat.

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    posted a message on [Gliby's Voice Chat Mod] - Voice Chat in Minecraft?!

    Hey! Cool voice chat plugin! I think i'm going to use it on my server. (I really don't know why there aren't any public servers using this!) And also... can I translate the mod to dutch?

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    posted a message on Looking For Singers For an Original Minecraft Song / Parody


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